K.A Applegate is a stereotyping bigot

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Re: K.A Applegate is a stereotyping bigot

Post by Tobias_Marco » Thu Aug 22, 2013 10:38 am

<Actually if we want to say that any author is a stereotyping bigot we should look at J. K. Rowling.>
<Witches and wizards are depicted as knowing all the secrets of the universe, yet everyone else is called by the derogatory term 'Muggle' and they are all shown as stupid, ignorant, self centered, rude and/or pig-headed.>
<The only 'muggles' that seem to have any sense and decency in the whole book series are Hermione's parents, and we never actually see them, we only hear about them very briefly.>

<For those that haven't read the Harry Potter books, or seen the movies based on those books, there are people in this story and they interact with each other in one or more places.>
<Anyone with even 1/81th of a working brain should be able to figure out that each of them must have parents.>
<Alright, so there are a few characters in some works of fiction that are missing one parent, Darth Vader had no father after all.>
<Oops! I promised no spoilers. If you did not know that Darth Vader didn't have a father than I'm sorry for spoiling that for you. However if you didn't know that then you haven't seen Star Wars e 1-3, and some people might say that you are better off for it.>
<As we have said, if someone exists in a story then they must have parents, unless the writer goes out of the way to tell us they don't, and then explains why not. If you read a story about a child living with just one parent you don't think that they just never had the other parent, you guess that the other parent died or left, possibly in a divorce, then you just wait to see if the story tells you what happened to that other parent.>

Harry Potter Spoiler: Very small:
<Fact #1: There is a character named Hermione, she is very smart.>
<Fact #2: Hermione is a witch.>
<Fact #3: Hermione and her family live somewhere in England
<Fact #4: Both of Hermione's parents are 'non-magical folks' aka 'muggles'>
<Fact #5: Both of Hermione's parents are dentists.>
<Fact #6: Both of Hermione's parents were filled with pride when she was accepted into the magical school of Hogwarts.>
<Fact #7: Witches and wizards do everything they can to keep their existence a secret from non-magic folks.>
<Fact #8: This means that they were proud of their daughter for being accepted into a school that they had no idea even existed that would teach her about a world they had no knowledge of before...kind of makes you wonder just how smart they were.>
<Fact #9: The only time we really ever see Hermione's parents in the books and movies is in the first and last book and the first and second to last movie first when Hermione is buying school supplies for the first time and then when she casts a memory spell on them so that they forget she had ever been born, J. K. Rowling latter said that this spell was removed, however that isn't said in any of the books or the movies.>
<Fact #10: Hermione says that she once went camping with her parents in the Forest of Dean. They also went to a theater on Shaftesbury Avenue in London, and at least once went to Tottenham Court Road with her.>
<Fact #11: You could read ever Harry Potter book and every other book ever written by J. K. Rowling and never learn anything about Hermione's parents that isn't listed here, other than a very short physical description of each.>

<In fact I dare anyone reading this to tell me one thing about Hermione's parents that isn't already listed here.>
<Better yet, I want you to name for me one Muggle in the Harry Potter universe, other than Hermione's parents, who is seen as kind, compassionate, or intelligent. Keeping in mind that I only remove Hermione's parents because they are only briefly mentioned in any of the books, and seen on only a few pages of book #2.>
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Re: K.A Applegate is a stereotyping bigot

Post by iamkeon » Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:00 pm

Ancient thread is ancient, but I just had to stop and say that citing Wikipedia is just about the easiest way to lose all credibility. You might as well be citing a blog post. I also think it's absurd to use unsupported claims to rebut someone who is arguing with evidence, and then turn around and say the burden of proof is on them. And then you go on to remark with incredulity that you don't understand why anybody would argue against the "creation" position.

You continually fail to recognize your "opponent's" distinction between proof and evidence. You shove your fingers in your ears and shout louder rather than listening and responding to what's being said. You keep using the phrase "beyond a reasonable doubt" despite the fact that the other party keeps telling you they aren't making that claim. And then you complain that you can't debate somebody whose mind is already made up. Which is hilarious in light of the fact that you are just repeating yourself over and over again, rather than actually responding to the opposing argument.

Also, the mouth alone isn't responsible for speech. I think you know that. I think you know that you're being extremely reductive to illustrate a point that wouldn't work if you tried to discuss it honestly. It's a very common tactic called the straw man.

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Re: K.A Applegate is a stereotyping bigot

Post by iamkeon » Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:07 pm

One thing I forgot to mention. People who are constantly referring to the so-called "fallibility" of scientists completely misunderstand science. Science is a method. It is a tool used to amass and attempt to verify a body of knowledge. The term science is often used as shorthand for that body of knowledge, or the people who draw from and contribute to it, just as the term theory is often used as shorthand (by people who are using it wrong) for hypothesis.

When you talk about the fallibility of scientists, you are falsely equating people who utilize the scientific method to study the world to your preachers, who make claims that are generally unsupported by any scientifically gathered evidence

And to paraphrase the great Neil deGrasse Tysone, if you're not going to accept the scientific method, not going to accept the same set of rules, then we aren't even having a conversation.

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Re: K.A Applegate is a stereotyping bigot

Post by Emilyrose » Thu Dec 22, 2016 3:02 pm

Seriously, 'speciesm'? Is that the kind of thing people are letting themselves get riled up about now?