My Animorphs short stories - 2006

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My Animorphs short stories - 2006

Post by Matteo » Mon Nov 08, 2010 3:15 am

In 2006, I started writing my first book ever, at the age of 15-16. It was about Animorphs, I called it Animorphs 2.0 The Call. Almost 80 pages for 2 months exact of work.
This series is set in Sydney, Australia.


Dennis Lotawn was a lonely 16 years old boy, with a unclear past and he always felt misunderstood. During Yeerk's secon invasion he met Mona Towken, a girl that wanted him to enter the Sharing. Dennis's only wish was popularity and power.
Mona was a extremely good looking girl and she wanted to enter a relationship with him.
At a certain point, he ended up being brainwashed to form an alliance with Yeerks, and he was given a lot of popularity and welfare, he got to live in a huge home on the beach.
At the beginning of the first book, Dennis is already able to morph, and is unknown why.
In the first book, he becomes Visser 3 even if not a Controller, but extremely brainwashed, and he is against the Animorphs.
Dennis and Mona create a trap for the Animorphs and he fights individually with all of them, mainly with morphs such as black panther and tarantula and alligator.
While Mona completes the trap, he starts to remember something about the far past and decides to stop Mona.
Having saved the Animorphs, he may end up joining the group later. From book 2, he starts to recall his forgot past, asking himself how he ended up getting the life he got.
He has long blond hair and he is very good looking, average height.

Mona Towken is a girl that know everything about science, she is a technological genius and inventor, but not only. She is Visser 1, yes, this 17 years old girl is a Visser.
She brainwashed Dennis to make him a new person, and he ended up being Visser 3.
In the first book, she casually meets the Animorphs while they meet the Andalite, so she is invited to join the group even if she doesn't really want to.
At the end, she uses this chance to create a trap and she reveals he true identity at the end of the fight Animorphs/Dennis in the Yeerk Pool.
She is a controller and the main enemy of the book.
She is very mean and she lives of the power she got. She's not popular and she actually lives a lonely life.
She is very tall, blond and with a pale complexion. She sometimes wears glasses.

Brad Johnson has a similar personality to Jake, he 's engaged with Jenny, another Animorph. He's the leader of the Animorphs for the first part of the series.
He has brown hair and average height. The total average boy.

Jenny is blond and a karate girl. She has a close relationship with her father.

Hannah Miller is a Irish girl, red curly hair and under average height, she is modeled after Rachel personality. She has a temper. She is very practical.
She is the twin sister of Lance Miller.
She recently had a relationship of love with Dennis. When she discovers he is mean, she ends up being shocked and leaves everything.
She will return with a desire of revenge against Mona, but she will discover she's a pregnant 17 years old girl.
How will she deal with this?

Vince is a tall boy with blond hair, and good looking. He is modeled after Marco. He's the one that makes one laugh and also he makes one angry, because when he's angry, he's very cold and brave.
He and Dennis have a violent rivalry, but they share a huge secret about their past...
Apparently, Dennis starts to have memories where they were best friends in the far past.

Lance Miller is a Irish boy, twin brother of Hannah, he has curly red hair and he is above average height.
He is a good person, a very good friend, he is a bit shy and very sensitive. He's opposite to Hannah because he's not brave, but he is responsible and knows his duty.
He's the best friend of Brad and Jenny.
Though they are twins, he and Hannah usually argue with each other.

Zack is a 18 years old boy with dark hair and above average height, he misteriously received the power of morphing and he fights the Yeerks by himself. He's secretive and thoughtful. He is a very serious person.
He meets the Animorphs and doesn't get along with many of them, but he eventually decides to be less detouched and to join the group.
He eventually becomes the new leader.

Eddie is a 15 years old boy, a black boy, and he is modeled after Cassie, with a similar personality.
He knows everything about his group and their issues, and he works to make them cooperate in the hard times.
He eventually becomes friend with Zack and Lance.

FIRST BOOK- THE CALL - Narrators- everybody

In this book, Brad, Hannah, Lance, Vince, Jenny and Eddie, and Mona are given the power to morph from an Andalite and they are invited to become the new Animorphs.
They accept, even knowing that it will be a huge change in their lives.
( the Andalite didn't know about Mona because she works secretly and she has a secretive life ).
While Brad and Jenny discover their friendship is becoming more than it is, they get in love, Vince has his problems with a rich, popular and arrogant boy called Dennis.
They become soon rivals, though the ego of Dennis leads him to think that Vince's life is poor compared to his one.
Vince discovers that Hannah is in a love relationship with Dennis and he doesn't like this story.
Mona acts very detouched with the group, and she continues to be apparently lonely, but she's actually preparing a big trap after she warns Dennis that there are new Animorphs.
They go in a mission to attack the principal Yeerk Pool of Sydney.
Dennis is waiting for them and he attacks the group, chasing them in the dark and talking with them in terryfing morphs such as a spider and a black panther and a alligator.
He attacks them individually and he starts a violent fight with Vince.
He also decides to reveal all the truth to Hannah, telling her he's Visser 3.
Mona starts her show and she reveals herself as Visser 1, after she and Dennis start to argue about what to do with the Animorphs.
Mona is tough, very tough. The fight against her is a lot of fatigue for the group, even when they win, they decide to go out of the Yeerk Pool to discuss the facts.
At the end of the book, Hannah is stunned by the revelation of Dennis and she doesn't want to deal with it, its too much for her and she decides to take a break from being a Animorph.
Dennis starts recalling vague memories about his past life when he was just 13-14, with Vince being his friend.
His brainwashing is getting weaker.

SECOND BOOK- THE CHANGE - Narrators: everybody

Big changes are already transforming the Animorphs life. They get in contact with Chee, that tell them there is a boy able to morph that is not in their group and that recently became a strong opponent to Dennis and Mona.
They discuss a way to find out who this boy is, because they need one more member to join their group.
Hannah decides her break time is enough and she announces she's back in the Animorphs, immediately after she discovers Mona kissing Dennis on the beach.
The book contains some past story about the life of Dennis when he was 13, the very unfortunate situations he was into.
Dennis, in fact, starts dreaming about them. He's dumbfounded because he always thought he was the rich and popular boy.
The main protagonist of this book is Dennis. This book reveals some of his brainwashed and not brainwashed personality.
They are fighting against a lonely but powerful boy that is able to morph and wants to free the controllers.
Dennis and Mona are in love, and she enjoys their relationship, knowing that Hannah will become extremely jealous.
We discover that Mona is a voluntary controller, with the same background of Dennis. She was lonely, without friends and she wanted power and she dedicates her life to science, but not for good, but for evil.
Zack finds out about the Animorphs, but he says he's not comfortable with groups of people, so he declines the proposal to join the Animorphs.
Eventually, after further discussion with Eddie an Lance, he decides to add power to the group with his presence.
Only one thing, he doesn't want Brad to tell him what to do.
Vince is the one that looks at Zack as a weird boy and he doesn't trust him.
After a battle, Zack and the group against Mona and Dennis again, at the end of the book, Hannah discovers Dennis suddenly has no memory of being in love with Hannah and what happened during their relationship.
She is again stunned by a big revelation: she's pregnant with the son of Dennis...Is she?

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Re: My Animorphs short stories - 2006

Post by TF. » Mon Nov 08, 2010 1:36 pm

Wow, that's a lot of characters. Is Eddy going to be Aboriginal or African-American? If he's Aboriginal then you're going to want to give a very good reason why he's hanging out with a bunch of white kids in Sydney, presumably on the north/east shore. Also, you should probably justify why the invasion's happening in Australia instead of somewhere more important- like that we're so weak and susceptible.

I look forward to reading it. :)
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Re: My Animorphs short stories - 2006

Post by [u][i]Lou[/i][/u] » Mon Nov 08, 2010 2:51 pm

There seem to be quite a few tall blonde guys, but Vince does sound like a good Hulklike twist on the old Marco.

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Re: My Animorphs short stories - 2006

Post by Sassy_Cat » Sun Feb 13, 2011 5:41 pm

It's not exactly a story.
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Re: My Animorphs short stories - 2006

Post by War-Prince Arleal-Breeyar-Fangor » Mon Feb 14, 2011 2:42 pm

TF, I think it would be African-Australian

Matteo, I think you should post the first book here to see what people think. Much better than simply giving away the plot of the full series. Also, I wonder, how does a human becomes a Visser?

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Re: My Animorphs short stories - 2006

Post by DARREN » Fri Apr 15, 2011 4:10 am

no it should be Aboriginal