Megamorphs 6: Survivors of the Kelbrid (Sorry For the Delay)

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Megamorphs 6: Survivors of the Kelbrid (Sorry For the Delay)

Post by capnnerefir » Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:14 am

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Imagine a neat thing with James, David, Al, Jeanne, Mel, and Ronnie stuff...Iunno, I'm not the artist here.

Megamorphs 6:
Survivors of the Kelbrid


I love you, Gina! <3

Enjoy or go to hell.

If I owned the Animorphs, you wouldn’t be reading this for free.
And if I owned Streetlight Manifesto, I’d have better things to do than write fan fiction.


My name is David. By now, you should know that I don’t really have a last name, and I can’t tell you where I live. If you’re a Yeerk, you already know, and if you’re a human...well, the less you know, the less likely it is that the world’s going to explode. Yeah, that’s a serious concern of mine these days. I really didn’t think things were going to get worse than when I was dodging birds and hoping for a piece of cheese.

Instead of birds, my days were filled with naps and TV. And cheese. Tobias and Rachel were married two days ago and took the Reliquary off for their honeymoon in China that night. Until they came back, the rest of us Alphamorphs wouldn’t be going back to the place we called home. Although in this situation 'the rest of us’ was pretty much me, Al, and James. No offense to Ronnie, but he didn’t look like he’d be of any help to anyone. The man can barely stand half the time.

I figured that the Yeerks were up to something back on Alpha Front. But whatever it was, James, Al, and I weren’t going to be able to put much of a kink in their plans. Honestly, I think that going off on a honeymoon was probably the stupidest thing Tobias has done in a long time. This war wasn’t going to pause so he and Rachel could have a little fun. But I’m not going to tell that man that he can’t go and have a little fun with his new wife. He literally used to eat guys like me for breakfast.

So while the Yeerks were doing…whatever it is they were doing…back on Alpha Front, I was sitting around Rachel’s house watching TV and eating cheese. Relaxation isn’t a natural thing for me, so when I’m just hanging around, I tend to be a little on edge, so when something happens, I tend to snap too pretty quickly. I had no idea how hectic this day was about to get, though.

I was sitting on the arm of one of the couches, watching TV with Sara and Al. I wasn’t paying that much attention, to be honest. Partially it was because I was trying to figure out what kind of fun the Yeerks would be having without us there to keep an eye on them. Mostly, though, it was because Sara insisted on trying to hold conversations with me. It isn’t that I minded, really. I just found Sara...confusing.

She’s beautiful; I’m not going to pretend I don’t think that. She’s like Rachel was when she was our age. Tall, blonde, and full of life. She was much nicer, though, more gentle and understanding. And talk about someone who could keep on her feet - the fact that she was talking to a rat while her new alien brother-in-law was standing around didn’t seem to bother her at all. If I was going to get involved with anyone, it’d be her, if she’d let me. And from some of the conversations we’ve had, I’m pretty sure she would.

But I’m a rat, and I’ve been one for a long time now. And don’t come at me with examples of why that shouldn’t hold me back, I know how well it worked for Tobias and Rachel; that isn’t it. I’ve been a rat for a long time. It’s been five, maybe six or even seven years now. And to be perfectly honest, rats generally don’t live that long. I think it’s the morphing that’s kept me going so far. It keeps me healthy, free of diseases and the other things that make you die faster.

I’m still a rat, though, and there comes a time when your body just can’t take much more, no matter how healthy you are. And I think I’m getting to that point pretty soon. I’m slower than I used to be, and to be honest, my eyes, ears, and nose aren’t quite what they once were, either. If I was still out in the wild, I’d probably have been eaten by now.

So here’s the kicker about all that. I’ve been alive for...twenty years? Twenty one? I honestly don’t know. But for the most part, my mind is still like it was when I was fourteen. Sure, I’m smarter about some things, wiser, and more experienced. But I still like watching cartoons and I still hate going to school, and I still want to stay up late hanging out with my friends. Socially, I’ve never had the chance to get beyond that point. I feel like I’m fourteen. My human body is fourteen. Everyone treats me like I’m fourteen. But my rat body, my real body, is that of an old rat, one who isn’t going to live much longer. I’m an old man, a teenager, and a young adult all at once. So I have no idea what I’m going to do about this teenage girl who seems to like me just a little bit.

All of those problems left my mind when someone rang the doorbell. Since Animorphs never bothered to do that, and since we were all here anyway, it had to be a visitor. Al left the room while I scurried under the couch. Sara went over and answered the door. From where I was, I couldn’t see anything, but I could hear.

“Hello,” a man’s voice greeted her. It sounded familiar somehow. “I’m looking for Jake Berenson. I was told I could find him at this address.”

Sara wasn’t going to just let people in, though. “Who are you two?” she asked.

I concentrated. I could definitely smell two men. A new voice answered, one I clearly recognized. “I am EPIC Operative Adrian Rook, of the International Invasion Investigation Force. Tri-I would like to speak with Mr. Berenson regarding a matter of some delicacy.”

“We were also told we might be able to find another Animorph, Marco, here, as well as Prince Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill,” the first voice added. “It is vital that we speak with them.”

“Told by whom?” Sara asked.

“Your step-father, Jacques,” Rook answered. “He’s always been a reliable source of information for us, to say the least.”

<Let them in,> I advised Sara. <We don’t want them thinking that anything unusual is going on here.> But something unusual was definitely going on. Tri-I didn’t just show up at peoples homes asking for Animorphs. Did they know? Had they figured it out?

At least the Iskoort were at Marco’s mansion. It would have been impossible to explain those to Tri-I. Almost as impossible as convincing Naomi to let them into her home. The last thing we needed was for Tri-I to see a bunch of unregistered and unknown aliens hanging around the house.

As Sara went to find Jake, Marco, and Ax, I peeked out from under the couch to take a look at these two. Rook would be impossible to miss. The man was the size of a Hork-bajir, and looked like he grew up boxing them. But it was the other man that I recognized first. There was no way I couldn’t know who he was. And when I saw his face, I swear my heart stopped.


Jake, Marco, Melissa, Aximili, James, Kristina, Jordan, and I were all using an Iskoort device to watch the show of our memories that they had made. It worked much like an ordinary film. Someone watched the events and chose bits and pieces to put together to make a coherent story, cutting out parts that were just boring. It was all much more lifelike than any human film, though. And it wasn’t just memories, either. It came with emotions. They were blunted, but still strong. There were some parts of the story that we just couldn’t bear to watch, and others we wanted to see over and over again.

We thought it was a good way for Melissa to try and get some more experience; and I thought it might help her to understand Ax better after seeing things through his eyes. I know it helped me to forgive him, feeling his own confusion about his loyalties to his own people and to ours. It is hard to remain upset with someone after that. I still was not certain I trusted his judgment, but it was easier to forgive his mistakes.

“Hey, guys?” Sara asked, stepping into the room we were using for the showing. We were sitting in a circle with the cylindrical device between us, with small bands attached to our temples. “I’m…not sure what you’re doing, but some guys from Tri-I want to talk to you about something.”

“Just some Tri-I lackeys?” Marco asked. “It can’t be that important.”

“Not random lackeys,” Sara answered. “One of them’s that Rook guy you mentioned.”

“Things just got a whole lot more serious,” Jake sighed. “Let’s go see. If they sent Rook, we should be careful. Jeanne, you’ve got a Shredder on you?”

“Usually,” I answered, taking the weapon out from under the chair I was sitting on. It was a habit I had been taught to get into, and one that I saw no reason to break.

“Good. I don’t want to end up shooting Operatives, but if he knows…”

Jake, Marco, and I looked at Ax as stealthily as we could. Melissa gave him a look of open accusation. James was just focused on following Sara and finding out what this was about. I didn’t know James well, but he was solid, reliable, someone you could trust to do a task properly. In a pinch, he could be an effective leader, and he was also a great follower. He was well suited for the life of a soldier, someone who could give orders and who was more than happy to take them. Over all, I liked him.

We descended the stairs and found the Operatives waiting in the living room. One of them was sitting casually in a chair. Rook was standing next to him, his arms folded, his rifle over his shoulder.

“Jake, Prince Aximili” Rook began. “Good to see you again. And the rest of you. You remember me?”

<We spoke after Carl’s funeral,> Ax responded sadly. <Yes, I remember you. Who is your colleague?>

“He’s our God.”

“……..come again?” Marco asked after we all spent a few moments staring silently at Rook.

The seated man spoke. “My name is John Montresor, Global Operations Director for Tri-I,” he explained calmly. Global Operations Director. G.O.D. “In other words, I’m the man in charge of the entire organization.”

That made my blood run cold, and to be honest I almost fell down. This man, sitting casually in our living room, was one of the most powerful men in the known galaxy. No one on Earth had the information and resources he did. If he was here, this wasn’t just big. This was enormous.

“What made you come here personally?” Jake asked after we recovered somewhat.

“There is something extremely delicate we need to discuss. To make a long story short, you may or may not know that Mars is the native planet of a race called the Skrit Na. They’re harmless, if a little annoying. Mars is also the location of a Pythagi base. Recently, Yeerk forces from that base attacked Vladimir Putin, making it very clear that the base is a threat. So we need to eliminate it.

“Right now, Tri-I is making battle plans, attempting reconnaissance, and attempting to do some zero-gravity training. We are confident that an invasion of Mars could meet with success. The two nations closest enough to achieving the necessary levels of technology are the United States of America and Russia. I contacted them about this situation. Vladimir Putin has already pledged soldiers and ships to the attack, and we expect that the United States will do the same very soon. We are going to be invading Mars.

“But this is the first time human military forces have done anything like this. We want every advantage we can get, and I cannot think of anyone better to ask. I will understand if you do not wish to take part in the assault, but I believe you three would have valuable insight that will help in training troops. I have already contracted your superiors, Prince Aximili, and they have agreed to give us your aid. I would like to count on the other Animorphs as well.”

<Prince Jake, I believe that providing them with tactical advice would be beneficial,> Ax said privately to us. <Not only will it increase the chances that the human military forces will succeed, it will also earn us some favor with Tri-I and perhaps make them less inclined to investigate our doings in the future.>

Jake nodded slightly. “I can’t take part in the attack, but I’d be glad to share anything I know that might help. I want our boys to come home from this, and taking that base out would be a huge load off of my mind.”

“I guess I’m in, too,” Marco decided. “If you just listen to Jake here, you’ll just end up going in without any sort of plan and winging it on the way out. Trust me, it happened all the time to us Animorphs. I’ll help you out.”

<If my superiors have decided that I should assist you, then I have no option to refuse. Even if I did have the option, however, I would not use it. I will be honored to aid in the training of your forces.>

“I’m glad to hear it,” Montresor answered. “We will leave in ten minutes. I am sorry to put you on such short notice, but I don’t want word to get out that Tri-I big wigs are sitting around with Animorphs. People might get the wrong idea - or worse, the right one. Rook and I will be waiting in the blue minivan outside. It will take us to a ship we have waiting.”

<Prince Jake, I think that perhaps it would be best to use our own transportation. There is a chance, a small one but still a chance, that this is some sort of ruse. They might know about the invasion, or about Carl, and be enacting some sort of trap. I believe we should follow them in the ship we stole form the Yeerks rather than take theirs.>

“We have our own ship,” Jake answered. “If it’s all the same to you, we’d prefer to use that one.

“Any particular reason?” Montresor asked.

“It’s Yeerk-made,” Marco answered. “There might be a thing or two to learn from it.”

“Fair enough. You can follow us in that. We will be departing in ten minutes.”

Rather suddenly, Ronnie’s voice broke in. “I don’t want to interrupt, but your little hologram thingy is going off. You friend Mark wants to talk about someone named Erek King.”

Jake nodded to me. “You and the others go see what Mark wants.” His voice didn’t betray any of the urgency I knew he must be feeling. “We’ll call you guys as soon as we can. Good luck.”

“Same to you,” Melissa called as we followed Ronnie into the other room. On the wall was a life-sized hologram of a Chee we knew as Mark.

“Glad I caught you. I’ve got some important information about Erek that you need to hear.”


“Erek? What about Erek?” I asked. “We haven’t seen or heard anything from him in months. Some of us were getting worried.”

Mark nodded. “There’s a reason for that. Months ago, the Yeerks sent a diplomatic detachment into a sector of space beyond what used to be called Kelbrid space, looking for some new allies.”

<That could be a problem,> David admitted.

“You don’t know the half of it. The species they’re trying to ally with is one you’ve met before.”

“Who?” Jeanne asked.

Mark took a deep breath. I have no idea why the android felt the need to do that, but he did. “The Ssri’Kai.”

We were silent for a moment. Finally, Al broke the silence by saying, with typical Andalite understatement, <That could have an extremely adverse effect on our current war.>

“That is one way of putting it,” Mark agreed. “Erek has been doing what he can to sabotage the meetings to keep this from going through, but according to his last transmission to us, the Yeerks are tired of waiting. They want their new allies now and infestation is much quicker than negotiation. Erek is trying to stall that, but he needs help. Someone who can shut down the Yeerk operations there. And that isn’t something he can think of to do without hurting anyone.”

“So we’re what, Erek’s hit-men?” I asked.

“In a sense, yes,” Jeanne answered. “We cannot allow this plan to succeed, James. You must see that.”

“I’m not arguing,” I responded. “I was just making sure we all knew that we were being called from the other side other galaxy to do someone else’s dirty work.”

<Yeah, I know that’s what we’re doing,> David responded. <And if it stops the Yeerks from getting more Ssri’Kai, I’m all in. Two Ssri’Kai beat James, Cassie, Al, and me without much of a fight. We can’t let them get an army of them. For that, I don’t mind being an android’s hired gun.>

“Hired gun?” Ronnie commented. “If we’re smashing Yeerks, I’ll do it for free. I need the practice.”

<I would like to have Prince Tobias’s permission but as he is currently unavailable and has advised me to act on my own judgment, I support the idea of putting a stop to this.>

“Just so long as we all know that we’re basically assassins, I’m in,” I answered.

“Being an assassin is not as bad as it may sound,” Jeanne replied. “I am in as well. Melissa?”

“You have to ask? I’m with Ronnie. I’d do this even if there wasn’t any sort of advantage in it.”

<Do you have any idea how to get us there, Mark?> David asked. <Tobias and Rachel took the Reliquary, and Marco, Jake, and Ax are off in the ship we stole when we had to rescue the Iskoort.>

“In order to get that far in time to be of any help, you would need a ship faster than any built by Andalite, human, Yeerk, or Anati. There is only one ship that can move fast enough to get you there in time. It was built by those who built me: the Pemalites.”

<I remember Prince Tobias mentioning the Pemalite ship, but he said it was at the bottom of the ocean,> Al responded. <How could we get it?>

“Unfortunately, the ship has been moved. Did the other Animorphs ever tell you about the Nartec?”

“Fish people who collect boats and do inappropriate things with them,” I summarized.

<I thought they built cities with them,> David argued.

“That’s not an appropriate use for a boat.”

<Fair enough.>

“They collected the Pemalite ship,” Mark continued. “We aren’t sure where they’re keeping it, but you need to get it. They could do a lot of damage with it if they figure out its secrets, and you need it for transportation.”

“What harm could a bunch of mermen do? I thought that ship was harmless,” Ronnie muttered.

“For one thing, they could set all of us Chee from converse to kill,” Mark answered. “I am sure none of us want that.”

<Probably even less than we want an army of Ssri’Kai fighting against us,> David answered. <How do we get to the Nartec city?>

“According to the details we received from the other time the Animorphs went there,” Mark answered, “orca or dolphin morphs should dive to the appropriate depth to reach the city. Alloran, do you think you can memorize the appropriate coordinates?”

<I believe so, with a little study of the appropriate underwater area.>

“Alright. Be careful. They weren’t very happy with the other Animorphs the last time they went there. I believe it involved lots of stabbing and some attempts to extract DNA in a very primitive manner.”

“Let me make sure I’m summarizing this right,” I began. “We have to dive deep under the water into a hidden aquatic city, where we will probably end up being impaled by fish people, so that we can steal a spaceship built by ancient dogs so that we can fly it to the other side of the galaxy to stop the brain-stealing aliens from stealing the brains of the most dangerous species we’ve ever met, all without the help of the most experienced members of this team because they are all busy elsewhere. Right?”

<You have objections?> David asked.

“No, no. Let’s go get some flippers.”


This appeared to be a very hectic day. Getting the Pemalite ship from the Nartec would not be simple, nor would stopping this new Yeerk plan. Mark’s hologram shut off and I was just about to inform Prince Jake, Prince Aximili, and Marco of the situation via thought-speak when a new hologram appeared. This was one that I recognized instantly, a man I had met before.

Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin. He might have rivaled G.O.D. Montresor in power and influence, and he knew about the Yeerk invasion of Earth. A very powerful ally, and an extremely dangerous man. He was one of the few who made Prince Tobias wary, and to be honest, that terrifies me. I have seen Prince Tobias perfectly calm in the face of things that would stop an ordinary man’s heart with fear. Vladimir Putin made him nervous, and that was truly frightening.

“Good, some of you are here,” Putin greeted us. “Your leader was rather upset when I interrupted his honeymoon with this information, but he was kind enough to direct me to the rest of you.”

<I don’t like the sound of this,> David moaned. <These sorts of calls are never good.>

“What’s the problem?” James asked. “There’s always a problem.”

“Oh yes, there is a problem,” Putin answered. “You are aware that the Andalites are going to be electing a new head of the War Council within the month, yes? Many feel that Lirem is not up to the demands of the position anymore. There are quite a few Andalites coming out of the woodwork to try and claim the position.”

<Andalite politics are none of your concern,> I said flatly.

“Incorrect, Aristh. Who gets elected to this position is of great concern to me. There are many Andalites who are not fond of me and would rather the Counsel not have dealings with me. But that would not be good for either of us, you see. Andalites and humans need to work together, especially since we will have troops fighting side by side before long. I need to ensure that the Andalite people choose a leader who is sympathetic to Earth.”

<Under no circumstances will we interfere with the Andalite electoral process,> I answered. I know it was not my place to make this decision, but I could not even entertain the thought of a foreign power dictating our elections. It was unthinkable!

“I am not asking you to rig an election or anything so base,” Putin responded. “Nor would I be asking you to do anything Prince Tobias would not ask of you. There is already an Andalite with the proper mindset in a position to win the election, with a little aid. Can you think of anyone better to lead a war against the Yeerks than Alloran-Semitur-Corass?”

“I can’t,” James admitted after a few moments. “He knows the Yeerks, and Tobias is always harping on how important that is. He’s got guts, and he can make tough decisions. And I think he kind of likes us.”

“Valid points,” Jeanne consented.

Melissa nodded “After what the Visser did to him, Alloran would be a good choice.”

“I really don’t care what a bunch of aliens do with their elections,” Ronnie muttered. “If it gets more of the slugs killed, fine. I don’t care.”

David turned to me. <How do you feel about this, Al?>

<We should not interfere. It is not our place to decide who is elected and it is certainly not Mr. Putin’s. No one should interfere in this.>

“You think no one is interfering?” Putin said. He almost laughed. Almost. “I can guarantee you that Yeerk elements are attempting to effect this decision. The same goes for the Pythagi, and for other elements on Earth. This is a decision that could determine the course of the war. If a fool who knows nothing of war is elected, it is very possible that the Andalite military will collapse, and the war effort along with it. “

<We could come to a compromise,> David thought out loud. <If we find evidence that the Yeerks or our other enemies are trying to get someone in particular elected, we take the necessary steps to put a stop to that. If we find nothing, though, they we stay out of it.>

I thought hard about that. I knew what Prince Tobias would do. It was important that we not take it upon ourselves to dictate the policies of other races. But just because we were not doing that did not mean our enemies would refrain from doing so as well, and we could not allow that to happen. He would agree with David’s proposal.

<I agree with David,> I decided. <If we find any outside power attempting to influence the election, we should stop them from doing so.> That was not limited to just our enemies.

“I think that would be best,” Jeanne agreed. David and James nodded.

“I still don’t care,” Ronnie answered.

“Well, I do, and I think Al’s right,” Melissa decided.

Putin gave us a slight smile. I confess it was slightly frightening. “Good. You will find that things are as I have said. And perhaps when you see the situation for yourself, you will realize why Alloran-Semitur-Corass must win this election. Will you need transportation to the homeworld, or do you have your own?”

“We’ll have our own,” James answered.

“Excellent. I hope you can accomplish this without your usual leader.”

So did I.


I hadn’t been an Animorph for too long, so maybe I didn’t know what I was talking about, but the whole thing sounded really out of control to me. Even crazier than stealing a Yeerk ship to go to mars to rescue the galaxy’s most annoying aliens. Honestly I really wasn’t sure about all of this, especially with Jake elsewhere. I didn’t even know who was in charge anymore. In a way, it was kind of exciting. Better to be excited than afraid.

Al shut off Putin’s hologram while David scurried off to explain everything to Jake, Marco, and Aximili. “This mission to Ssri’Kai space could be long and dangerous,” Jeanne began. “I believe we should call everyone in here to explain what is happening. Jake, Marco, and Ax do not have much time, but my family deserves to know.”

<Our family,> Al added. <That seems so odd to say. I will let David know to gather everyone up.>

At the moment, ‘everyone’ meant Jordan, Sara, and some girl named Kristina who the Alphamorphs brought along with them. I wasn’t sure what she was doing, hanging around. From what I understand, her father was somewhere in Russia. She was still here. Whatever.

“To make a long story short,” James explained to them, “We’re going to be going off to a far off section of space to stop the Yeerks from getting some new allies.”

“Why do you have to go?” Jordan demanded. “Couldn’t the Andalites or Tri-I or someone handle this?”

“Only we know that Erek is an android and an ally,” Jeanne explained. “It is not a secret we can have revealed to others. I am afraid it must be us.”

“You’re going to be careful, right?” Kristina asked us. It sounded like she was just asking James, though. Both she and Jordan were looking pretty closely at him. They had the same expressions on their faces. Now, I’m not good at guessing what’s going on in peoples’ heads, but I’d bet that both of them were a little more worried about James than they were about the rest of us.

“Well, with Rachel and Tobias in China, we don’t have much of a choice,” James answered. “It’s kind of hard to be reckless without them.”

“What you should know is this,” Jeanne added. “All of the Animorphs are going to be occupied for a time. Jake, Marco, and Ax will be busy helping Tri-I train soldiers. Tobias and Rachel are in China. The rest of us will be off-world. This means that the Yeerks may try and make serious pushes, and that is a serious problem.

<So we’re going to have to do something we really didn’t want to,> David finished. <Tobias and Ax both have morphing cubes. And as much as I hate the thought…well, someone has to keep an eye on things here, and we don’t know who else we can trust."

“Wait, what?” I demanded. “You’re giving them the morphing power? When did you all talk this over?”

<Months ago, Prince Tobias thought that a situation like this might arise, when all of the Animorphs might be incapacitated or otherwise unable to perform their duties,> Al explained. <He and Prince Jake cane very close to asking Joran to be an Animorph several times, but each time ultimately decided upon another solution.>

“It is a plan we hoped we would not have to use,” Jeanne added. “Hopefully, they will not need to do anything. But in the event that there is a very serious danger…”

“You’re serious about this?” Jordan asked.

“I wish we didn’t have to ask this of you,” James said slowly, putting his hand on her shoulder. “I really do. I know what it’s like, to have this come out of nowhere at you. It happened to me twice. I don’t want to put you in danger, but…well….it’d make us feel a lot better to know that someone is watching out for Earth while we’re away. When Tobias and Rachel get back from their honeymoon, everything should be alright, but for now…”

“We can handle it,” Sara said confidently. “Papa Jacques has been teaching me a lot about Yeerks and stuff. And I know he can help, too, if an emergency comes up.”

<Emergency is the keyword here,> David added. <Trust me, you don’t want any part of this unless you’ve got no choice.>

“I don’t see that we do have one,” Kristina answered. “I’m in. If I see Kelbrid in the street, I’ll put them back underground for you.”

“I’m with her,” Sara agreed.

Jordan looked uncertain, but she sighed and nodded. “Yeah, alright. Only in an emergency.”

Honestly, this ticked me off. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this whole plan? Wasn’t I a part of the team? Didn’t I have a right to know? And for someone who was so against having me as an Animorph, Tobias sure seemed quick enough to let Kristina into the gang. She was even newer than I was!

Rachel and I have a lot in common. One way we’re different, though, is that while she’d be yelling at someone about this, I kept quiet. I wasn’t just mad; I was hurt, too. Jake didn’t tell me about this. Why not? Wasn’t I important to the team, to him? Or did I mean a lot less than I thought I did? If something happened to me, did he have a replacement standing by? I had no idea, and I didn’t have time to ask him.

I’ve been having a lot of second thoughts about being an Animorph lately. It wasn’t what I thought it would be. I knew it’d be tough and painful, I was prepared for that. What no one told me about was the guilt. I didn’t feel bad for killing Yeerks, or even for their hosts. But there were other people we had to hurt along the way, and no one ever mentioned that.

And now I leaned that I wasn’t as much a part of the team as I thought I was. Maybe this wasn’t the right decision after all. I joined because I wanted to fight Yeerks. But the Animorphs were making is pretty clear that they didn’t need me. Did I need them? Did I need Jake?

Or would I be better off on my own?


All of this felt like a big waste of time to me. We were supposed to be soldiers, and what were we doing? Worrying about alien politics and leaving our own planet wide open for attack. I didn’t care about the Andalite political process. I didn’t care about Yeerk and Ssri’Kai alliances. There was only one thing that mattered to me now and that was killing Guraff 427. All of this was just getting in the way.

He was at Tobias’s wedding. Do you have any idea - can you even imagine- you don’t have a clue how hard it was not to attack him right then and there! The monster who murdered Cassie was at her best friend’s wedding! That - it’s inconceivable! And he took part in the ceremony! There is exactly one reason why I didn’t go to my battle morph and attack him in the middle of it and that’s because I was honestly too drunk to morph at that point. I could barely stand.

And now what we were doing? Wasting our time with alien politics and giving some little girls the power to morph. I guess they just pass that around to anyone these days. Hypocrites.

I was laying on the couch while the rest of them stood in a circle like some kind of weird cult. James was holding that Escafil Device. Jeanne, Melissa, Al, and David all had a hand on it somewhere. Then Sara, Jordan, and Kristina all touched it. That was it. Big. Freaking. Deal.

<Maybe we should get some kind of loyalty oath,> David commented. Funny, but only coming from him. Of all the people to suggest a loyalty oath…

“Good luck,” James said, giving Jordan a quick hug. I wouldn’t have needed Cass’s help to clue me in on the fact that something was going on between those two. Kristina also gave James a little hug. I saw Sara raise an eyebrow, but that was it. Then Al hugged Kristina, and I stopped paying attention after that. I don’t want to watch some kind of weird, Animorph hug-fest.

“I would like to stay around for a little longer, but I believe we should depart as soon as we can,” Jeanne suggested. “We do not know how much time we have to work with, and I think we should get that ship as soon as possible. Ronnie, do you have an appropriate underwater morph?”

“Sure, but that doesn’t really matter, seeing as I’m not going.” I responded.

<And why is that?> David asked.

“Did you think I was being funny when I told Putin I didn’t care? You can all go off and deal with alien politics all you want. I’m going home. Guraff is going to be doing something, and since you’re all too easily distracted, I’m going to have to go deal with him myself.”

<If you fight Guraff alone, you will die,> Al said simply. Like it was some simple fact that I didn’t already know.

“And your point is?”

“Okay, let’s forget about your life for a minute. There are other things at play here than just Earth. If the Yeerks get Ssri’Kai help, it doesn’t matter if we beat them here or not, they’re going to be unstoppable,” James answered.

“You don’t want a galaxy ruled by the creatures who killed Cassie, do you?” Melissa said. I know it was a rhetorical question. I didn’t care.

“The Yeerks didn’t kill Cassie. A Yeerk did. Just one of them. And that’s the only one I care about. Nothing else means anything to me,” I answered.

James sighed. “Ronnie, you’re going to have to grow up a lot in the next two minutes or I’m going to get really ticked off.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I muttered.

“It means that if you don’t shut up and realize that what you want in life doesn’t matter, you and I are going to have a problem.”

The others looked surprised. The ones with faces, anyway. I don’t think they ever heard James talk to anyone like that before.

“Yeah, well, if you want to have a problem with me, fine. But it’s your problem, not mine. My problem is a Yeerk named Guraff and how I’m going to kill him.”

“You think you can kill him on your own? Here’s a little news flash for you,” James argued. “If you try and fight him, he’ll take one look at you and then kill you without thinking about it. Tobias’s Howler morph is by far the most powerful one any of us has, and even he can barely hold his own against Guraff. There’s a reason they call him the God General. He’s been killing life-long Andalite warriors since before we were born. He’ll kill you as easily as squishing a fly.”

“You say that like I care. You think I expect to survive? You’re an idiot. I just want to take him with me.”

“Yeah, well, tough luck, because you won’t,” James answered. “Not without our help. Right now, the Animorphs are going to go and get the Pemalite ship from the Nartec. If you don’t want to come with us, then fine, you’re not one of us. But if you’re not one of us, then you can be damn sure that when you need help, we aren’t going to be there to pull you out. You’ll go home, you’ll attack Guraff, and you’ll be cut down before you can even introduce yourself and it won’t be anything more to him a mild annoyance. You’re going to die for nothing.

“Or you can shut up and realize that there’s a whole hell of a lot more going on here than what you want and what you care about. We’re not just dealing with the human race anymore, we’re here to save the whole damn galaxy, and if you aren’t on board with that, then I’ll see you in hell. So are you going to come and hijack this ship, or are you going to say here being a little b****?”

Everyone was staring at James now, mouths wide open. I’m not going to say I agree with what he said. But he was right about one thing. If I didn’t get help, I’d die for nothing and Cassie wouldn’t be avenged. I couldn’t let that happen. And at least one of these people had a spine. I had to respect that.

“Fine. I’m in.”

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Re: Megamorphs 6: Survivors of the Kelbrid (I can haz $?)

Post by nomadsland » Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:51 am

Ah, the eagerly-awaited MM6 is here! As usual, I loved it. This is an interesting dimension to Ronnie and I'm looking forward to seeing how the other emotional struggles play out. Well done, sir.
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Re: Megamorphs 6: Survivors of the Kelbrid (I can haz $?)

Post by TwistyWristy » Fri Apr 02, 2010 11:07 am

I'll have to post my thoughts and comments a little later because in reality, I'm supposed to be working but I enjoyed reading this, and can't wait for the next installments!

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Re: Megamorphs 6: Survivors of the Kelbrid (I can haz $?)

Post by ovoriel » Fri Apr 02, 2010 12:10 pm

looking great already!
there is one line i liked most:
capnnerefir wrote:“Well, with Rachel and Tobias in China, we don’t have much of a choice,” James answered. “It’s kind of hard to be reckless without them.”
can't wait for the next part! (as always...)

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Re: Megamorphs 6: Survivors of the Kelbrid (I can haz $?)

Post by capnnerefir » Fri Apr 02, 2010 4:16 pm

nomadsland wrote:Ah, the eagerly-awaited MM6 is here! As usual, I loved it. This is an interesting dimension to Ronnie and I'm looking forward to seeing how the other emotional struggles play out. Well done, sir.
Thanks. I'm going to have a lot of fun with Ronnie.
TwistyWristy wrote:I'll have to post my thoughts and comments a little later because in reality, I'm supposed to be working but I enjoyed reading this, and can't wait for the next installments!
I'm always glad to distract you from your work. I'm kind of a jerk like that. I look forward to your feedback when you have time.
John3Sobieski wrote:One little problem though, is Mars the Skrit Na's home planet? Or is it just a planet that they set up base on? Cause when you say it's their 'native planet,' it sounds like thats the place where the race was born.
From what I gathered, from statements given in the canon series, Mars is the planet where the Skrit Na live - I assume that was where they originated, too, since they don't seem like colonists to me.
ovoriel wrote:looking great already!
there is one line i liked most:
capnnerefir wrote:“Well, with Rachel and Tobias in China, we don’t have much of a choice,” James answered. “It’s kind of hard to be reckless without them.”
can't wait for the next part! (as always...)
Glad you're enjoying it.

As always, more to come soon.

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Re: Megamorphs 6: Survivors of the Kelbrid (I can haz $?)

Post by Blueberry Chicken » Fri Apr 02, 2010 4:35 pm


Thank you, Capn...

I agree with James. *whacks Ronnie in the head* Shut up and think, Ronnie!
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Re: Megamorphs 6: Survivors of the Kelbrid (I can haz $?)

Post by Alanfangor » Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:40 pm

YES YOU FINALLY POSTED IT THANK YOU! anyway loving ronnie's bad*** POV surprised about James sudden personality!

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Re: Megamorphs 6: Survivors of the Kelbrid (I can haz $?)

Post by BeyondtheEllimist » Fri Apr 02, 2010 11:26 pm

One word: FINAFRIGGINLY!!!! Another word: Interesting. Word Three: Cool. Words four, five, and six: Smart choice, Ronnie.
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Re: Megamorphs 6: Survivors of the Kelbrid (I can haz $?)

Post by Spencer » Sat Apr 03, 2010 6:15 am

Ronnie really is full of rage at this point. He really is burning hot right now. It will be pretty interesting to see what happens when he burns out.

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Re: Megamorphs 6: Survivors of the Kelbrid (I can haz $?)

Post by Beckyno1 » Sat Apr 03, 2010 4:02 pm

Genius. As always. You did a great job on Melissa and Ronnie, as we've never had any narration from them. I loved it! :D
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