Animorphs #75: The Impending

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Re: Animorphs #75: The Impending

Post by Mtn_otter » Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:26 am

Let's see... We have a group of invading independent Kelbrid. We have the Animorphs trying to battle them. Gurraf may or may not be there to stop them(he probably will). In that battle, the leader of the Kelbrid will probably be killed, because that's how stories like this work. The person who kills the leader becomes the new leader. Rachel and/or Tobias is/are going to assume control of these Kelbrid, aren't they?

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Re: Animorphs #75: The Impending

Post by capnnerefir » Wed Aug 10, 2011 10:47 pm

scaredypuppy wrote:And it's MY job to keep him in check. I do a good job of it, too, darn it. You have no idea how many times he's needed to rewrite something thanks to me. ;)
So true.

And let's not forget the never-ending war against my typographical errors. 8D

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Re: Animorphs #75: The Impending

Post by Yeerked1934 » Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:40 am

I am soo happy you have started writing the next 'book'! Or maybe, you have already written it, and your posting it now..o.O

Edit: I just realised how annoying my sig is o.O
My siggeh is still awesome. xD

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Re: Animorphs #75: The Impending

Post by Elfangor » Sun Aug 14, 2011 6:41 pm

Yeerked1934 wrote:I am soo happy you have started writing the next 'book'! Or maybe, you have already written it, and your posting it now..o.O

Edit: I just realised how annoying my sig is o.O
Nah, it's a cool sig :P It just gives away a few major plotlines ;) So a
would be nice.
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Re: Animorphs #75: The Impending

Post by capnnerefir » Tue Aug 16, 2011 2:52 pm


We've met a lot of people over the years. Some have turned out to be friends, some have become enemies. And then there are the ones who seem to be both. Allies is probably a better word than friends. They're on our side, but only as long as it helps them. I like to think of them as the good, the bad, and the ugly. And they don't come any uglier than Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin.

We met him recently when we rescued his new ship from a Yeerk attack. That whole mission was a disaster. The Yeerks nearly took over the ship – they only left because we managed to get Putin out of there. On top of that, we learned that Putin had figured out that something was happening on Earth. He didn't know details, but he had put together just enough information to be a danger. We considered killing him, but at the time, Tobias thought the benefits of keeping him alive were better.

The two of them made a deal. When this was all over on Earth, the larger war against the Yeerk, Pythag, and Kelbrid triumvirate would still be going on. Tobias would be a war hero, maybe even bigger than we were before. Putin wanted to use that. Tobias would support Putin, which would basically give Putin the public opinion to do whatever he wanted.

Worst of all, Cassie died during that mission. That hit us all hard. Ronnie got it worst, of course. He'll never be the person he used to be. I just hope we can manage who he's turning into. Al and David were hurting, too. The three of them shared a very special experience with Cassie, morphing the three parts of the symbiotic Anati. That experience was what brought David back to us.

Cassie...she's been my best friend for as long as I can remember. We've always been opposites, and we've always fought over everything. She never wanted to go shopping, I never wanted to shove my arm down a wolf's throat. In almost every way, we were different people. I think it was because of that that we were friends. We needed each other. My aggression to balance her pacifism. Her compassion to counter my fury. Yin and Yang, you know? Balance. We worked together, because of that.

Now she was gone. When it first happened, I hated Guraff for killing her. Over the weeks, though, I've found that harder and harder to do. Maybe it's because we're both soldiers. I find it hard to hate him for doing his job, even if that job was to kill my best friend. Of course, that didn't mean I was going to forget it. If I ever had the chance, I'd avenge her, though Ronnie wanted that honor for himself. Guraff was a friend, of sorts. Sometimes, I wondered, if given the opportunity, I would actually kill him. Cassie's death answered that question for me. If he ever let down his guard, Guraff was toast.

Tobias grieved in his own way, withdrawing from it. Maybe that's unhealthy, but he's always been that way and it hasn't destroyed him yet. He didn't talk about it, except for the few times I wanted to. He threw himself into his work harder than before. I know he blames himself. I know he regrets a lot of things he said to her. The way he treated her during the time she left the team. It all seems so petty and childish now.

All of that was irrelevant to the current issue, of course. Putin was a powerful connection we paid dearly for. And it was time to use him. We were back at the apartment, where Al's security measures would be fully in place. Tobias and I were huddled around the projector we used for stuff like this – easier for Al to make secure than a phone was. After a few moments, Putin answered.

“Tobias. I was wondering if you would call. You and I have something to discuss.”

“We do,” Tobias agreed.

“I made a request of you recently. Make certain that Alloran-Semitur-Corass won the election. That has not happened. Why is this?”

Tobias was unimpressed. “Because I don't work for you. Not yet, at any rate. I judged Caysath to be a better choice and did what was in my power to see him elected. Be happy Alloran is head of the War Council; I wasn't sure Caysath would go for that.”

“You think runner-up is acceptable to me?” Putin demanded.

“I wasn't thinking of you at all,” Tobias responded. “I did what I thought best. Now, if you are willing to put aside your ranting for a minute, I have a proposal for you.”

Putin's face showed nothing. It rarely did. He was as cold as anyone I'd ever met. Easily a match for any of the Yeerk leaders I knew for ruthless cunning. Unlike, say, the Visser, he was able to put aside his feelings for something important, though. “I'm listening.”

“Your troops are still preparing for the invasion of Mars. How would you like to give them some actual combat experience?”

“I'm listening,” Putin repeated, giving no hints as to how he felt about the offer. It was a simple tactic. He wanted to force Tobias to tell him more. Unfortunately, there wasn't much we could do about it.

“There is a malignant alien presence approaching our solar system,” Tobias answered. “My current resources are not sufficient to stop it.”

“Really?” Putin sounded amused. “Just recently, you were appointed as the Andalite liaison to Earth's military forces and, I am told, given command of the four Dome ships stationed in orbit around Earth.”

“Dome ships which you very well know are unarmed,” Tobias answered. “This is a chance to give your soldiers some real combat experience before you gamble everything on Mars. Take it or leave it, it's up to you. Just remember that if your people actually know what they're doing, the chances that they'll succeed jump higher than you can count.”

Putin was silent for a few moments. “Combat experience would be beneficial, true. However, it would also risk revealing our tactics, weapons, and the composition of our forces to our enemies. That does not sound like a worthwhile risk.”

“Would you rather strange, hostile aliens park their ship here on Earth?” Tobias responded.

“I doubt it will come to that. You would not let it,” Putin answered. “You have proven resourceful in the past. I have no doubts that you will be able to think of something. Do call again if you intend to be reasonable.”

Tobias muttered some words he's not allowed to say in a house with Gideon in it. As he went to hang up, Putin added, “Oh, and Tobias? Now, we are even.”

Maybe I was wrong. He could be as petty as the Visser after all.


We had Jake on the line next. No one was happy about this development. After an hour or so of arguing, we decided that there was no choice but to go and see this thing for ourselves and find a way to destroy it. With luck, we'd be able to wait until the Visser and company visited it and catch them in the blast. If not, though, we were going to destroy the thing now while we had the chance.

Tobias, Al, and I took the Reliquary into orbit. The Ssri'Kai – who claimed to be named Fel'Mar – came with us. It was a lot easier to meet with the Omegamorphs in space than have them fly over to us. Not long ago, they acquired a Dart ship, which we've been making good use of. We docked with them and Ax and Jeanne came over. Someone – I think it was Marco – flew their ship back home.

The flight to our destination was uneventful. The stars were pretty, but that's really all there is to see out in space. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to look at, but there isn't a whole lot I can think of to say about it.

There isn't any night or day in space, of course, but most ships, the Reliquary included, have the light set up to simulate it. I guess something about it keeps people from going insane during long voyages. It also helps you keep track of time. Knowing that we were in space for around 96 hours is different from knowing you've been there for about four days.

It was near the end of day four when Tobias called us all to the bridge. The Reliquary being a small, personal ship that was already way too crowded, we didn't have far to go. “I'm picking up something on long-range sensors. We're near the coordinates you suggested.” He nodded to Fel'Mar. “I guess this means it's about time. You've been with us for nearly a week and haven't shown any signs of Kandrona withdraw, so it's hard to believe you're a Controller. As a precaution, though, you won't be allowed to wander off on your own. Ax or Rachel will accompany you at all times. Understood?”

“I understand,” she answered. “I will give you no reason to be suspicious of me.”

Tobias nodded again. “Alright then. Everyone, be ready. Go to battle morphs when I begin the docking sequence.” We dropped out of Z-space. There was a ship waiting there, with a design unlike anything I've seen before.

It reminded me most of one of those spiked dog collars. There was a big ring of some kind of black metal, with spikes jutting out asymmetrically. It was rotating, though I don't know if that was on purpose or not. In the empty space inside of the ring, attached to the rest of it by numerous metal rods, was a cluster of engines. From the looks of things, the engines could rotate any direction, allowing the ship to move however was necessary.

We had never seen a Kelbrid ship before. Never seen them use any technology, actually. Even knowing that it would be here, it was still kind of a shock to see that the Kelbrid had technology of their own. No, they weren't just the Yeerks' hired muscle. They had resources of their own.

The Reliquary's computer located a docking port on the inside of the ring. “Odd,” Tobias commented. “Sensors are showing no active weapons. I would expect Kelbrid to open fire as soon as we dropped out of Z-space.”

<Our cloaking field should hide us from all sensors,> Al assured him. <It always has in the past.>

“Against Yeerk sensors, based off of Andalite designs,” Tobias reminded him. “I was expecting the Kelbrid to have something different.”

I looked at the sensors. I was no expert, but I knew a few things about sensor data, and something looked weird to me. “It looks like we're not getting any data from the weapons at all,” I commented.

Al took a closer look. <You are right, Prince Rachel. It almost looks like...>

<What is it?> Ax asked.

<It looks like there are no weapons,> Al finished. <But that is impossible. Especially for a Kelbrid ship.>

“See if you can find them,” Tobias suggested. “I at least want to know where I'm going to be shot from.”

“There are no weapons,” Fel'Mar informed us. “That is not how Kelbrid ships fight. The spikes around the ring are the weapons. They are hollow. The transport crashes itself into another ship – say a Dome ship – and the spike opens at the end, allowing Kelbrid to board. They flood in, kill the crew, and tear the ship apart.”

“And this works well for them?” Jeanne asked.

“Most species do not expect such a tactic. And even expecting it, it is difficult to stop someone who is determined to crash into you. Even if you destroy a portion of the ship, the rest will still be a danger. The engine is heavily shielded, of course. Not even our strongest cannons can penetrate those shields without disabling at least a portion of them first.”

<At least they cannot fire on us,> Ax answered.

Tobias maneuvered the ship inside of the ring and up to the docking port the Reliquary had located. “Alright kids, get your fursuits on.”

“Never say that like that again,” I ordered as I started to morph. It was so familiar now, like getting dressed in the morning. It was natural for me. In a way, the bear was who I had always been. It suited me, maybe more than my human body did.

Jeanne's went with her leopard morph for this. Ax, Al, and Fel'Mar were already in the appropriate bodies, of course. Tobias was morphing to Howler as he docked. There were times when I really didn't like him using that morph. This was one of them. It gave him a false sense of invincibility. The Howler body had amazing regenerative capabilities, true, but the Kelbrid poison negated that. It was still a powerful morph, but I didn't like the side effects.

In a minute, we were docked and morphed. I could feel some sort of tingle at the back of my neck. Maybe this was what Tobias was talking about. I felt like something momentous was going to happen here. The point on which an entire time-line may turn. That's what Tobias said to me.

Whatever was about to happen, it was going to be big.


The Kelbrid ship was nothing like what I expected. For one thing, it was perfectly clean. The air was relatively fresh and there was no dust anywhere. I was half expecting to walk into a dimly lit ship full of discarded bones, though that wouldn't make much sense. Kelbrid eat the bones, too.

It was completely dark, of course. Kelbrid don't have eyes, meaning that they don't need lights. They sensed everything through vibrations, which meant that they already knew we were here. Stealth was impossible. Our only real chance was to kill any Kelbrid we came across before it could alert others.

Fortunately, their blindness also meant they wouldn't know if we turned on a light. Ax, Al, and Tobias each had one of those big, blocky industrial flashlights. Predictably, we were in the hangar. Small ships, presumably Kelbrid fighters, sat motionless, scattered here and there in no discernible order. Everything was clean, but it looked like no one had been in here for a while.

The fighters were strange. Mostly, they consisted of an oval cockpit with engines on the rear and smaller engines on the sides for steering. There were no visible guns. A cone/spike was at the front of the cone. Presumably, like the spikes of the transport ship, it would penetrate an enemy ship and open up, allowing the Kelbrid pilot to board the enemy vessel and kill anyone inside.

Everything was made of some black metal; I don't know why. It was as dark as the Blade ship, seeming to drink in the light we brought with us. It seemed impossible that the Kelbrid designed any of this. It was completely at odds with the Kelbrid we had met before, barely civilized monsters motivated solely by a desire to kill. It seemed like someone else must have designed this ship. But who?

We brought Al and Jeanne to get us past any security features we encountered. Al could hack any computer known to Andalite, and anything else, Jeanne could find some way to get past. Between the computer genius and the assassin, we shouldn't have run into any trouble in that area. But it turned out that bringing the two of them was unnecessary. There were no doors here, only openings into other rooms. I guess the Kelbrid figured that anyone boarding their ship had a right to go wherever they pleased.

The next area was where things got weird. <I can see Kelbrid up ahead,> Tobias informed us. His heat-vision eyes would be able to tell, even in complete darkness. <They're not moving, though. Maybe asleep?>

We advanced carefully, trying not to wake them up. Tobias went first, followed by Jeanne. They were the two stealthiest morphs here. The Ssri'Kai came next. Ax and Al behind her, and I brought up the rear. It's hard for a bear to sneak, alright?

We stopped after a minute of sneaking. <What is it?> I growled.

Ax swung his flashlight towards the inner wall. I could make out only blurry shapes. <Ax, I have bear eyes, I can't see what that is,> I berated him.

<Kelbrid,> he answered. <In hibernation.>

<That makes sense,> Tobias admitted. <Kelbrid have to eat a lot. The only way to transport them over large distances is to have them hibernate. Those cords must be supplying them with nutrients.> I didn't see any cords, but I took his word for it.

<It will also most likely deliver an electrical shock to stimulate them,> Ax added.

<So the whole ship is asleep?> I asked.

<That would seem to be the case,> Jeanne confirmed.

<Someone has to be driving,> Tobias pointed out. <You don't set a ship on autopilot for a random planet. Let's find the bridge, see what's what.>

We worried less about stealth now. Hibernating Kelbrid would sleep through a nuclear war unless given the necessary stimulation to wake up. I started counting Kelbrid as we passed them, but that's hard to do with bear eyes and I quickly gave up. Instead, I started thinking about what would happen if they all woke up at once and saw us. Well, not 'saw' us, but you know what I mean.

<Al, how many have we passed?> I asked him, more to pass the time than for any other reason.

<Two hundred and sixty seven,> he answered. <Sixty eight. Sixty nine. Seventy...>

<This might be more Kelbrid than the Visser has on Earth,> Jeanne commented.

<It is, at least compared to when I was the Visser's host,> Ax agreed. <The One allotted him five hundred Kelbrid for the initial conquest of earth – that is, seizing a strong, defensible foothold. He brought one hundred of them to Earth and kept the other four hundred stationed on the Hork-bajir planet. When we kill one, he has another brought from there. Of course, since The One has allowed him to use the Kelbrid in the larger war, those numbers are now meaningless.>

<What the Visser could do with five hundred Kelbrid who could act openly...> I trailed off.

<Or...> Tobias began. I knew that tone. I loved that tone.

<Or?> I pressed.

<Or...think about what I could do with five hundred Kelbrid.>


“They cannot be controlled,” Fel'Mar answered instantly. “You would do best to banish such thoughts. The Kelbrid obey only their base urge to destroy.”

<The Kelbrid obey whoever is strongest,> Tobias answered. <If we play our cards right, who knows?>

I'm not sure how far we walked; I have no idea how big the ring was. Things always look smaller in space, and I was paying attention to more important sensor data. Al's Kelbrid count reached 499, if that tells you anything. That was when we stopped seeing Kelbrid in alcoves in the wall and started seeing machinery. An unpleasant bass too low for my ears to hear was shaking my bones.

<I think that must be from Kelbrid computers,> Al commented. <A species incapable of sight would need some other way of rendering data. I think that vibration is their equivalent.>

<It's annoying,> I muttered.

I was about to tell them just how annoying it was when everyone stopped. For a moment, everyone was dead silent. Then, I heard a low growling. It was unmistakably Kelbrid. <Everyone fan out,> Tobias ordered. I could see a shape up ahead, pinpointed by the beams of the flashlights. I guess it was a Kelbrid.

The Kelbrid growled again but didn't attack. The growl sounded different this time. Instead of one continuous note, it was several shorter ones. It growled again, and again the tone changed.

<It is trying to communicate!> Jeanne practically shouted. <I think it is trying different languages.>

The Ssri'Kai screeched something in her own language. Jeanne was right. The Kelbrid responded with similar screeches. The Ssri Kai turned to us. “It wants to know why we have not attacked.”

<Any chance it can speak English?> I asked.


<Galard?> Ax suggested. It was a language crafted by the Pythagi so that members of other races could communicate with one another. It made commerce a whole lot easier. Al had taught Tobias and me enough that we could at least follow a conversation.

The Ssri'Kai hissed something. The Kelbrid responded. “I speak it well enough. Why have you not attacked me?”

It was weird to hear a language I sort of knew spoken by a Kelbrid. I wondered how it knew Galard, but that was a question for another time. “We're here to talk,” Tobias answered.

“No one talks with Kelbrid. Kelbrid talk with no one,” it answered. “Battle is all.”

“But do we have to fight each other?” Tobias answered. “You have no orders from The One, am I correct?”

“You know of One. Few do.”

“We are a rare case. There is a war in this part of the galaxy. Other Kelbrid are already a part of it. You, however, have no orders. If I understand your Hierarchy of Enemies, your current loyalty belongs only to your pack.”

“That is so,” the Kelbrid agreed.

“Then perhaps you would be willing to fight with us, rather than against us as the other Kelbrid do.”

The Kelbrid snorted. “Kelbrid do not serve weak. Kelbrid may fight with strong, but never weak.”

“So let us prove our strength,” Tobias suggested. “Do battle with the strongest among us, and see for yourself.”

The Kelbrid was silent for a few moments. Then, “You are no Howler.”

Tobias started to demorph. “No. I am a human, of Earth; a planet that your ship will be approaching within a few days.”

“You want to defeat me and turn my ship back. To save your planet.”

“I want you to fight for me. To save the galaxy.”

A horrible noise came out of the Kelbrid's mouth. It was some sort of hissing, buzzing screech, like when you've got static on your TV and the volume turned way up. It took me a moment before I realized what it was. The Kelbrid was laughing. “Kelbrid help. To save the galaxy. Is ironic.”

Slowly, I was starting to understand that this Kelbrid was smarter than I thought. I thought his language problems were because he had the intelligence of a Hork-bajir. But maybe it was just unfamiliarity with the language.

“My people will soon take their first steps into the galaxy, straight into the middle of a terrible war,” Tobias explained. “In order for them to win – in order for them to survive – I need any advantage I can get.”

“You fight Kelbrid. You talk to me.”

“I am not afraid to turn an enemy into a friend.”

“That path is weak.”

“That path is wise. To gain the aid of the strong in protecting the weak. It strengthens all.”

“It nearly destroyed the Ssri'Kai Protectorate.”

“And yet they still stand, while your people were scattered,” Tobias countered.

The Kelbrid chewed on that for a moment. Finally, it wiggled its head. I think it was the equivalent of a nod. “I have found none who will talk with Kelbrid. You are...interesting, human. I will give you chance. Defeat me, I will listen.

Tobias nodded this time. “Alright then. Rachel? Show him who's boss.


Everyone stepped back as I advanced on the Kelbrid. I had fought Kelbrid before. I wasn't worried. I came forward on my hind legs. No need to let it know how fast a grizzly could be. Not yet. I took a swing at the Kelbrid and it dodged out of the way. It sprung forward, slashing with its stinger. I backhanded it in the stinger, knocking it aside, then shoulder-charged the alien.

My shoulder connected with its chest and threw the Kelbrid back several feet, though it landed on all fours. The alien howled a challenge. I roared in response, then charged again. It tried to jump away again, but this time I caught it with my claws. A grazing blow, but enough to draw blood. It dissolved the tips of my claws, but for the most part I was fine. And my claws were still sharp.

It darted forward again, preparing to strike with its stinger. The Kelbrid feinted to one side. I took the bait and slashed at it, only it wasn't there. It ran around my other side, slicing into my leg with its stinger. There was no pain – Kelbrid poison had an anesthetic so that the target didn't know it was even hurt until it was too late. I spun around in time to slash a glancing blow across its rear flank as the Kelbrid sped away from me.

I dropped to all fours and charged after it. I was faster than it thought I was and quickly caught up. I opened my jaws wise and snapped them down on the Kelbrid's left leg. I could feel the acid blood burning my tongue and teeth, but I didn't care. The pain just made the bear angry. I slammed one paw into the Kelbrid's ribcage and heard several satisfying snaps.

I let go, and the Kelbrid turned around to face me. It struck at me with its stinger again. I don't care whether it hit me or not. I smashed it full in the face with one massive paw. The Kelbrid stumbled back. I stepped forward and bashed it again. It let out a satisfying yelp. I stepped on its stinger and brought both my paws down on top of its head. It fell to the floor, barely breathing.

I raised my foot for the final blow. “Rachel, that's enough!” Tobias called. I paused. Sometimes, it was hard to get past the bear's instincts. I had been challenged. I had to crush my enemy completely. The bear's urges were strong. Or were those my own instincts?

Either way, this wasn't the place for them. I lowered my foot and demorphed. Slowly, the Kelbrid climbed back onto its three working appendages. “Strong,” it gasped. “Very strong. I will listen.”

“We want your help,” Tobias explained. He paused. “Do you have a name? Something we can call you?”

It seemed to think about that. “Kelbrid sense vibrations. Kelbrid are identical outside. But there is organ. Vibrates. Unique to every Kelbrid. Is how we identify selves.”

“So, no name then,” I surmised. “We'll just have to give you one.”

<Al and I were given names that are shortened versions of our own,> Ax answered. <Perhaps Kel?>

<That is hardly a proper name,> Jeanne answered. <Perhaps...Karol?>

I shook my head. “We're calling him Kevin,” I decided. I turned to my friends. “Anyone want to argue?” Maybe it was because they respected my judgment. Maybe it was because I just almost bashed a Kelbrid's skull open with my bear hands. For whatever the reason, no one wanted to argue.

“Kevin...” Kevin mused. “This is an insult among your kind?”

“No, just a name,” I assured him. “Though calling you Carol might be.”

<Karol, not Carol. With a 'K,'> Jeanne insisted. <It is masculine!>

Kevin tilted its head to the side. “Kelbrid have no gender,” it informed us.

“Ah,” I responded. “We're still calling it Kevin.”

“What do you want?” Kevin demanded.

“Your help,” Tobias said. “As I said before, we want your pack to support us. We need that kind of help. You are their pack leader, are you not?”

“Of course. It is why I watch while others sleep. Do you know what you ask?”

“I ask for help from a race that does not grant it,” Tobias answered.

Kevin laughed again. “No. You ask for sacrifice from strangers. My pack... They have slept since the battle on Ssri.”

“That was several hundred years ago!” Fel'Mar gasped.

“All that time, they sleep,” Kevin answered. “Some times I wake. I search ship. I make sure all is proper. Then I sleep. So it has been. I have...cared for them, for centuries. Now, you ask me to risk them for another cause.”

“I didn't think Kelbrid could care,” I answered. “You turn on your own when there is no one left to fight.”

“Only strong survive,” Kevin answered. “Better for one perfect Kelbrid to live than for billion lesser. Always, we fight our own last. Final loyalty is to pack. You ask me to risk them. Why should I?”

“You have seen our strength,” Tobias answered. “But perhaps you would like to see more. I said earlier that my people are about to go to war. Perhaps you would like to see that.”

Kevin's ears perked up. “Battle?”

Tobias nodded. “Soon, we invade our neighbor planet of Mars, held by the Yeerks, Pythagi, and Kelbrid. Perhaps you should see how we fare. And if we impress you, if you judge that we are strong, maybe you will be willing to fight for us.”

Kevin was silent for a long while. Then, at last, he answered. “I will see.”

Note" According to Gina's research, bear eyes aren't nearly as bad as I've always been led to believe. If this bothers anyone, let's just say that Rachel's bear has a genetic eye defect.

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Re: Animorphs #75: The Impending

Post by BeyondtheEllimist » Tue Aug 16, 2011 10:20 pm

capnnerefir wrote:Note" According to Gina's research, bear eyes aren't nearly as bad as I've always been led to believe. If this bothers anyone, let's just say that Rachel's bear has a genetic eye defect.
So she kicks butt with a defective morph. AWESOME!
As was the rest of the update.
There is much that is beyond the Ellimist . . . he just won't admit it.
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Re: Animorphs #75: The Impending

Post by capnnerefir » Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:07 am

Glad you're liking the story more now. 8D

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Re: Animorphs #75: The Impending

Post by Alanfangor » Wed Aug 17, 2011 5:53 am

Intresting..... what if the Kelbird decide to join the Yeerks instead simply because they're stronger?

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Re: Animorphs #75: The Impending

Post by BeyondtheEllimist » Wed Aug 17, 2011 6:16 pm

capnnerefir wrote:Glad you're liking the story more now. 8D
Eh, I can't stay mad at you; you're a literary genius.
There is much that is beyond the Ellimist . . . he just won't admit it.
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Re: Animorphs #75: The Impending

Post by Mtn_otter » Sat Aug 20, 2011 10:10 am

Mtn_otter wrote:Rachel and/or Tobias is/are going to assume control of these Kelbrid, aren't they?
It looks like I was right.