Animorphs #34: The Prophecy

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Animorphs #34: The Prophecy

Post by gh astly » Tue Mar 24, 2015 8:29 pm

Well, looks like Book of the Week is finally back after many months of laziness and excuses. On the table today is Book 34, a book about the ghost of Aldrea possessing Cassie and weird things happening. I dunno, this is just a weird book. Summary lifted from Cinnamon Bunzuh (as usual) because this week has been way too hectic for me to do a proper write-up.
The last surviving Arn comes to the Hork-Bajir colony to ask them for their DNA so he can create more Hork-Bajir to beat up Yeerks. There were way too many words in that sentence, so the Hork-Bajir call in the Animorphs to decipher it. The Arn also has the personality of Aldrea backed up, and he wants to put it in someone's brain so she can tell them where she hid a bunch of weapons before she died. Everyone thinks that ghost-Aldrea will go into Toby's brain, or maybe Rachel's, but she picks Cassie instead. Everyone goes to the Hork-Bajir homeworld, which is looking pretty bad since the Yeerks have total control over it. Aldrea figures out where the weapons are hidden (under a Yeerk pool) and Cassie comes up with a way to get to them. The mission is a success and everyone heads home. Toby wanted to stay but nobody cares what Toby wants. There is no prophecy mentioned at any point in this book.
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Re: Animorphs #34: The Prophecy

Post by YeerkSalad » Thu Apr 30, 2015 1:51 pm

Apart from the title, this was a decent book. There were some annoying grammar errors, though. I may have wanted to eat those pages. I may be a disguised andalite.
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Re: Animorphs #34: The Prophecy

Post by Ardelin » Thu Oct 29, 2015 4:16 am

I love the part where Cassie morphs whale while still part bird, because screw the rules, she's better than them. :wub:
I do not know you, Aldrea-lskillion-Falan, but I know of you. You are highly intelligent, emotionally self-controlled, capable of lying and manipulation for your own ends. You are also fundamentally peaceful, moral, courageous, and capable of self-sacrifice.
I am unclear as to why anyone was confused that she picked Cassie, given that description.