Quiz which artist are you most like

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Quiz which artist are you most like

Post by BSerAkafanofblake » Mon Dec 15, 2014 1:47 pm

Your idea of payback is ...
A : pouring manure on someone's truck
B: telling someone to have a plate of your nuts.
C: hitting their car with a baseball bat
D: setting thurr house on fire
E: writing a song about them
If Severus used that spell from order of the pheonix on you what worst memory would he see?
A: the time my best friend tweeted my phone number
B: when I found out my brother died
C: not sure
D: when My parents and I became homeless
E: my high school days
How would you describe your hair?
A: short and black though I dyed it blonde once
B: well I had a mullet back in the day
C: kinda curly
D: platinum
E: short

If you answered all a,s your like Adam Levine
If you answered all b,s your like Blake shelton
If you answered all c,s your like carrie underwood
If you answered all d,s your like Miranda lambert
If you answers all e,s your like tayler swift

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Re: Quiz which artist are you most like

Post by teabiofeul » Mon Oct 05, 2015 4:44 am

The more I read, it seems to be even more clever. Understanding more And felt I would be more easily understood.