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Topics of the Week

Post by Elfangor » Wed Jul 20, 2011 10:47 pm

Making a topic on AFF, especially in Animorphs Discussions is an interesting challenge. To make a good thread it needs to be well written, have good grammar, and most importantly be interesting and about something not previously discussed in other threads.

These topics are somewhat rare. So we have come up with Topics of the Week to help recognize the not so well known but awesome threads of AFF. At first we will be doing the lesser known threads with an underwhelming amount of replies. But eventually any thread that follows the good thread guidelines will be eligible to be a Thread of the week.

Current Topics Of The Week
Looking for voice actors for Animorphs animation project and Most and least mature books

Past Topics Of The Week

Week 1: Do you blame the Yeerks?
Week 2: Here's a 'what-if' about the Quantum virus
Week 3: Is what Jake did in 53 as bad as what Alloran did?
Week 4: Why Did the Yeerks Lose the War?
Week 5: Ax's Human Morph
Week 6: Morals, Cassie and the Animorph gang
Week 7: Faults in a leader
Week 8: Yeerk Defeat? No Way!
Week 9: What if...history will be changed.
Week 10: The Auxiliaries: the Animorphs' darkest hour?
Week 11: Visser Three: Bumbling Idiot or Tactical Genius
Week 12: What would have happened without the Ellimist?
It is nonsense to say what a topic should or shouldn't be. It can be anything it wants to be, and if you don't like it you don't have to read it. The is only one absolute element a topic must have. It must be good.
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