Megamorphs: The Psychic ('til I come up with a better title)

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Megamorphs: The Psychic ('til I come up with a better title)

Post by darkwriter00 » Tue Jul 06, 2010 12:05 pm

SUMMARY: Erek said that the Yeerks were working on something big and dangerous to speed up their invasion. Not only that, but he also said it was taking place on the other side of the country. We may have to be out of town for more than a few days this time.

It wouldn’t be all that big of a deal for Ax and me, but it would be for Jake, Marco, Cassie, and Rachel—for they all live with their families.

I knew something was up when I saw Erek from high above, while in flight. None of us knew just how complicated and dangerous this mission would turn out to be.

This isn’t just our story. Johnny and his friends also have a say in this. They, too, are now a part of this war.

Rating: T for Teen! (This WILL include some disturbing and intense imagery, violence, perhaps minor language.)

Note: Timelines... For that information and knowledge on what the Dead Zone is for those who don't know already, check my introduction post: Without further ado, here's the first chapter. :) I'll be starting the next one soon.

Chapter One

My name is Tobias. You may already know this, or maybe you don’t. You might know that I don’t give out a last name or address. As for my friends, they will tell you the same—because if the Yeerks find us, we could end up dead or worse. Yeerks; parasitic, mind robbing aliens who are very, very far away from our galaxy in origin.

In their natural state, they are blind gray slugs. Outside of a host, they’re harmless. Once they get inside of host bodies, they flatten their own bodies over brains like living blankets, sinking into every crevice, their nerve endings making contact with the hosts’.

See, when this happens, the Yeerk takes complete control. Resisting is practically useless. You try to run, scream, claw at your head, or even blink, but you can’t. You can’t even try to warn anyone else. All that there is to do is watch. Watch as the Yeerk looks through your memories and personality to enslave everyone you know.

They haven’t just infested humans, but other alien species too. Hork-Bajir, Taxxons, Gedds, and possibly several others have been used this way.

That is why we tend to keep our lives, our identities secret. It’s hard to tell who’s a Controller and who isn’t.

We Animorphs fight the Yeerks. There are only six of us, and all we are really capable of is to slow down the invasion until the Andalite cavalry comes.

We can only hope for the best that they would come...

A dying Andalite prince gave us humans his race’s technology to become any animal we touch.

This may seem weird, but Prince Elfangor was my father. His younger brother lives on Earth among us now who’s technically my uncle. I’m not nearly human as I’d like to be, how I used to be. It’s a long story, something I’ll save for another time.

Anyway, the power to morph, to change ourselves, is our only weapon against those conniving, murderous slugs.

Let me ask you something. How many kids do you know who could soar up high over thermals on a warm sunny day, with nothing but wings to keep them aloft? That alone is only one part about me. Unlike the rest of my friends, I can do it twenty-four-seven. Unless when it comes down to a mission, or whenever I get hungry, I’m just a part human kid, part bird out there among the other birds of prey. I’m one of a kind, something that’s not natural.

Long story short; the power to morph isn’t just a gift. It’s also a curse. There’s a two hour time limit when we’re in other forms. In the beginning... In the beginning, on our first visit through one of the many entrances to the underground feeding lair of the Yeerks, I had stayed in morph for more than two hours. It’s not exactly a very good memory to have. Not something I like to look back on and recall.

The red tailed hawk body is my own body now. I live, eat, and sleep like a red tailed hawk but on the inside, I still feel like a person.

That’s all I was until a powerful being called the Ellimist returned my morphing power. My body is still that of a hawk though. I have the ability to morph into my human self, but that’s all it is. If I stayed human, I would be out of the fight.

I chose to keep fighting.

So, about the flying; it’s probably the best thing about this. There’s nothing even close to being free as riding the thermals, billowing warm air that lifts you up and up, like riding an elevator. Forget roller coasters. Forget skiing, skating, snowboarding, surfing, and bungee-jumping—even though that last one comes sort of close. Sky diving comes close too, but that probably doesn’t outlast flying. I don’t think any type human sport ever would, no matter how extreme it is.

The real story starts around this, just another day in the sky. I had a successful morning hunt and a full belly, even though hunting tends to get messy. It’s why you’d see a hawk preening himself. The same goes for all birds. Clean feathers make for better flying.

I seldom go flying on my own these days. It’s not that I have much time to either. It’s a natural thing for the hawk in me to do solitary flying, yet it’s only a privilege I have when things are quiet. I know the Yeerks wouldn’t remain quiet for long, but for right now they were. Probably plotting something no good, no doubt, but I wasn’t thinking about that very much. I was enjoying the nice weather for a change, watching every little thing from down below in human suburbia.

From high up, with my binocular vision, I could see ants moving along in the grassy lawns. I could see the individual hairs on the tops of oval human heads. I could see the squirrels running up and down the tree trunks. I also saw and heard someone’s pet black Labrador snoring away, halfway out of its wooden doghouse.

I was the ultimate surveillance spy. I would be on the move doing normal hawk activities while keeping my eyes and ears open for any suspicious Yeerk activity. They would never suspect whether or not I was some “Andalite bandit” in disguise, not for sure.

My friends Jake, Marco, Cassie, and Rachel are all human, but the Yeerks don’t know that. They think we’re all Andalites. It’s actually better for them to think like that. All the better for us to stay safe.

Today could have been safe, and peaceful, nothing out of the ordinary. It could have been, if I hadn’t noticed Erek stepping outside of his house.

To anyone who didn’t know what he was, Erek would look like any other regular kid. To tell the truth, he’s not human at all. He’s an android projecting a holographic image of a human kid closing the door to the house where he lives. His true form was that of a robotic looking dog that walked upright.

Erek and the other androids like him are known as the Chee. They’ve been around on Earth ever since the pyramids in Egypt were first built. They first lived with the Pemalites on another planet, these dog-like aliens who built them to be their companions. When the Howlers came, they did their best to save what they could of their peaceful, fun loving former masters. By the time they arrived to Earth, the last remaining Pemalites were all but gone.

If you’ve got a pet dog, or happen to know someone else’s, then you would have met the essence of the Pemalites evolved from a portion of the wolf population.

Naturally, I flew in a lazy circle, just doing what any other hawk would do. It’s not everyday you happen to encounter Erek. He usually came to give us any updates on any Yeerk activity that could be deemed as suspicious. Anything he would happen to share would always be bad news.

From just spotting the android, I could feel it. Something was up. Even when Erek eventually noticed my shadow on the lawn beside him, and looked my way—I felt mildly uneasy.

“…Is that you, Tobias,” he asked. He sounded almost unsure.

I sighed in my head as I swooped down to perch in a small tree on his front yard. I could have stayed silent and stayed where I was, but there wouldn’t really be a point. The Chee were allies, and so far they’ve kept nothing from us. <Yeah. What’s up?>

Erek’s hologram smiled wanly. “I’m guessing there’s no one around to overhear us.”

<It’s clear,> I told him, through thought-speak. When in morph, it’s how my friends and I communicate. Since the hawk body is my permanent body, I’ve gotten quite used to it. <The closest person is yards away. An old man with a hearing aid won’t pick up on whatever you have to say.>

He nodded, his expression turning serious. “Well, I do have something for you guys to check out.”

<That’s what I figured.>

“The usual place? At Cassie’s?”

I shifted my weight. Well, this sounds rather sudden, I thought to myself. <When? Right now?>

Erek shrugged, appearing nonchalant. “Whenever it’s convenient for all of you.”

For some reason, I didn’t like that answer. <Might as well go find Jake.> I flapped my wings, working my way up to get altitude as a nice breeze helped some of the way. I must have sounded a little grim, and for a good reason.

Erek was only trying to be nice, but I could tell that this had the word “urgent” written all over this. My good mood was washed away with a belief that this next mission was going to be very, very dangerous.
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Re: Megamorphs: The Psychic ('til I come up with a better ti

Post by Blueberry Chicken » Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:57 pm

I find this very good. The plot sounds original so far, and the writing itself...Well...

If I read one of the books that I haven't read yet and this story, I might have a hard time telling which one is canon.
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Re: Megamorphs: The Psychic ('til I come up with a better ti

Post by darkwriter00 » Tue Jul 06, 2010 2:12 pm

It shall get better by the next chapter or two. I just have to set things up for the Mission to start.

It shall be written in a Megamorphs style... I'll also do the Dead Zone POV's eventually. Johnny and friends come in later. I'm not sure if I'll even write them in first person but I guess I'd better. XD
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Re: Megamorphs: The Psychic ('til I come up with a better ti

Post by BLuSKyE » Wed Jul 07, 2010 6:16 pm

Very good so far :) im interested in how the deadzone crossover is going to work. I cant wait to read more
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Re: Megamorphs: The Psychic ('til I come up with a better ti

Post by darkwriter00 » Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:05 am

I've finished chapter 2 just now! The plotline has taken off. :D It took a while with all the hot weather I've been getting since I do most of the writing at my bookshop (not many distractions over there like there are at home). I've got a much more specific timeline concerning the Animorphs. BBC, I don't know if you've read 24-25, but for the 'morphs this story takes place in between those books.
Chapter 2


Thonk, thonk, thonk-thonk, thonk, went the ball as Jake dribbled it from one hand to the other on the asphalt. My attention didn’t waver as he was trying to make it past me to score a point. I was ready. I was positively sure where and when to catch Jake off guard to steal the ball, because I knew he wasn’t all that good at the game. I knew I wasn’t that great at it, but hey--this was just all in good fun.

My name is Marco, as you might have figured it out from the bold print. I’m the cute, funny, and charming member of the Animorphs. I was clever enough to come up with that word; Animorphs.

Y’know, I think it looks lovely in bold, don’t you agree? Perhaps from now on, whenever my name is written out, it should be in bold. That’d be a nice change of pacing from the rest of the stories.

Yeah, yeah I know… “Get back on track, Marco.”

Fine, if you insist. …At least I get to have my name stated in bold whenever it’s my turn to tell the story, right?

Well, I was playing one on one with my best friend in front of the garage at his house. On this day, it was warm and sunny, so perfect you could attach a trademark abbreviation to it. What also made it so perfect was the fact that it had nothing to do with risking our lives to go save the world.

That made me glad. It’s kind of strange at the same time, to want to embrace every chance you have to just be a kid; no Yeerks, no battles, no having to change into something gross.

There’s nothing gross or gory about basketball, that’s for sure. It may leave you sweaty, smelly, and tired after a long hard game, but it’s no worse than fighting aliens.

Jake swayed to the right. I swayed and remained in front of him. He started to head the other way, with a mocking determination in his brown-eyed gaze. I kept on him, and attempted to tap the ball away from him and take it for myself. Blocked! From there, he sped right past me and tossed the ball up towards the hoop. It bounced off the rim. We both rushed forward, but it was I who grabbed it.

“Hah! See? You should have slam dunked when you had the chance,” I crowed.

“It’s too early for that. This is only a warm up round,” Jake teased back.

“You should have warmed up before we started,” I said, “but oh well.” I made a dash for the win. “Prepare to get creamed!”

Just as I moved my arms back to thrust the ball upward, I heard a familiar voice “speak” out of nowhere. <Hey guys.>

I jerked in place and almost dropped the basketball. I turned around and looked skyward to see Tobias circling above our heads. He caught me off guard, but I tried not to let that bother me. There had to be some good reason as to why he couldn’t just wait for me to score my first point before announcing his presence.

From the corner of my sight, I noticed Jake looking up too. I saw him smile and do a little nod in greeting. We couldn’t exactly talk to a bird out in the open of a public suburban neighborhood. For most of us, we can only do thought-speak while in morph. Having any conversation with a red tailed hawk through regular human speech would likely cause suspicion among the neighbors, Controllers or not.

That, and the brutal fighting all comes with the glamorous, paranoid way of life as an Animorph. The term I happened to come up with back when we first got out powers is short for “animal morpher.”

<I happened to come across Erek earlier. He’s got something to tell us over at Cassie’s, ASAP.>

As soon as I heard the name Erek, I groaned. No matter what he had to tell us, it was usually something bad. So much for that perfect normal day.

I noticed that Jake didn’t look all that thrilled either, just for a split second. He then put on his Serious Leader face and acknowledged a nod toward Tobias. “Go tell Rachel,” he mouthed. “Ax too.”

<Right.> He shifted direction on his glide and flapped his wings to change direction. <See you then.>

I held the basketball under my arm. “Man, what a buzz kill,” I said, not caring if Tobias heard me. “We’ve taken care of David, rescued Hork-Bajir, and helped the Bird-Boy with his stuff back last week,” I ranted. I made sure to keep my voice down while casually looking around to make sure no one was within earshot to hear us. Tom, Jake’s older brother… I wasn’t sure if he was in the house or not, as I didn’t hear Jake say anything about him being at the Sharing. That's a front organization to recruit more Human-Controllers covered up by some youth group type of thing. “We stopped the Helmacrons from taking the blue box too. All of them very bad situations.”

Jake just shrugged before talking in the same volume. “You know as well as I do that we can’t really control what goes on in this.” He made a mild gesture at basketball. “The Yeerks usually have the ball, not us.”

I passed it to him, for it was his ball anyway. “As they always do,” I muttered. “Some game. They have way more team players that we do anyway. Shouldn’t that be disqualified?”

“Yeah, it should.” Jake moved to the front door of his house, rolling the ball in his hands. “But it’s not like they intend to play fair.”

Since we were going indoors, we restricted our conversation to not only shield ourselves from whatever Controller Radar Tom may have, but to keep his parents out of danger too. “That’s why this sucks. Now our dog lovin’ friend has to fill us in on this next big whopper of a play, as if they want to further prove how limited our team is.”

Just as I said that, I noticed Jake’s mom poking her head out of a doorway just ahead of us. Her big curls of her brown hair wavered around her head as she smiled. “Oh hi Marco, Jake.”

“Hey,” I said to her, casually.

“Hi Mom. What’s up,” Jake said, hiding away what concern there was for our current Erek situation.

“Did you remember to mow the lawn yet,” she asked.

“Oh, uh, I’ll get to it now,” Jake said. “Just have to put my basketball away first.”

“Yeah, that must have been a quick game.”

“He whooped my butt,” I admitted, and then joked, “I’ll get him next time.” If there is ever going to be a next time, I kept to myself.

Like I said earlier, my circle of friends and I have come across too many close calls. It’s been hectic and stressful, especially now that we had to hide the blue box, or Escafil Device in Andalite terms, in a better hiding place. It’d do no good if it fell into the wrong hands. We took care of the Helmacrons from taking it, this teeny tiny race of aliens who are nuts to an extreme. Sort of like Rachel before a fight but way, way more gung ho. I know, ‘cause I’ve met them up close in their size, along with Cassie and Tobias in their spaceship.

Whether or not Jake’s mother was a Controller, I didn’t mention any of this in front of her. He’d get on my case if I added, “Oh, and by the way? After Jake gets his chore done, he has to go to Cassie’s to go risk his life with me to save the world from parasitic slugs.”

I could only hope for my friend’s sake that she didn’t have a Yeerk in her head. It’s bad enough with Tom being one of them. Jake and I both knew very well my mother’s one of them. I didn’t know where she was, or if she was still alive. Although somewhere, in the back of my mind, I had no doubt that she was, with the most highest of all the Yeerks in the galaxy in her head; Visser One.

Now everyone in the group knows that Visser One lives inside her head, only because I had to reveal that truth so Rachel wouldn’t destroy her. I don't really talk about her in front of the others, because that leads to pity. I hate people feeling sorry for me. I've gone through enough of it before I learned the truth of her fake death.

Another good reason to be hopeful; it would be harder on Jake and the rest of us to have more than one Controller posing to be members of his family.

“All right, but before you go over to Marco’s, I want to hear that lawnmower running,” Jake’s mom insisted.

“I’m on it,” he said.

As soon as she went back to what believed was washing dishes—hearing the sounds of a squeaky sponge scrubbing and water running--Jake pulled me aside and lowered his voice. “It’s likely I’ll be running a little late. So if Erek shows up by the time you get there, tell him the rest of us will fill me in on any missing details.”

“No problemo,” I remarked. “Have fun grass trimming.”

He gave me a playful shove towards the door and grinned. “Go on, get out of here.”

“You’re kicking me out,” I asked while raising my voice, in mock indignation. “I thought we were pals, man. I thought we were bros!” It was for show, really, to have everything seem normal.

Jake, knowing this, played along. His light laugh sounded genuine enough. “Yeah, yeah. I’ll try not to take too long. Just don’t get too far ahead on Doom, all right?”

I shook my head while heading down the street to my house. “It’s ironic you say that,” I muttered under my breath. “I really, really don’t want to head too far ahead towards my ‘Doom’.”

Doom is the name of one of my favorite video games. I didn’t know if Jake knew what he had said, but that so-called lighthearted statement had cut very close to reality.

* * * * *

I flew out my bedroom window as an osprey over to Cassie’s farm, located around the outskirts of town. It was a a quick trip that way.

My dad’s an engineer, and that job for him is full time. That meant I could fly more, and have to ride on my bike less. Besides, I needed to loosen up, just a little. I was still overall unhappy that Erek had bad news, but I didn’t want to appear as a Gloomy Gus in front of the others. I’m supposed to be the comic relief, after all. No matter how bad this was supposed to be, I had to leave opportunity for myself to quipping funny lines every now and then.

I prepared myself for a dive, and swooped in through the open front door to the barn. I could hear all the sounds of the various sick animals, who were cooped up in wired cages.

Cassie’s family’s barn is not just a barn, but also the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic. Birds, skunks, opossums, foxes, wolves, and other animals that get sick or injured in or out of the forest end up here to be treated. This place was where we’ve gotten a small portion of morphs.

Cassie’s dad ran this clinic, as she often helped him care for the animals. Her mom’s also a veterinarian, but she helps to care for the more dangerous animals at the Gardens, a zoo and amusement park all in one. We’ve all gotten our battle morphs from there.

She’s our regular peacemaker, as well as tree hugger. She’s also Jake’s girlfriend. They like each other, but pretend they don’t in front of Rachel and me. It’s corny, but also kind of cute.

I landed on a bale of hay around the others, including Erek who had arrived before me. Jake had predicted right. Tobias had been right. Whenever that guy shows up, he usually has something very important to tell us.

“Where’s Jake,” asked Rachel. She sounded anxious and ready as ever to go kick butt on the Controllers. She’s tall, blond, and beautiful. Not only that, but the brawn of someone such as Xena: Warrior Princess. I sometimes call her that, even when her fearless and bold attitude towards this Yeerk business scares me.

I started to demorph back to my human self. <He’s a little busy, but he’ll show soon.> I turned my half human, half bird head toward the kid who wasn’t really a kid. <Erek, he says for you to go on ahead and talk about whatever peril it is out there that awaits us.>

Erek smiled a dismal smile and nodded. “From what I’ve overheard, there’s been some talk about some top secret Yeerk activity going on out of town.” He deliberately paused and showed us a look of utmost seriousness. “Way out of town. A new development of technology to speed up infestation is underway, out on the other coast of the country. It’s so under wrapped that I can only confirm a city and state in terms of location from what a low ranked Controller had leaked.”

“The other coast is pretty far,” Cassie began to say. I wasn’t surprised that she felt bothered by this.

<How far do we have to go,> Tobias wanted to know. <All the way to the other coast?>

“Yes. To Bangor, Maine,” Erek answered.

Rachel let out a low whistle. “Wow, that is far.”

“Is there anything else to tell us? Tell, Tih-eh-ell. Tuh.” That was Ax, morphed as a human. It’s a very disturbingly attractive human form too, because it’s most of our human DNA combined with the exception of Tobias. The boy likes to play with almost every other sound he makes with his human mouth, because Andalites aren't born with them. That’s why they do thought speak.

By now you would know what an Andalite looks like, right? I don’t really need to go over that again anymore. Let's just say that Ax in his true form would be very noticeable around other people--especially Controllers.

I continued to keep focusing to turn my bird body back into my original body. My bones became solid as I grew in height. My binocular hawk vision dimmed. The feathers on my arms I saw melted to become tattoo patterns before vanishing completely. All the while this was going on, I hadn’t said anything for a full minute. I was thinking to myself, Bangor, Maine... Hey, I’ve heard of that place before.

<Hey, isn’t that where Stephen King lives? If, somehow along the way, we could go up and just see his big house, I might not feel too bad about this. Maybe pitch in some vague stuff about us and the Yeerks so he could write his next bestseller.> I figured it would be cool to see it in real life than on the internet, for once. <The guy’s a genius of a writer.>

Rachel was about to say something to me right away, something mildly sarcastic most likely, but Erek interjected first. In very little amusement, he shook his head. “I’m not offering this information to you guys to go sight seeing. I could send other Chee to portray as you for only so long until you’ve sabotaged this technology that’s yet to be tested.

“There are some Chee over in Bangor who know a lot more than I do on the location. They say they know the whereabouts as to what’s going on, and were overcautious and reluctant to consider your help.

“Anyway, here’s something else I’ve found out. The device is small enough to fit in the palm of one’s hand…but I believe its main use is to insert it into a host body.”

Tobias’ tone fell very flat. <Great... I’m sure it’s something else to make human hosts comply better while under Yeerk control.>

I felt exactly the same way, as I felt the bird’s mind evaporate within my own. From there, thought speak was no longer possible.

“Bangor’s a very big city,” I pointed out. As my mouth reappeared, I was almost fully human. “It’s the fourth most populated in Maine, so it helps a lot that some of your people will be there to show the way.”

Rachel gave me a most curious look. “How do you know that? I don’t think I recall learning about Bangor in Geography class, Marco.” She let out a derisive snort. “The name itself sounds like it belongs in one of those dumb video games I’ve heard you talk about.”

I shrugged at her. “I wanted to learn a bit about the King, so I browsed his website, and Googled about his hometown a while back. Who doesn’t do that kind of stuff?”

About three seconds after I said that, Jake finally arrived. “So, what’d I miss?”

I took a minute to tell him while the rest of us fell quiet and waited. He looked very grim and troubled by this.

Erek let out a sigh, something of a human gesture that he familiarized with all too well. “I have to say that upon our agreement, it’s the Chee in Maine who insist that they’d be in charge of the operation. They’ve been spying and eavesdropping long enough to plan away on how to sabotage the operation without anyone knowing, let alone having any harm done onto them.”

“I don’t think that’s a good approach to begin with,” Rachel cut in. “The Yeerks should have some pain for trying to do this. Those creeps think they can just sneak around and infest more people by using some little microchip, or whatever. They deserve what’s coming to them.”

“But if we don’t hear those Chee out, they may not allow us to help them at all,” Cassie said reasonably. “Maybe we could help improve their plans somehow.”

Erek nodded in agreement. “They’re a hard-headed bunch—“

“Not just in the literal sense, huh,” I quipped. The very metaphor almost made me laugh.

Erek didn't laugh, however. He looked worried. “No. As I said, they’re a very cautious little group.”

“I’m sure we could work some things out,” Jake said, calmly. “We’re all on the same side. We all want to stop them from putting anything into anyone to make them comply into voluntary Controllers.”

“We might have to be out of town for a while this time,” Cassie pointed out. From the sound of her voice, no doubt all us knew that she didn’t like the idea of going across the country for more than just a mere weekend. “Erek, are you certain that you can have some of your people take over for us for that long?”

“It won’t be a problem, I assure you,” Erek said. “As long as it takes. If there’s anything you have to tell help your substitute to keep cover, he or she would cover for you better.”

She nodded, but still didn’t look all that thrilled about it.

“Wait, wait, wait,” I cut in. “Are you saying that there could be a female Chee pretending to be me?”

“You don’t think she could play a guy,” Rachel teased. “Yet you act like such a girl at times.” Then she laughed at her own joke, her silky long blonde hair shimmering as she did.

"Hah, hah, and hah," I replied. "Good one." It wasn't a bad zinger at my expense. I even managed to give her a humored grin. Beneath that I was feeling a tad nervous about this operation. A tad, as in worrying about whether I would be able to return from Bangor alive. Every now and then, as my dad's the only parent I have, I wanted to be able to tell the guy I loved him. It may sound a bit lame, even sappy--but I risk my neck on stuff like this for very good reasons...and getting back home safe and sound to him is pretty much top priority for me.

“We could leave tonight. Unless there’s something that we have to do that the Chee can’t do for us,” Jake started to say, ignoring us. He emphasized the word “have” in a way to make us all think if there was something that we ourselves absolutely needed to carry out before getting ready.

Tobias had a good question as we were all thinking that over. <How do we go about on traveling to Maine, by the way? On a plane? That’s probably the quickest way to go.>

Man, not again, I thought. “As flies again? Ugh. Could we not do bug morphs? Just this once?” For very good reasons, I always dreaded about becoming a bug. I just seem to have bad luck whenever it comes to morphing insects. I almost died while an ant colony tried to tear me apart, and more recently I almost got trapped as a flea. Probably almost every other time I have to go save the world as a bug, I go through something traumatic.

I could see it in Jake’s eyes that he did not want to go by plane as a fly, probably not ever again. He got swatted and almost died the first time we did that. At least he knew how I felt, just as I understood how he felt.

“It’s not that we have to all go as flies,” Cassie offered while looking Jake’s way. We could all spread out in our assortment of bug morphs.” She then looked in my direction. “People would definitely notice a wolf spider on a plane though.”

“Has anyone stopped to think how totally insane this is? We’re debating on which bug morphs to pick while riding on a plane across the country to go meet up with a few androids.”

“Very insane,” Jake agreed. “Marco, if you have any better ideas than this, let’s hear them.”

“Of course I have better ideas,” I said. “We could forget this whole thing and go play some B-ball. We could go hang out at the mall and eat junk food. Or we could just go flying as birds. It’s so much better than riding a plane as bugs.”

Of course, no one agreed with me. In a way, I didn’t agree with me either. There was no bailing out, definitely not this time. We were doing this, whether we liked it or not. I was only saying those things to help me cope with this dire situation. If we didn’t do anything about this, all of humanity might as well kiss their freedom goodbye.
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