The Mall

This is where the game takes place and all ongoing plotlines are stored.
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The Mall

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This is where you can find just about any random location you might need.
This plot is based on Neomorphs (the fan fiction series that I write), which continues the series from the point at which it ended. This takes place after book #65: The Pact. Here's a summary of the series, so that you know what's going on (MAJOR spoilers for those of you who intend to read the series):
3 years after the end of the Yeerk War, Prince Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill was captured by the rogue Yeerks in the Blade ship. But these Yeerks were but a symptom of a new and powerful disease: a being known as the One. The One drove Crayak out of his own galaxy and out of a large section of space. And now the One has a new target: humans.

Crayak cannot allow the One to gain any more power. The time has come for their second war, a war that has been brewing for millions of years. But because the reprocussions of a direct conflict would inevitably destroy everything, the powers that be have agreed to use their servants to fight this war on their behalf. For the One, this means the Kelbrid and the Yeerks, led by Esplin 9466: the Visser; and by Guraff 427: the God General. For Crayak, it means that he must now rely on some of his greatest enemies: the Animorphs.

If the Animorphs win this war, Crayak will leave Earth alone in his game with the Ellimist. If they lose, the One will devour all. The stakes have never been higher, the odds more devistating. This is a new war, the most important war in all of history. Because this time, the Animorphs aren't fighting for Earth. This time, they're fighting for existance itself...

The Animorphs are different than they once were. Only a few of the original warriors remain, and they have changed much. Now, Tobias leads the fight. He has been made a Prince by the Andalites; he fights their war now. With him stand the Andalites Aximili-Esgarrough-Isthill and Alloran-Sirinial-Fangor. Marco still fights and is joined by Jeanne, one of Jake's students. David, thrice a traitor, fights with them, as does James, ready to avenge the deaths of his friends at the Visser's hands.

Jake perished in the struggle, trading his death for Rachel's life. Santorelli, one of Jake's students and Tobias's step-father, died as well. Cassie has abandoned the fight to be with her love, Ronnie Chambers. Rachel, carrying Tobias's child, can no longer fight in this war.

With the seven Animorphs stands Mersa 528: the leader of the Yeerk Rebellion. Although he is bent on the conquest and enslavement of the Human race, he is as much against the Visser as the Animorphs are, if for different reasons. He commands a small army, but their fleet, strengthened by the Blade ship, is more than a match for the Visser's.

This is a new war, and one with greater consequences than any before it. Yeerk and Human and Andalite stand together against the Kelbrid menace. The Animorphs have joined Crayak himself in his war against the One. No matter who wins or loses, the universe will never be the same...
  • Prince Tobias [Animorphs, Andalite Military] <capnnerefir>
  • Prince Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthil ("Ax") [Andalite Military, Animorphs] <Elfangor>
  • Aristh Alloran-Sirinial-Fangor ("Al") [Animorphs, Andalite Military] <Will>
  • Marco [Animorphs] <gioandf>
  • Jeanne [Animorphs] <STILL AVAILABLE>
  • David [Animorphs] <EmberGryphon>
  • James [Animorphs] <Snoopy>
  • Visser Esplin 9466 [The One, Yeerk Empire] <John3Sobieski>
  • Guraff 427 [Yeerk Empire] <das1234>
  • Mersa 528 [Yeerk Rebellion] <Zophar/Ghost of Zophar>