animorphs 55

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animorphs 55

Post by Elfangor » Sat Jul 19, 2008 5:09 pm

hi im thinking of making an FanFic and i would like to know what kind of stuff you would like me to write.

heres a sample of my writing this is from one of the books so don't read if you don't want to find out what happens
My name is Richard Carpenter. And i had decided i had had enough of my family spending all there time at home. So i called my family together. Ok so its partly my fault I'm just such a fan of star trek, and TV. We decided we would go up into the hills and camp for one week. I thought going camping would be easy. But i assure you its not, well at least not when aliens decide to invade. We had been there for two days when a boy came to our camp and and told us there was a storm coming. my daughter Emily just laughed and said "were not leaving our camp for you". Then I cut in "look we came here for a break so please dont try and scare us away" The boy looked annoyed for a moment then he started to change. i thought he was dieing for a moment. But then in my head i heard something. <don't be afraid i have just morphed>. Ahhhhhh my daughter screamed. Just at that moment my son Lewis came out of the trees. When he saw Emily screaming he laughed,"haha your scared of a dog". But now it was his turn to scream because just at that moment the dog began to change back to the boy. "O MY GOD" he screamed "what the heck is it"? I don't know bu.. i was cut short as the boy started to talk again. You must leave now aliens will come up here and kill everyone of you. "O MY GOD" Lewis said again "your from the federation aren't you this is awsome" "leave now or you will die" the boy said. But i had a better idea "lets stay and fight"!!!!!!! And with saying that my fate was sealed i now knew i would never see the light of day again.
umm thats the end for the moment.
those of you who have read 47 will know what happens next.
so tell me what you thing and give me some suggestions and ill write a proper fanfic.
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Re: animorphs 55

Post by Ellimist » Sat Jul 19, 2008 8:06 pm

Nice idea of writing from the perspective of a human.

I really don't have time now; or I could have given you some some suggestions.
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