Animorphs #74: The Union (Hey look! Iskoort! WTF?)

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Re: Animorphs #74: The Union (Hey look! Iskoort! WTF?)

Post by capnnerefir » Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:33 am

At this point, that's a very fair question, the answer to which is: I don't exactly know. I'm badly in need of a job at this point, so most of the time I'd normally spend writing is spent job hunting. However, I do have the next 5 chapters written and can put those up soon. Since you've all waited so long, I'll probably do it tomorrow.

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Re: Animorphs #74: The Union (Hey look! Iskoort! WTF?)

Post by danpfeiffer » Wed Jan 27, 2010 10:15 am

Man, I know how you feel about the job hunting...there is literally nothing available right now, I've wound up job hunting like it's a full time job! lol

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Re: Animorphs #74: The Union (Hey look! Iskoort! WTF?)

Post by capnnerefir » Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:03 pm


A few moments later, Melissa had succeeded in raising Chapman. Asking him what we wanted to know would not be quite as simple as one might expect, though. While there was no need to deceive him, it was possible that someone might be monitoring communications with him. Someone like Tri-I. Chapman was one of the first people we know Carl investigated when he discovered the situation on Earth. Tri-I almost certainly had eyes on him.

“Good morning, kids. How are things?” he greeted us. I was never sure what to think about Chapman. In the First War, he had sold out the human race to protect his daughter. I do not know whether I feel that he is a noble father for loving his daughter more than the entire human race or that he is a despicable man for choosing the life of one human over the lives of all others. But the help he has willingly given us since Jake freed him from the control of Mersa 528 makes me lean more towards the first. Whatever crimes he may have committed in the past, he was willing to try and make them right.

“Not too bad,” Jake answered, “but we were hoping you could help us with some directions. We figured we’d take a swing by a place but we can’t quite remember where it is.” Jake’s tone sounded normal enough, but I was sure Chapman knew he would not call for something so simple. “I think some old friends of yours spend some time there these days.”

“I wouldn’t exactly call them friends. What place are you talking about?”

“The place where they all like to park when they go to eat,” Jake answered.

Chapman nodded. “I know the place you mean. A few years ago, there used to be a sewer pipe that lead directly into the sea. A few months ago, around the time I founded the new Sharing, I was also the head of a community project to fix that.”

“I know the one you’re talking about,” Jake answered.

“Good. They usually park in that area. Might be a bit hard to find, though. You’re probably going to have to get your feet a little wet.”

“I’m always up for a good swim, dad,” Melissa assured him.

“I know you are, honey. But those waters can be dangerous. Make sure you watch yourself.”

“Will do, dad. See you later.” She severed the communication.

“By the old sewer pipe,” Jake said. “Probably not the only entrance but that’s the one he suggested using. I think it’s under water.”

<That would be reasonable. Yeerk crafts can run underwater to an extent. An entrance under the water would be a discreet way to enter and exit. >

“We need aquatic morphs, then,” Jake decided. “Jeanne, Melissa, do you have something appropriate?”

“Do I?” Marco added.

“Our dolphins should suffice,” I answered. To Marco, I added, “You also have an orca that might do nicely.”

“Okay, Ax, Marco, and I go orca. Jeanne and Mel will be dolphins. We’ll fly out near the area as seagulls, land in the water, and morph to fish.”

“Mammals,” Marco butted in, smirking.

“Glorified fish,” Jake amended. “We can probably expect some pretty high-end security on this, so I want Marco and Ax hanging back a bit from the rest of us in case we get into trouble.”

“One problem,” Marco responded. “I can’t swim.”

“Yes you can,” I assured him. “You decided to learn after a time when you almost drowned during an early mission.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yes, Marco. I am sure you will remember how if you are in the proper situation.”

“I hope you’re right.”

I hoped I was, too. I really couldn’t know if Marco’s memories of swimming would come back if he needed them or not. It was possible that the situation would call up enough of the appropriate memories so that he could swim. It was also possible that he would not be able to recall the skill, in which case he would be in danger. However, it was better to have him going into the situation confident that he would be alright rather than have him doubt. He already had enough doubts to deal with.

“Alright. We don’t have a lot of time, so let’s get started,” Jake decided. “Time to get some wings.”


I had acquired a seagull some time ago, and Melissa got one of her own shortly after joining the Animorphs. However, neither of us had ever tried the morph before so we did not know exactly what to expect. The physical transformation felt familiar enough. A seagull is not exactly like a hawk, but the most important features are similar enough that the experience was not foreign to us.

The mind was a different story. I did not notice it at first, when we were inside. The house was spotless. We let ourselves out through a window Jake had opened earlier, and that was when I noticed the difference. The hawk was a predator. It would notice small animals that it could eat. The seagull noticed what it could eat as well. That list included virtually everything.

I attempted to remain in control and focused on the mission. But that is very hard to do when Jake was shouting <French fries in the dumpster over there,> and Aximili was adding, <There is a bag of potato chips stuck on that fence.>

<Can we attempt to remain focused?> I suggested.

<Let them have their fun, Jeanne,> Melissa responded, swooping over me. <You can be serious when people are trying to kill us.>

<From what I remember about being a seagull, we have two options,> Marco explained. <We can fight the instincts and try to ignore all the tasty stuff we see, or we can just go with it and things will be a whole lot easier.>

<Exactly,> Jake agreed. <Marco and Mel are right. There’s plenty of time to concentrate once we get to the Yeerk pool.>

<Yeerk Pool,> Marco muttered. <You just had to kill my happy, didn’t you?>

<Would some fried chicken cheer you up?> I suggested. <I see some behind that KFC.>

<Wouldn’t that be cannibalism?> Marco responded.

<We have had this conversation before,> Aximili answered.

<What did we decide?> Marco replied.

<I do not recall. Prince Jake?>

<No clue. Maybe Tobias, Rachel, or Cassie remembers….> Jake trailed off, realizing what he had said. Even if Cassie did remember, she couldn’t tell us. That comment killed any joy we might have been feeling while we were flying. I am sure that the others continued to notice bits of food that the seagull could eat. I certainly did. But none of us felt like speaking now.

<I see the pipe,> Melissa confirmed. That was unnecessary, but I suppose someone felt it was good to break the silence. We could all see the pipe. At one place where the land met the ocean, it was more small cliffs than beach. Out of the side of one of those cliffs, halfway in the water, jutted a sewer pipe. The end appeared to be sealed shut with concrete.

<A Bug fighter could not fly through that,> Aximili commented. <However, unless there is another pipe, than we are in the proper area.>

I thought back to what I knew of Yeerk procedures. <There will be a blast door, either under the water or just above it. They will be using a hologram to disguise it to look like the rest of the cliff. All Bug fighters will have the necessary codes to open it.>

<Yes,> Aximili confirmed, <I recall Mersa mentioning something about that when I was the Visser’s host. The Visser was not paying very much attention at the time, though. I think I remember the codes, though I am not sure how to input them without a ship of some kind.>

<I’m sure the Visser would have changed the codes by now anyway,> Jake answered. <Any idea how we might be able to get in?>

<Knock?> Marco suggested.

<No, Marco,> Jake responded.


<I don’t think they have one,> I answered.

<FedEx them a package with us inside?>

<Can someone else talk now?> Melissa asked. <I’d like a real suggestion.>

<I’m fresh out of those. Would you settle for a kiss?>

<Marco,> Jake and I both growled.

<Mostly kidding, I promise.>

<This close to the water, it is possible that there are cracks in the cliff that would lead into the hangar,> Aximili began. <Perhaps we could find one, morph to cockroaches, and crawl inside.>

<How are we going to find a crack?> Melissa asked.

<Bat,> I answered. <Or dolphin. Using echolocation on the cliff will reveal if there are any parts that are cracked. The echo will travel longer through cracks.>

<That might work,> Jake agreed. <It sounds pretty iffy, though. Are there any other ideas?>

<I have a Taxxon morph,> Ax suggested.

<Could it chew through the blast doors?> Marco responded.

<No. But it could chew through that sewer pipe, and then through the wall into the hangar.>

<I think that works better than searching for random cracks in the wall,> Marco agreed.

<Me too,> Jake decided. <Ax, you land and get to that. Marco, you land too and morph to orca. Cover Ax and keep anything in the water from getting near him. There’s no telling what the Yeerks have here. The girls and I will keep an eye out up here and let you two know if we see anything that should worry you.>

<Make sure you morph first, Marco,> I added. <We would not want Aximili to attack you in mid-morph because he cannot control the Taxxon.>

<Like he needs an excuse,> Melissa muttered. I do not know who else heard her, but I certainly did. I would need to find out what it was that Melissa had against Aximili. It had to be more than just what he did to Carl. None of us knew Carl well. He was not a close friend. So why did Melissa have so much against Aximili?


I watched from above as Marco and Aximili landed. Their seagull bodies floated on the water as they demorphed. I panicked at one point as Marco disappeared under the water, but he came to the surface a few moments later. Apparently, he did, in fact, remember how to swim. Marco treaded water for a moment or two and then began to morph to orca.

<Keeping your eyes open, Jeanne?> Jake commented. A not-so-subtle reminder for me to pay more attention to my surroundings and less to Marco. His intent was transparent enough, but it was better than outright admonishment.

<Don’t worry about Marco,> Melissa said to me. <If Aximili tries anything, I’m sure Marco can handle him just fine.>

<You mean if he loses control over his morph?>

<That too.> I definitely did not like what she was implying. That Aximili might attempt to do some harm to Marco of his own volition. While I was still hurt by Aximili’s actions towards Carl, and my faith in his judgment was now very badly damaged, I certainly did not think Aximili would be some sort of traitor. Apparently, Melissa was not of the same mind.

I am not a naturally perceptive person. At least, not when it comes to dealing with others. But when I was young, the former Visser One trained me as an assassin, and part of this training required that I be able to build psychological profiles of those around me. It helps to anticipate one’s target. I rarely used this training on my fellow Animorphs, after the first few months I spent with them.

But now, I thought it time to start using that training on Melissa to find out why she was so upset. Something about Aximili’s actions towards Carl. There were two possibilities here. Most likely, what had happened between the Andalite and the Operative represented something to her. The other, less likely one, was that the actually events were what effected her. But that was unlikely unless she actually had some sort of connection to the man Aximili killed.

I glanced down at Aximili. He was a Taxxon now, chewing his way into the sewer pipe through the concrete. I could not see Marco, but I knew he was there. Fear of the orca would keep the Taxxon focused on its task. Self-preservation was one of the few instincts in a Taxxon that could rival its hunger. Sometimes, that failed. Marco once told me of the time he saw a Taxxon eating itself. This was not one of those times.

<Melissa,> I said privately, <I have a sensitive question. There is something that I feel I very much need to know.>

<What is it?> she asked. She sounded somewhat hesitant.

<Did you know Operative Yastrzemski at all? Better than the rest of us, that is.>

<That’s sensitive? Jeanne, I’m honestly not sure if I ever even said one word to him.> Then followed the inevitable question. <Why?>.

<I am just trying to figure something out. It is not important.> A minor lie. Finding out what Melissa had against Aximili was very important. To me, at least. And it probably would be to Jake and Tobias as well. I was not sure what Jake would do if I came to him with my thoughts on Melissa’s stance on Aximili, but I knew that Tobias, at least, would tolerate no such friction in our ranks. His method of reconciling them would probably be rough, blunt, and extremely efficient. He could be as subtle as any Visser when it seemed appropriate, but I was sure that, if given the opportunity to act with some degree of openness and honesty, he would jump at it.

Aximili gnawed away on the sewer pipe. Most of his body was inside now. The stories the others had told me about the digging prowess of Taxxons were in no way exaggerated. This would not take long at all. It left me some more time to think about Melissa.

I knew now that her issue had nothing to do with Carl himself. It was not as though Aximili killed a close friend or lover of hers. It was about what was represented by their conflict, then. When Aximili murdered Carl, Melissa saw it was something murdering something else. Something good murdering something else good, which made the first seem much less good to her. And so she turned her feeling of betrayal against the avatar of that first concept, against Aximili.

That much, though, was only the most basic level of psychological analysis. Before anyone could begin to heal the rift that was rapidly growing between the two of them, someone would have to figure out what it was that these two men meant to her, both before and after. Ordinarily, that task would have fallen to Cassie. She had managed to turn David to our cause. She could fix the problem between Melissa and Aximili.

Except Cassie was dead. Tobias would be a good choice, but he had so much to think about lately that this was a problem best kept from him for now. It was important, certainly, and he would do everything he could to fix the issue. If the Animorphs did not trust each other, the Earth was lost. But for now, Tobias had other things to deal with. I could keep this patched until someone with more skill in this sort of thing could heal it. Perhaps time would do that.

In order to patch things up, though, I needed to figure out what Carl and Aximili meant to Melissa, and why this had hurt her so much. And I would have to think about perhaps the most difficult part of it all: figuring out how Aximili felt about all of this. Andalite psychology was rather foreign to me. I knew only the most basics, and those were taught by the Yeerks. They could not be relied upon.

I had been taught a number of misconceptions about Andalites. I was told that they were completely heartless, utterly ruthless, and needlessly cruel. They would destroy one race to aid another, and their decision on who to spare and who to destroy was made on a whim. Prince Aximili proved these stereotypes wrong a great many times. He had often proved them correct, on occasion. He certainly had done so with Carl.

<Sea to Jeanne. Do you read me, Jeanne?> Marco’s voice broke into my thoughts. I looked down. Aximili was nowhere in sight. Definitely in the pipe now. Jake was ‘speaking’. I guess Marco kept his message private so as not to interrupt Jake or embarrass me.

<- go to our battle morphs. They’re all capable of making it through that pipe. Ax will chew a hole into the hangar and we’ll book it for the nearest suitable ship. Time is going to be tight, so try not to get hung up on Kelbrid. Whatever happens, make it to the ship, we can heal once we’re in the air. Any questions?>

<Does the ship come with an in-flight movie?>

<Yes, but it’s in Yeerkish,> Jake responded. That was unusually witty for him. I think he thought of that one earlier and was waiting for a chance to use it.

<Jeanne, do I speak Yeerkish?>

<Only a smattering of obscenities,> I answered. <I am sure they will come to you when the time is right.>

<Well, that settles things, then. Let’s go.>


I landed in the water and began to demorph. Ahead of me, Aximili chewed away, now out of sight in the darkness of the sewer pipe. Marco roamed the water around me, protection against Aximili should he lose control over his morph. That did not seem likely at this point. I do not think he could have turned around if he had wanted to.

Fully human, I concentrated on my leopard morph. For this fight, I would have preferred my Garatron morph, but Jake held to an old Animorph rule about not morphing sentient beings. It was a rule only the Omegamorphs followed, and not one that I entirely understood. Arguing with Jake about it, though, would have been a waste of energy right now.

Rather than try to morph in the water, I swam to the pipe and stood inside of it. It was about the same height as me. The water was up to my waist, which would not be a problem. Certainly I was not in danger of drowning. Or being seen.

The transition to leopard was an easy one, and I gained control over my instincts without much difficulty. It was a morph I was used to, after all. Melissa landed in the water next to me, demorphed, and remorphed in a span of about five minutes. She was still somewhat slow at it, though to be fair I was not nearly as fast as Marco, Jake, and Aximili were. Jake demorphed and remorphed next, taking all of about two minutes. Marco took about the same time. In about ten minutes, we went from being three seagulls and an orca to a tiger, a gorilla, a leopard, and a panther.

<Prince Jake?> Aximili called. He sounded distressed.

<Yeah, Ax?>

<I believe I am beside the hangar now. Once I chew through the pipe, we will be in the Yeerk pool. How should we proceed?>

<You get us in, then demorph. We’ll cover you while you do that, then we run for the nearest suitable ship,> Jake answered.

<And if they don’t have something like the one we’re looking for?> Marco asked.

<Then we grab the nearest Bug fighter and take that to Mars. We’ll figure out how to rescue the Iskoort along the way.>

<Ah, winging it, then. I have that feeling that tells me this is just like old times.>

By the time we reached Aximili, I could barely see anything. The light filtering in from the end of the pipe was so faint now that even the leopard’s keen eyes could just barely make out what was around me. I knew that the others would be having the same trouble, and Marco was probably completely blind.

<Go for it, Ax,> Jake commanded. <Everyone else, get ready. There’s probably going to be some shooting.>

I heard an odd grinding sound, and then light spilled into our pipe. Aximili pulled back and Jake darted through, followed by Melissa and then by Marco and myself. We were definitely in the hangar. Bug fighters idled in neat rows, waiting until they were needed. At the far end, I could see a shape I recognized. Black. Battle-axe in appearance. The Blade ship.

<That’d do it,> Marco said quietly.

<No, Marco,> Jake answered. <There’s no way we’ll get away with stealing that.>

<We did the first time,> I commented.

<With the loss of my eye,> Aximili added as he demorphed. <And very nearly the loss of our lives. It would be best to stick to the plan.>

Near the Blade ship were two more ships. They were about a quarter of the size of the Blade ship, much larger than Bug fighters. They consisted largely of one long, boomerang-shaped wing, raked forward with each end finishing in a Dracon cannon. The important part of the ship was like a tapering, flattened cylinder that was on top of the wing. Naturally, they were black. These ships were exactly like the Rachel. Exactly what we came looking for.

As we were taking the sight in, a pair of Kelbrid appeared from around one of the Bug fighters. They did not hesitate to lunge at us. But that was nothing we could not handle. We had been fighting Kelbrid for long enough that we could handle two of them easily enough.

Marco darted forward and caught the large, stinger arm of one. I pounced on it, sinking my teeth into the back of the creature’s neck, then releasing quickly to minimize the damage my mouth took from the Kelbrid’s acidic blood.

Aximili parried the stinger of the second one, and Jake slammed the blind alien in its side. The Kelbrid rolled onto its back, and Melissa leapt on top of it, raking it across its sensitive whiskers with her claws. Jake joined in, crushing its throat with both paws.

Aximili whirled and sliced off half the whiskers from our Kelbrid’s face. It swung its hand at Aximili in a balled up fist, but that was a mistake. Aximili sliced its wrist off at the hand, and I moved in for the kill, biting the Kelbrid’s throat again. It spasmed and died without uttering a sound. Jake and Melissa finished strangling the other one, which also died silently.

<Let’s get moving. Another patrol’s bound to come along soon,> Jake said.

Marco grabbed the Kelbrid and dragged them into the pipe. <When they get here, we don’t want them seeing this, now do we? A hole in the wall is suspicious, but less suspicious than dead Kelbrid.>

We made our way through the lanes of Bug fighters, trying to be as quiet as possible. The last thing we needed was the Yeerk pool’s worth of Kelbrid on top of us. Killing two Kelbrid was not difficult for us. Killing five would be difficult. Killing ten would be impossible. If the Pool was alerted to our presence, things would get very, very difficult.

My nose detected a new scent, above the usual smells of the Yeerk pool. It was foreign to me, not something I recognized. I was about to say something when Melissa remarked, <Do you smell that? I think I’ve smelled whatever it is before, but I’m not sure. It isn’t Kelbrid. Or Hork-bajir.>

<I remember the scent,> Jake said darkly. <Somewhere very close by, there’s a Ssri’Kai.>


Ssri’Kai. Or, rather, Ssri’Kai-Controller. The thought made me shiver. We had only encountered Ssri’Kai-Controllers once before, when the Visser led us into a trap. If Carl had not arrived during that fight, we would all be infested or dead now. The Ssri’Kai-Controllers comprised the Apostates, the most elite warriors in the Yeerk Empire. The possibility of fighting one was not something that I was looking forward to.

<I only smell one,> I commented.

<We can take him,> Melissa said confidently. <There are five of us, one of him.>

<You might be right, but I’d rather not chance it,> Jake answered. <Let’s try and avoid him.>

Aximili peered around a Bug fighter with one stalk eye. <I can see it, Prince Jake. The Apostate appears to be keeping watch over the Blade ship. However, he will undoubtedly see us if we attempt to enter either of the ships we want. Something to divert him would be best.>

<What could distract a highly disciplined Yeerk solier enough to make him leave his post?> Jake asked.

<An Animorph,> Marco suggested.

<I do not think we want to give him one of those,> I responded. <Those are not what you would call expendable.>

<He doesn’t have to catch one of us, just follow us around for a bit while the others sneak onto the ship,> Marco answered. <How fast are those things?>

<Slower than a Garatron,> I answered.

<So much slower that he would more likely raise the alarm than chase said Garatron,> Aximili argued.

He had a point, but a plan was starting to take shape in my mind.

<There’s just one of him,> Melissa repeated. <I say we ambush him, rip out his throat, get on the ship, and head to Mars. We can handle one Apostate.>

<You didn’t fight the Apostates,> Jake answered, shaking his head. <You were fighting Guraff in that battle, and that’s probably the only time when having to fight Guraff counts as lucky. He wasn’t trying to kill you.>

<How can you be sure about that?> Melissa argued.

<Because if Guraff 427 tries to kill you, you die,> Aximili replied calmly.

<Perhaps a bit of an overstatement, but he’s probably right,> Jake agreed. <You’re good, Melissa, but Guraff has decades of experience and a body that is more powerful than your panther. If he was trying to kill you, you’d have been split in half. I’ve fought a lot of people over the years, and believe me when I say that the Apostates are probably the best I’ve ever come up against. Two of them nearly killed four of us, and without Carl’s help, they probably would have done it. Do I think that one can defeat all five of us? I don’t know, but I don’t want to risk that, especially since that sort of noise is going to wake up the whole Pool.>

<What if we give him something to chase that’s slow enough for him to follow but too agile for him to catch?> I suggested. <I believe that you, Jake, as well as Aximili and Marco possess chimpanzee morphs. While an Apostate could keep up with one, with the chimpanzee’s superior agility, he would never be caught.>

<You want one of us to go monkey and dance for the big blue guy?> Marco answered.

<Approximately, yes.>

<How do we get away from him when everyone else is on the ship?> Marco questioned.

<I believe this is where the Garatron morph would come in handy,> Aximili answered. <If one of us distracted the Apostate and someone else was waiting in Garatron morph, the person in the Garatron body could rescue the chimpanzee and reach the ship long before the Apostate realized what happened.>

<Sounds like a plan, but who goes?> Melissa asked.

<We need Ax or Jeanne to prep the ship for us by bypassing the security and so on,> Jake began. <So that means Ax is out as chimpanzee or Jeanne can’t be the Garatron.>

<Why are we only having one Garatron?> Marco asked. <Seems to me that if I was the chimp, I’d want as many people ready to grab me away from the Ssri’Kai as possible.>

<Good point. In that case, Jeanne and Marco both morph Garatron. Ax will infiltrate the ship. That leaves me as the chimp. Mel, go with Ax and watch his back, we have no idea who or what is in that ship, or how many are in there. Be cautious.>

Apparently, Jake did not realize that putting Aximili and Melissa together could end poorly. Then again, from what I understand, Jake was famous for not picking up on little things like that. Perhaps, though, that would help the two of them. Being forced to work together might help to close the rift that was growing between them. Count on Jake to do something like that by accident.

<Okay, this could get really dangerous really fast, especially if that Apostate raises the alarm. Ax, how long do you think it’ll take you to get into that system?>

<Most Yeerk security these days is based off of what the Visser learned while using my mind. It should not take very long at all. Perhaps five of your minutes?>

<Ax,> Marco began, <I’ve got the feeling I’ve said this before, but just in case I haven’t, they are everybody’s minutes.>

<You are correct, Marco,> the Andalite responded.

<I am?>

<Yes. You have said that before.>

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Re: Animorphs #74: The Union (Hey look! Iskoort! WTF?)

Post by Beckyno1 » Wed Jan 27, 2010 1:32 pm

WOW! YAHOO! AN UPDATE! Sorry, I got a bit carried away. Owhhh, what is up between Carl, Melissa and Ax? A love triangle? :lol2: Doubt it! lol
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Re: Animorphs #74: The Union (Hey look! Iskoort! WTF?)

Post by Blu » Wed Jan 27, 2010 4:10 pm

looking good capn, i finally found time to start reading it :P

keep it up!

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Re: Animorphs #74: The Union (Hey look! Iskoort! WTF?)

Post by BeyondtheEllimist » Wed Jan 27, 2010 7:16 pm

YAY!!!!! I'm glad to see another update!!! Good so far! I expected nothing less.
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Re: Animorphs #74: The Union (Hey look! Iskoort! WTF?)

Post by Alanfangor » Wed Jan 27, 2010 9:33 pm

finally an update! yes!! i wonder what's up between ax and mellisa? :thinking: btw when r u going to show the next couple of chapters? i dont want to wait too long you know :cry:

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Re: Animorphs #74: The Union (Hey look! Iskoort! WTF?)

Post by danpfeiffer » Wed Jan 27, 2010 9:37 pm

Not sure if I need a spoiler for this since it was in the original series, not the Neomorphs series (which I keep forgetting isn't professionally done lol) but here goes:
I'm guessing that Melissa found out about Ax taking her father as a hostage at one point, and maybe never quite forgave him for it?

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Re: Animorphs #74: The Union (Hey look! Iskoort! WTF?)

Post by TwistyWristy » Sat Jan 30, 2010 1:04 am

Outstanding as usual capnnerefir you are such an excellent writer!

All of the characters are so real and you pay such attention to detail; one particular point that stuck out for me was after Jake's comment, all of them remembering that Cassie had died recently.
It may seem like a simple thing but its that touch of realism and continuity that I love so much.
The humor is spot on and well balanced with the rest of the story.
Can't wait for the next installment of chapters!

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Re: Animorphs #74: The Union (Hey look! Iskoort! WTF?)

Post by Blueberry Chicken » Sat Jan 30, 2010 1:14 pm

Nice. Maybe Jake can really dance as a monkey. Maybe the Apostate would think he's hallucinating.

I also forgot to post the weird little Christmas tune last time. So here it is:

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