#37.5: The Aftermath

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#37.5: The Aftermath

Post by Master Crayak » Tue Aug 31, 2010 2:24 pm

There are four things that you need to know about this story. First, it is a fan fiction, so that means that I don’t own the rights to any of the characters in it, and I can’t make any money by selling this story. But you already knew all that. Secondly, this story was written by me, Master Crayak, which means that it is not for young readers. If you see anything that says it was written by me, it will probably have some sex, drugs, foul language or other adult situations in it. Please do not read any stories that I write unless you are old enough to deal with such topics. Third, this story takes place just after Animorph #37: The Weakness, and you should not read this story until after you read #37, you might also want to read #38 as long as your at it. I don’t care if you have read any of the other books or not, but if you read this don’t come crying to me cuz I spoiled #37 for you. In fact, what you should do is take a quick peak at Animorph #37: The Weakness right now, just to remind yourself that in that story Jake had to leave town and Rachel lead the Animorphs as they morphed the fastest land animal on Earth to fight Visser 3 and a new host that the Yeerks found that can move faster then an Andalite’s tail blade. Fourth, I just got the idea for this story yesterday, so this may not be the best written fan fic you’ve ever read.
That should do it for now. If you don’t want to read this story, I understand, just don’t yell at me that I didn’t warn you first.

#37.5 The Aftermath
By: Master Crayak

Chapter 1

My name is Rachel; I’m a 16 year old girl and a member of a team of warriors trying to save the planet. My cousin Jake is the leader of the Animorphs.
He had to go out of town for a few days, but we had a chance to strike the Yeerks and we took it. I was made leader until he gets back.
I made some mistakes, lots of them actually.
A man died.
Seeing me and all my friends attacking a TV station caused him to have a heart attack.
We were able to use a snake morph to hurt the Garatron that the Yeerks were using as a new host. Actually Marco used the snake morph.
Hopefully that would stop them from getting any more Garatron hosts, we may have just saved an entire planet, to bad it wasn’t Earth.
We parted ways and we each flew back to our homes.
I flew into my bedroom window and got dressed, and then I snuck out the window and climbed down and came in through the front door.
Someone had just finished making dinner when I walked in, so I sat down and ate.
I wasn’t really paying any attention, I didn’t even realize I was done until my fork hit the plate and there was nothing on it.
I excused myself and put my plate in the sink, then went up to bed, unsure of what it was I had just eaten.
I changed into a nightgown and crawled into bed.

I woke up to a light tapping on my window.
When I looked up there was Marco sitting outside my window, he was wearing a t-shirt and jeans.
I guess this means that he didn’t fly over here.
I opened the window and let him in.
“Hey there fearless leader.” He said “How are you doing?”
“What?” I asked.
He sat down on the bed next to me.
“We all know that being the leader can’t be easy, now you just found out just how hard it really is.” He said putting his arm around me, “So now here I am checking up on you to see how you’re holding up.”
“How I’m holding up? Somebody died! It was my fault. How do you think I’m holding up?”

We talked like that for about ten minutes, I dumped everything on Marco and he just sat there listening to all of it and comforting me.
Then he did something I never thought he would do.
Marco kissed me.
His lips were soft and warm pressed to mine.
At first I wanted to push him away, I thought of Tobias, but this just felt so good.
I kissed him back.
He wrapped his arms around me and held me close, it felt so good to be held like that. I let all my worries and troubles melt away in my arms.
Before I knew it I was laying on the bed with him on top of me.
His kisses made me feel so good, and I really needed to feel good right then.
I could feel my hands moving across his back then his hand moved down my leg. Somehow I felt like I was loosing control of myself, I dug my nails into his back.
I kissed him over and over again.
His lips felt so good as he moved his way over to my ear.
He stopped to nibble on my earlobe then I heard him whisper, “Do you trust me?”
“Yes.” I whispered back.
“How much do you trust me?” He asked.
“Please don’t stop, it feels so good.” I answered, “I need this.”
“Alright.” Then he reached over and grabbed a scarf from near my bed, “Then let’s make this a little more interesting.” Then he tied it around my head, blindfolding me.
He started kissing his way down my neck, and his hand moved up my nightgown.
I loved the way his lips felt against my neck, and then I felt him guide my hands down to his pants. Slowly I undid then and reached down inside them.
I had some trouble, so I pulled his pants down and tried again.
What I felt down there surprised me, not that I didn’t know what to expect, but it surprised me the way it made me feel, how much I wanted it inside me.
As his hand moved up the inside of my nightgown I felt the other hand work its way down inside my panties and push them down as his hand moved down the outside of my leg.
Then his other hand moved down and pushed my panties down.
Then his hand moved up the inside of my leg, when he got far enough he found that I had grown very eat from his touch.
He petted the soft wet flesh and I grew wetter still.
My hand was on his back, my other hand wrapped around his shaft. Pulling on it and rubbing it.
His hand felt so good between my legs I started to moan, but he shushed me.
We were after all two teenagers in my parent’s house, and it was very late.
I wanted to see just how late it was, but the blindfold prevented me, I had to hand it to Marco, it was a little more thrilling this way, blindfolded and the underlying fear of getting caught.
Not that I had anything to compare it to.
I was starting to lose it. I pulled down on his pants as hard as I could.
Then I rolled over so that I was on top of his small body and threw my panties off and across the room.
What happened next I will never forget as long as I live and breathe.
It was the most amazing and exciting thing that I had ever done, and I had fought Visser 3!
Afterwards we lay in my bed, the blindfold on the floor, my head resting on Marco’s chest.
“Do you feel better now?” Marco whispered in the darkness.
“I do, that was amazing.” I told him, “and I promise, I will never make fun of how ‘short’ you are ever again.”
He laughed, “Is that so?”
“From where I am right now, you look more then tall enough.”
Soon after that I fell asleep.

Chapter 2

When I woke up the next day Marco was gone, at first I was surprised to see that he had left in the middle of the night. Then I was angry at him, and then I realized that he was just being smart.
We couldn’t risk my mom coming in here and seeing him lying in bed with me.
That day I went to see the old man’s grandson.
It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do as an Animorph, I’m not even sure if I could have done it with out Marco’s help the night before.
When I got back there was Jake,
“You’re back.”
Jake raised an eyebrow. “You noticed? Your powers of observation are really amazing, Rachel.”
Then we had a little talk about how I did leading our little group of warriors, I didn’t tell him about Marco stopping by afterwards.
After we parted ways I felt really good about how I did as leader.
When I got home I found mom in her bedroom packing a bag.
“Where are you going?” I asked her.
She smiled up at me, “The question is not where I am going, but ‘where are we going?’ I’m not blind sweetheart. I know that things have been hard on you lately, and I think we all need a vacation, so the four of us are going camping; we leave on Friday, as soon as I get home.
My mom isn’t the best camper in the world, and at first I wondered why she thought it would be a good idea, but she felt that we all needed to get away from it all.
The next few days were full of the normal everyday stuff, a week of school, camping with my family, followed by another week of school. Not a single Yeerk in sight. What was even better it was a three day weekend, we left on Friday just after school and came back late on Monday, that meant that when we came home I was sure that none of my sisters were controllers.
Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and after two weeks hardly thinking about the war, we were back at it.
We were all in Cassie’s barn talking about some video that Ax and Tobias had that showed an Andalite from one of those home video shows.
An Andalite that wasn’t Ax, or Visser 3.
We were all morphing to getting ready to find go investigate some more when Marco said, <Some time today Rachel.>
I gave him a dirty look.
Then I looked down at myself.
Everyone else had already morphed into their bird morphs, but I was as human as the next girl, so long as the next girl wasn’t Cassie.
“I don’t understand. I should be an eagle by now.” I said
<Ax, can you think of any reason why Rachel would lose the power to morph?> Tobias asked.
<I am not certain. There are a number of possible explanations.> Ax said, <It is clear that she has not become a notlet.>
“No, because then I would be stuck as an eagle, and not be able to turn human again.” I said.
<There is also the possibility that there are so many people morphing at this exact moment that it is overloading the system.> Ax
<What? To many Andalites and Animorphs all turning into birds at the same time?> Jake asked.
<It is possible, however the probability of that happening is not very likely, the good news is that if that is the case then she should now be able to morph.> Ax
I tried to morph.
Still nothing.
“What else have you got?”
<I do not understand. If you were trying a large mass morph then it could be that there just isn’t enough mass in Z-space at the moment, however the eagle, as large as it is, has a lot less mass then Rachel.>
“Thanks Ax. That’s just what every girl wants to here.”
<I am sorry. I am not an expert on this technology, and do not know all the reasons why it might not work.> Ax said, <Is it possible that you are afraid? Could you for reasons known only to you, not wish to morph?>
I thought about that.
<Yeah right. Little miss “Lets do it” would never be afraid of morphing.> Marco, <She lives for this kind of thing.>
<We are running short on time.> Jake, <Rachel will just have to stay here for now. We can figure this out latter after this mission.>
<Sorry Rachel.>
“Don’t worry about it.” I told him, “I’m sure that it is no big deal.” But the truth is that it was a big deal. What if I was so worried about my failings as a leader that for some reason I didn’t want to morph?
I though about all this as the others left.
Ax was the last to leave.
<There is one other possibility, but I do not think it very likely, and even if it is true I would not want to say anything about it in front of the others.>
“What is it Ax?” Why was he acting this way?
<The morphing technology has many safeties built into it. One of those safeties may have stopped you from morphing.>
“So what could it be? You told us that there may not be enough mass in Z-space or too many people morphing at once.”
<There is another possibility. Is there any chance that you have mated recently?>
<I only say this because it is the only thing I can think of. If you have mated, it is possible that the process is far enough along to halt the morphing process.>
<I will try to think of more possibilities.>
And with that he was gone.
And I was alone with nothing but my thoughts, and possibly a little Rachel or a little Marco on the way.
The beatings will continue until morale improves.
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Re: #37.5: The Aftermath

Post by Visser 5 » Wed Sep 01, 2010 11:38 pm

Wait. I really liked it, but why did you skip over the good part?
Is there more to come, or is this it?
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