Tom and Jake

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Tom and Jake

Post by Izzie26 » Sat Sep 22, 2018 8:05 am

Hi I’m new here. I just wanted to rant. I read a few of the Animorph books when I was younger, and recently I read them all from start to end. I’m so disappointed in the ending of the book series, and how Tom wasn’t saved. Applegate are just... I have no words.

From the beginning Jake went into this to save Tom. After he seen from Temrash how Tom was, he did that phone call. And since then nothing. Nothing at all. First of all he left Tom to be infested for 3+ years. What about saving him when Marco faked his death. Why not do something similar for Tom as a controller so the Yeerks think he died. The Chee could have faked that easily.

It’s not even his death that dissaponts me, it’s the lack of respect for the readers in regards to his character. He was just a plot point for Jake to have someone close to him be a controller. There was no need to build their relationship to be so close if in the end Jake doesn’t even talk to Tom directly when he’s been found out. He had what 3 encounters with Tom as a controller after they were found out to be the ‘Andalite bandits’,not once does he speak to Tom his brother but just speaks to the Yeerk in his head.

He seen the state of Tom back in the early books, how did he think he would feel 2 yrs after as a controller as well as knowing his brother could have saved him all this time and knew but didn’t do anything. Even when the Yeerk in Tom knew Jake didn’t die, Jake had time to say a few words to his brother knowing he would die. But no he didn’t. Even his words to Visser Three , “release toms host parents”. The way they wrote this at the end it’s like Jake forgot he had a brother and could just see the Yeerk in him. I’m so upset he was never saved, so upset him and Jake never got a chance to speak, even if he died, were was their dialogue or interaction? We never even got to see what Tom thought of his brother being the resistance all this time. Argh I regret starting to read this series again. Just a money grab at the end. End of rant

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Re: Tom and Jake

Post by Tobias_Marco » Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:54 pm

<War is Hell. I agree that Jake should have said something to Tom at the end, then maybe Tom wouldn't have become Lord Voldemort...oh, wait. Wrong Tom.>
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Re: Tom and Jake

Post by Tim Bruening » Wed Mar 13, 2019 1:12 am

Book 31: The Conspiracy: Jake, Tom, and their Dad are at a lake for 4 days, well away from the Yeerk Pool, for the funeral of Jake and Tom's great grandfather. Why couldn't the Yeerks arrange to sneak a portable Kandrona generator out to the lake for Tom?

This would have been a good time for the Animorphs to kidnap Tom and whisk him off to the Hork-Bajir valley to starve out his Yeerk, since the Yeerks seemed willing to write him off!

At end, the Animorphs break Tom's leg, then the Chee fly him home. Why not have the Chee take him instead to the HB valley?