Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

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Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

Life on earth is a product of random chance
Life on earth is a result of Natural Selection
Life on earth was created by a sentient being
Somewhere in between (God helped evolution along… God created the world through evolution… etc.)
I’m not sure
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Re: Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

Post by mostafahmed » Mon Jul 21, 2014 7:02 pm

I am pretty sure non-sensient speices do not know good from bad therefore there death was only a way to clear a safer environment for humans and basically dinosaur brains are so small they couldn't stand up when they fell. And if u imply they suffer from us it is not true. They were long before us. And as I know from my religion, somethings are extremely beyond our knowledge so we never know them. Only God does. They are called الغيب which means "the hidden" (my explanation for the arabic word is not 100% accurate but at least good).
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Re: Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

Post by Hautt » Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:31 am

Safe to say that option #4 is simply ridiculous. Evolution by its very nature is uncaused and unguided. Saying God had anything to do with it goes against the theory of "design without a designer."

It's also surprising how many people are certain that life arose due to Natural Selection, since even Darwin admitted his Theory of Evolution did not account for the origin of life itself. He wrote a letter on the subject in 1871 that was little more than vague speculation about how first life began. In the Origin, Darwin did not try to explain the origin of first life, instead choosing to explain the origin of new forms from simpler preexisting life.

This is because in the 19th century, scientists were not trying to explain the origin of biological information, and not the information stored in DNA (which wasn't elucidated until 1953). They did not know about DNA, nor were they thinking of biological information as a concept. They were certainly keenly aware of the philosophical implications of their theories. Even despite knowledge about the inner workings of the cell, they were confident that these theories were adequate.

I'm not satisfied with the argument of Darwinian Natural Selection as accounting for the origin of life.

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Re: Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

Post by Tobias_Marco » Tue Oct 16, 2018 1:58 pm

Hautt wrote:
Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:31 am
Safe to say that option #4 is simply ridiculous. Evolution by its very nature is uncaused and unguided. Saying God had anything to do with it goes against the theory of "design without a designer."
<I disagree. Evolution is the process where there are random mutations that may or may not be passed on to the next generation. If they get passed on enough times and there are enough of these changes that get passed on, then it becomes a whole new species.>
<The part that bugs me about that is the word 'random', a fish can't ask for eyes, even if he had words for them. No animal can say 'Life would be better if I could do this thing or that thing.' If the mutations were truly random then most should end horribly and end that creature. The thought that there is some form of god that started that first life form going and slowly through the generations adds things that he or she thinks would be a good idea might make more sense.>
<Actually that might explain the reason the world is in the shape that it is in, suppose that there is a god that is not all seeing, or all knowing. The future is a complete mystery to him. Yet he creates life and has the power to shape it. Knowing the laws of physics as he does he designs a simple eye. It works and that creature thrives, at least in comparison to the creatures around it, so this god gives eyes to everyone, and tries out many different ways of improving those eyes, then improving those improvements. Then over time we end up with all the creatures we have today.>
<The many extinction events in Earth's history were this god getting tired of something or erasing mistakes.>
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