Epslin 9466: Knowledge Of Earth's Location In TAC?

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Tim Bruening
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Epslin 9466: Knowledge Of Earth's Location In TAC?

Post by Tim Bruening » Sat May 11, 2019 2:28 pm

The Andalite Chronicles: P 47: Prince Alloran, Elfangor, and Arbron are to take Loren and Chapman back to Earth in Alloran's ship the Jahar. This means that Alloran knows where Earth is. PP 180-181: Epslin 9466/Sub-Visser 7 takes over Alloran. This means that Epslin 9466 knows where Earth is!

Visser: Edriss 562/Visser 1 on trial. PP 14-18: Visser 1 testifies about receiving a report about a possible Class 5 Species (Humans, who are very numerous and easy to infest) from Epslin 9466, the future Visser 3! P 21: But Edriss 562 didn't have the precise location of Earth! The Skrit Na ship which had visited Earth & later the Taxxon world had escaped, as had the Jahar, so the Yeerks didn't have Earth's location from those ships!

But Epslin 9466 had taken over Alloran before the Skrit Na ship & Jahar had left, so he knew the location of Earth, so why didn't he forward that info in his report?