Novamorphs #1: The Infestation

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Re: Novamorphs #1: The Infestation

Post by Elfangor » Sat May 16, 2009 11:32 pm

Awesome *Is waiting for more*
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Re: Novamorphs #1: The Infestation

Post by BeyondtheEllimist » Tue May 26, 2009 2:19 pm

Here's chapters 8 and 9.

Chapter 8

Jeff spoke. "The Imperial Knights are an order deep within the ranks of the Yeerks. They are raised from the time they are grubs to believe that the Yeerk Empire is supreme and they are trained to do whatever they have to in the service of the Empire. They're total fanatics. They are raised in groups of 100, with no contact between the groups. That way, each Knight only knows the names of 100 other Knights. They-"

"Wait. You just said they were raised in groups of 100, so they should only know the names of 99 other Knights." I interjected.

"They also know the name of their leader, Sevrak 434. He's the only Knight that everyone knows the name of, and the only one, besides the Emperor, who knows the names of all the Knights. After being raised, the groups are evaluated to see if they are ready for Knighthood. If even one Yeerk doesn't pass, none of the others in the group become Knights either. When they reach Knighthood, their identification, when they need to present it, only contains their rank, not their name. Their names are closely guarded secrets. Sevrak, however, let his name be known so that the Andalites would have a face to fear, something to associate with the Knights besides faceless killers. The Knight heirarchy is like this: The Knights are all on one level, then there's Sevrak above them, then the Emperor above him. The Knights answer only to Sevrak, and Sevrak, in turn, answers only to the Emperor himself. The Knights have clearance to do whatever they want within the Empire. They can go anywhere, do anything."

"Wow. That's crazy." Darren said.

"Anything else we should know?" I asked.

"Yeah. Those who become hosts to Knights are chosen at birth, stolen from their parents, and raised in much the same way, only they are raised to believe that becoming a host to a Yeerk is the highest honor. That whole story about my dad leaving and my mom kicking me out, that's total BS. A cover story." Even before the words were entirely out of his mouth, Aldrea's tailblade was at his throat.

((Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you now, scum.)) She hissed.

"It's true that we're voluntaries, but my encounter with the monster eye and the glowing man showed my the truth. I would sooner die than let a Yeerk back into my head. But there is a bonus to being host to a Knight: You actually get control half the time, except during missions of the utmost importance. The Knights believe that trusting the host is important. They really don't have anything to fear since the hosts are just as obedient as the Yeerks."

"Okay, that is weird. The Yeerks have started to kidnap babies and raise them to become hosts?" Darren said.

"Only the Knights do that. The rest of the Yeerks don't believe that taking years to raise hosts is worth it."

((Why should I believe you? You've already admitted that you were a voluntary.)) Aldrea said.

"He was raised from a baby to follow the Yeerks. Being brainwashed to believe something doesn't count as voluntary." I said.

"Hey, I've got a question. If you were kidnapped as a baby, then how come the background check didn't show you as missing?" Darren asked.

"The Yeerks developed cloning technology. They simply cloned me and put the clone in my place with my parents. Look, I'm telling you the truth. I'm not on their side anymore." Jeff said. Just then, my mom stuck her head in the door of the barn. Aldrea, seeing this, immediately jerked her tail away from Jeff's throat.

"Jeff, your cell phone's ringing." she said, walking toward Jeff, a ringing cell phone in her hand. Jeff took it, looked at the number, and then looked up, a startled expression on his face.

"I've got to answer it." he said, hurrying to the barn door, then outside, opening the phone and saying, "Hello." before he got out of earshot.

"Did I interrupt something? I could've sworn that I saw Aldrea move her tailblade from Jeff's throat just as I walked in." Mom asked.

((We were simply messing around.)) Aldrea said. ((Nothing serious.))

"Okay. Well, I'll be back inside." Mom said, then left.

A few minutes later, Jeff walked back in, grimacing. "We have a problem." he said, his voice grim.

"What?" I asked.

"That was one of the other Knights. One of my Yeerk's friends. He says that someone infiltrated and destroyed Blackstar Tech. One of them had morphed me."

"That's not a problem." Kendra said.

"There's more. He said that the Yeerks were able to salvage the oatmeal research. Their Knight override codes managed to unlock one console long enough to back all the information up onto a portable computer before the explosion. They also managed to save all the scientists. Their orders are to begin again at another location. I'm supposed to be there tomorrow. Mandatory check-in for all Knights operating within the area. If I'm not there, they'll send people out to look for me."

"Well, it's obvious that we have to go. We have to destroy that research for good." Darren said.

"What are we going to do? I seriously doubt that we'll be able to trash the place as easily as Blackstar Tech; they'll be expecting an attack." I said.

"We don't have to attack the place. I get you guys in as guests, we get to the computer, and then we delete all the data. A simple get-in, get-out procedure. We probably won't even have to morph. However, I'd have to stay away from the computer room while you guys actually destroyed the data. That way, if someone catches you guys, I can say I had no idea you were planning it and that you acted alone, without my help. As long as I have a position within the Yeerks, I can get you guys information on where to attack them. If the Yeerks find out I've been compromised, they'll reinfest me, get all the information about you guys, and then go after you. We'll then be executed as slowly and painfully as possible. But that won't happen." Jeff said.

Chapter 9

“Let’s put it to a vote.” Kendra suggested. I nodded.

“A vote. All in favor of risking it?”

“We have to try.” Jeff said.

“I don’t see any other options.” Darren said.

“Why not? More Yeerk butt to kick, that’s all it is.” Jarad said.

((We must at least try. If the Yeerks succeed, they will no longer need Pools, which will be a great advantage to them. We cannot let them have that advantage.)) Aldrea said.

“As long as we don’t have to kill anyone.” Kendra said.

“I’m in.” Laurie said.

“Okay, that makes it unanimous. Tomorrow, we head in there and trash the data. Try not to get into any fights unless necessary.” I said.

The next day, I got a call from Darren.

“Dude, turn on the TV. Blackstar Tech’s destruction made the morning news.” He said.

I turned on the news and, sure enough, the main topic was the destruction of Blackstar Technologies due to what their sources told them was an accidental overload of its main power core due to improper maintenance.

That night, at about 7:30, we met in the barn again. “Okay, guys, here’s the deal. Once we’re in, there’s going to be a brief meeting with Sevrak while I check in with him, then we’ll be free to do whatever we want. We head to the computer afterwards and trash the data files.” Jeff said, sketching out a rough model of the building on the holoprojector.

At 8:00, we were heading to the location where the research was being restarted, a company called Ardam Industries. Jeff had pointed out how ‘Ardam’ was just ‘Madra’ backwards. Madra was the moon of the Yeerk homeworld.

Aldrea was in human morph so as not to arouse suspicion. When we reached the building, we were stopped at the front gate. Jeff presented his identification, and the guard nodded, then said that the rest of us had to identify ourselves as well.

“They’re in the company of a Knight. Do you really want word to reach your superiors that you are questioning the judgement of a Knight. These people are my guests. I’ll vouch for them. Now let us through before I have you charged with treason and sentenced to death.”

The guard immediately apologized, he had not meant to offend a Knight, it was simply standard operating procedure to require all people entering or leaving the building to present identification, and that we should continue on our way.

“I understand. You are simply following orders. No need to apologize.” Jeff said, then we walked into the building. Jeff entered a code into the elevator, and we went down, deep underground. When the elevator doors opened, there were several guards standing there. Jeff again presented his identification and vouched for us, then continued to another room. Inside, there were two large Javrakari and three massive Hork-Bajir on either side of a chair. In the chair was a large, muscular African-American male dressed in what at first looked like blue cloth robes, but on closer inspection appeared to be robes made of blue fur. Tied to his left forearm was what appeared to be a blade. Around his neck was a necklace. Attached to the necklace were several long, blue tendrils that ended in orbs with the orbs pointing downward. The orbs were white with a band of color in the center, then a black dot inside that band. In addition, each orb seemed to be set into the blue material.

I heard Aldrea draw in a breath and gasp. With a sickening sensation, I realized what the man was wearing. The robes were made from the skins of Andalites, the blade tied to his arm was an Andalite tail-blade, and the necklace was made from the stalk-eyes of Andalites.

The man spoke. His voice commanded authority, forced us to listen. “Kezran Six-Eight-Nine, it is good to see you again. Tell me, who are your companions?”

Jeff spoke. “Great Lord Sevrak, my companions are fellow Yeerks. Each of them is morph-capable and trustworthy.”

“What are their names?” Sevrak asked.

Jeff pointed at each of us in turn. “Great Lord, they are Vekna Three-Two-Six, Makal Two-Three-Five-Seven, Hedran Three-Six-Nine, Creft Eight-Six-Three-Zero, Telkar Nine-Eight-Two, and Graltan Five-Zero-Six.”

“They are your latest ‘project,’ I assume? Yeerks you are training outside of official records?”

“That is correct, Great Lord.” Jeff said.

“Very well, but, should they prove undeserving of the trust you have in them, they will be executed, and you alongside them.”

“I understand, Great Lord. I thank you for trusting my judgement.”

“One who does not trust his subordinates is undeserving of the title ‘Knight.’ I trust all those who follow me. They are, after all, my body. My eyes, my ears, my hands, my will incarnate. If a man cannot trust his body, who, then, can he trust?” With this, Sevrak laughed, a deep, booming noise that sent shivers down my spine as the temperature in the room seemed to drop a few hundred degrees. There was nothing light-hearted about the laugh. It was evil, malicious, the most inhuman thing I had ever heard. It scared the crap out of me and gave me the impression that he would kill someone just to watch them die. I knew then that Sevrak was insane. Insane and evil. He would be a greater enemy than even Esplin 9466. I silently prayed that we would never have to fight him.

“Thank you, Great Lord.” Jeff said.”What is my next assignment?”

“You are being considered for promotion to the rank of Visser-Knight.” Sevrak said.

“My lord, there is no such rank.” Jeff said.

“There shall soon be. As one of my most promising followers, it is only fitting that you be granted a higher rank. The Emperor and I have discussed this in great detail. This would give you power over Yeerks under Esplin’s command while not placing you under the command of the Supreme Visser. However, we wish to give you one final test, and the rank is yours. You shall even be given your own ship as a symbol of the power you shall have. It shall be built purely for your exclusive use.”

“Great Lord, I am deeply honored that you would grant me this new rank and the chance to prove myself worthy of it. What is my task?”

“There is a group of young Yeerks that are close to achieving Knighthood. Their graduation mission is to reach a hidden ship created by the Kalmra, the same species that created the Javrakari. The Kalmra placed much technology on this ship, which they hid here on this planet. Somehow, they have masked it so that sensors cannot detect it. An ancient Kalmra outpost had a functioning computer that gave a general idea of its location. This group is to find and retrieve that ship. The Emperor wishes for you to lead them.”

“Why me, Great Lord? There are many other Knights who could lead this mission just as easily, if not more so.”

“The Emperor and I both wish to see you promoted to this new rank so that someone can keep the Supreme Visser in check. The entire Council of Thirteen is growing tired of the Supreme Visser’s total command and would wish to see someone have the authority to challenge him. They cannot simply demote him, so they have figured out the next best way to limit his command: give someone else equal command powers. You would be, in essence, a ‘speed bump’ that could counter the Supreme Visser’s sometimes stupid decisions.”

“I see. My promotion is simply a way of preventing Esplin from making a decision that could ruin this war.”

“That is part of it. However, we were also going by who should rightfully be promoted. It was either yourself or Teryon Five-Four-Six. Unfortunately, she was killed yesterday. Last night, when Blackstar Technologies was broken into and destroyed, an insignificant subordinate panicked and attempted to fight his way to the exit. She attempted to stop him, and he used his Hork-Bajir blades to slice her open and leave the building. He is currently undergoing Kandrona starvation for killing a superior.”

Jeff gasped, and his jaw dropped. “Teryon is dead?” he asked incredulously. “But she was not even assigned to Blackstar Technologies, Great Lord.”

“She was on a random inspection and staying at the living area. When it was broken into, she and Merzan Six-Eight-Seven-Five were already there. That is how they were able to save the research before the facility was destroyed. I regret that Teryon and her host were killed saving something that was not worth the life of a Knight. I don’t care if the Supreme Visser considers that oatmeal research important; you and the other Knights are my family, my sons, my daughters, parts of my soul. Maybe not biologically, but I still feel that all Knights are my children, and nothing is worth a Knight’s life. I understand that you and Teryon shared a close bond.”

“It is true that we were close, Great Lord. Our hosts also shared a close bond. The news of their death is shocking. I never thought that they would die before me.” Jeff said. “Why did Zerkan not notify me last night when he contacted me?”

“He did not inform you because I felt that it would be best if the news came from me. Now, please leave and find something else to do. See if the scientists require anything. Just go.” Sevrak said. Jeff nodded, then turned and motioned for us to follow him. Once we were out of sight of the room, I looked at Jeff.

“Sevrak’s an . . . interesting character.” I said.

“Sevrak’s a barbarian. Did you see what he was wearing? Those were Andalite body parts.” Kendra said indignantly. “He’s wearing parts of dead people on his body.”

“Sevrak displays his trophies with pride. He considers it right to take something from a a defeated enemy. There’s a reason the Andalites call him the Demon Lord.” Jeff said, a note of what I took to be sorrow in his voice.

I looked at Aldrea. “Why do Andalites call him the Demon Lord?”

“The reason the Andalites call him the Demon Lord is because, when the Knights first formed in the beginning of the first Yeerk War, he slaughtered the crew of a captured Andalite scout ship. He broadcast it to every telecommunications channel on the Andalite Homeworld. He skinned them alive with a heated blade so that they wouldn’t bleed to death, and he kept them from going into shock so that they felt the whole thing. Then he tortured them for hours before finally killing them one by one. He told us that the Knights could be anyone, be anywhere, and to fear him, because he was the face of death and the Knights were his body. All Andalites are shown the recording to show them how vicious and evil the Yeerks are. He is the most vile, corrupt, evil Yeerk the Andalites know of. Many Andalites have sworn to kill him. None have. All that’s left of them are whatever little pieces of their bodies he’s cut off and saved.” Aldrea said, disgust, hatred, and anger dripping from her voice.

“We’ve got a problem. Sevrak wants me to head to some godforsaken part of the world in search of this ship. There’s no way we can hide my absence from your parents, Alex.” Jeff said, the sorrow still in his voice.

“We’ll think of something.” I said confidently, putting a hand on Jeff’s shoulder.

“So, this Yeerk, this Teryon Five-Whatever, was your friend?” Darren asked.

“Yes, not that that’s any business of yours. However, since you asked, I might as well tell you. Her host, Valeria, was also my friend. We were probably the closest of all the Knights. We’d always thought that, once we’d reached an appropriate age, we’d become more than friends. Happy now?” Jeff snapped harshly.

“Hey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get you this upset. I didn’t know how much a stupid Yeerk meant to you.” Darren shot back, the last sentence dripping with sarcasm.

“She was more than a ‘stupid Yeerk,’ you arrogant, selfish, dim-witted, disgraceful, insensitive, son of a w***e dapsen! She was my only true friend. And it wasn’t just the Yeerk that was my friend; it was the girl the Yeerk lived in! The next time you insult someone I care about, I will kill you as slowly and painfully as possible, and believe me, I know how to torture someone before killing them; Sevrak teaches all Knights the art of torture. One wrong word, and you are dead. Do you understand me?” Jeff yelled.

Darren back up, surprised. “Geez, man, do you have to get violent?” he asked, raising his hands in defeat and backing away slowly.

“I don’t like it when someone talks the wrong way about people I care about.” Jeff said, staring at Darren, then looking down the hallway at two Controllers that had stopped and stared. “What are you two looking at?” he snapped, and the Controllers immediately headed off.

“Guys, the last thing we need to do is draw attention to ourselves like that.” I said. “If you want to fight, wait until we’re out of here.”

“Okay. Just tell Darren that he’d better watch his mouth if he doesn’t want to wake up dead.” Jeff said, his anger barely contained.

“Darren, you heard him. Stop talking about it.” I said, then looked at Jeff. “Where do we go?” I asked.

“Just follow me.” Jeff said. “Remember, I’ve got to maintain my cover, I’ll show you guys the way and how to operate the computer terminal, then I’m going to head to the other side of the building and let you guys handle it. Morph as soon as you’re done; you’ll probably have to fight your way out since, in all likelyhood, they’ve put some security measures in place that’ll sound an alarm if large amounts of data are deleted.”

“Jeff, before we headed here, you said we wouldn’t have to fight our way out.” I said. “Why are you lying about so many things?”

“If I told you the truth before you agreed to these crazy stunts, you wouldn’t agree to them.” Jeff said.

Kendra looked at Jeff. “Why should we trust you if all you’re going to do is hide important things from us?” she said venomously.

“Because I’m telling you what you need to know when you need to know it.” Jeff said.

“Again, can you hold off on the fighting until we’re out of here?” I asked exasperatedly. “We have a mission to accomplish.”

“Okay. Let’s just get to the computer terminal.” Jeff said, heading down the hallway. We followed him through a twisting, turning maze of corridors until we reached a set of sealed metal doors.

“Inside these doors is the sole computer terminal that controls data storage.” Jeff said, pulling out a small notepad. “All the codes and instructions are on here.” He said, handing it to me.

“Okay. Now get out of here and make sure you have an alibi.” I said, then looked at the notepad and began typing a code into the keypad by the door. It opened up and we walked inside. Jeff headed off towards the other side of the building.

Once inside, I noticed a large console in the center of the room. I walked over to it, then looked again at the notepad and began entering more codes. Before I entered the final code, I looked at the others.

“Start morphing. If Jeff’s right, we need to be ready to fight our way out.” I said. The others began morphing, the grotesque changes making them hard to look at. Once they were all done, I typed in the final code to destroy the data and began to morph to wolf just before I hit the ‘enter’ key. Sure enough, alarms started to sound. I morphed as quickly as I could, then barreled out the door, heading through the maze of hallways toward the exit.

Just then, two Javrakari turned the corner, running toward us. Aldrea struck out with her Andalite tail, but, much to our surprise, the Javrakari actually caught the blade with its single semi-normal hand, then slashed out with the blade-edged clamp-claw. It cut deep into her flank, and then Darren lashed out in his Komodo dragon form, slashing with claws and teeth at the one that had hurt Aldrea. Ti knocked him aside with ease. I launched myself at the other one, latching onto its neck with my teeth and trying to rip its throat out. The only reason I succeeded was because I had a firm grip on its neck when it hurled me away. I could feel the blood soaking into my muzzle. It caused an itching, slightly burning sensation. I spat the throat out, then looked at the Javrakari, expecting to see it lying on the ground, dead. To my surprise, it was still standing. It raised on of its lower hands, which ended in what looked like a metal cylinder with a glowing energy bar on it. A blast of energy launched outward, hitting Darrren’s polar bear and burning a hole into his flank. Aldrea had sliced her way free of the first Javrakari, and had proceeded to slice its head off. We then ganged up on the second Javrakari, taking turns attacking it.

TSEEW!! A blast from a Dracon beam lanced over my head, hitting Aldrea, who faltered for a second, permitting the Javrakari to slice one of her stalk eyes off. She was beginning to slow down from the poison the Javrakari’s blade had. The next Dracon beam hit Darren, who had barely managed to stagger back onto his feet. I turned my attention to the source of the energy blasts, a Hork-Bajir-Controller. I launched myself at him, followed by Jarad. We took it down, then looked at the others.

FWAPP! Aldrea’s tailblade bit deep into the Javrakari’s neck, She pulled it out and moved again.



FWAPP! The Javrakari’s head finally detached, and its body slumped to the ground. We turned and ran again, dodging even more enemies, fighting when necessary. Fortunately, we didn’t run into any more Javrakari. I looked at Aldrea, who was barely keeping up because of her wounds.

((Morph, Aldrea! You’ll die if you don’t)) I yelled in thought-speak.

((After we’re safe. I’d slow you down if I demorphed now.)) Aldrea said weakly.

((You’re already slowing us down. Morph!)) I yelled desperately. Aldrea was staggering even slower, swaying from side to side. I checked on Darren, who had caught his second wind and was lumbering along beside us.

((Not yet!)) Aldrea replied.

((Then get on Darren’s back and demorph there!))

Aldrea seemed to consider this for a second, then complied. She began to morph to kafit bird, and I smiled as the exit came into sight. We barged out into the night, running as quickly as we could.

I led us into a parking garage, up the ramp to the highest level, then looked at everyone. ((Okay, guys, demorph, then morph to owl.)) I said, already beginning to demorph. The others followed suit. I could tell Aldrea was getting exhausted from the demorphing and remorphing she’d done. She’d had to morph to human then demorph from human, morph to kafit, and now demorph back to Andalite and remorph to owl, all in under half an hour. We were all feeling similarly fatigued from the stress of such rapid morphing.

When we were all morphed, I took off, leading us first toward the woods, through them, and then out again a few miles away, at which point we headed back toward my house. When we arrived, I noticed Jeff standing in front of the barn door. I saw his smile turn into a frown, then watched as he slipped his hand into his pocket and withdrew an energy weapon of some kind. He took aim and fired . . . up at us.
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Re: Novamorphs #1: The Infestation

Post by Elfangor » Tue May 26, 2009 7:46 pm

Cool chapter and confusing.... I can't wait for the next chapter.
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Re: Novamorphs #1: The Infestation

Post by BeyondtheEllimist » Sat May 30, 2009 10:08 am

I've decided to stop updating this story for a bit; I won't post any more chapters until I have at least two or three more written. That way, I can look over the inter-chapter continuity to avoid making mistakes within the continuity of the story. Don't despair; it shouldn't take too long, especially with summer coming up; a couple of weeks or so tops. However, I've decided to give you one more chapter. Everyone, I present . . . CHAPTER 10!!! The halfway point at last!!

Chapter 10

I dodged, then watched the beam lance into another owl. I heard a thought-speak scream as it vaporized. I did a quick check, and noticed that everyone was still there. Jeff aimed again, firing at three more owls trailing behind us, taking them out in rapid succession before they could cry for help.

((What the heck were those other owls?)) I asked in thought-speak as I landed.

“Next time, Make sure you aren’t being followed, because next time I might not be able to get here in time to stop them before they can give away that this is our meeting area.” He said stiffly, pocketing the energy weapon.

I began to demorph. I noticed that Aldrea was taking the longest, and I began to worry that she didn’t have the strength to demorph.

“Come on, Aldrea. You can do it.” I said urgently, crouching beside her and putting a hand on what I assumed was her shoulder. “Focus on being an Andalite. Don’t give out on me now!” I said, then continued to say encouraging things as Aldrea ever so slowly demorphed. Finally, after what seemed like five minutes, she was a full Andalite again. She smiled with her eyes before collapsing into unconsciouness from sheer exhaustion.

The next day, Saturday, I headed out to the barn, where we’d made Aldrea as comfortable as we could while she slept. I walked over to her, then knelt beside her. “Are you awake?” I whispered.

One of her stalk eyes cracked open. When she saw me, she groaned in thought-speech.

((How long have I been out?)) she asked.

“Close to fourteen hours. That constant morphing really took a toll. I won’t make you go through that ordeal again. I’m sorry I did.” I said.

((If I had not morphed and demorphed so much, I would not have lived. Your pushing me to morph and demorph saved my life. There is nothing to apologize for. Thank you for permitting me to rest here.)) she said, getting unsteadily to her feet.

“Okay. Let’s get you out of here. I think the Andalite military base is wondering where you are right now.” I said, helping her walk to the door of the barn and out. She morphed to kafit bird and flew off. I went back into the house.

Up in my room, I was going through a list of various battles to try and figure out which one I would reenact differently this time. There was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” I said. The door opened, and Jeff walked in.

“Hey, man.” He said.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Sevrak contacted me. Apparently, the Supreme Visser is asking questions about the destruction of all the oatmeal research. He even went so far as to accuse Sevrak of ordering the destruction of the data so as to make the Supreme Visser look bad. Sevrak wants to know if I know anything about the destruction of the research. He says that circumstances are suspicious. Someone apparently morphed me to get into Blackstar Technologies. That same person used my access codes to trigger the self-destruct and try to destroy the data. Then, last night, a group of people infiltrated our other complex at Ardam Industries and used Knight access codes to delete all the data about the oatmeal research. He says that I’m on temporary suspension of duty until such time as the investigation reveals I had nothing to do with it. Sevrak regrets having to take me off-duty, but the Emperor wishes to please Esplin so that the pompous, arrogant Andalite-lover will stop trying to breathe down Sevrak’s neck.” Jeff said.

“I see. What else is there?” I asked.

“I’m supposed to go in for questioning. Several Knights, including Sevrak, are going to be there to keep Esplin from getting too violent while I’m being questioned.” Jeff said.

“Well, good luck.” I said.

"You guys are also supposed to come in. Someone said they saw you guys near the room, and so you're under suspicion. The one thing that could save us if the fact that there actually aren't any security cameras in the area; the Yeerks are confident that nothing could get into the building undetected, so they don't bother much with internal security. There'd be no proof that we were near the terminal. In fact, I made holographic projections of you guys with me so that the people who saw me also saw you guys. The logical conclusion is that people used morphing technology to impersonate you guys to try and cast doubt on me. Hopefully the Supreme Visser reaches that same conclusion."

"What time do we need to go in?" I asked.

"Three hours from now." Jeff said.

"Hey, Jeff, I've got a question: could you rig our morph-log chips to give us Class Five Unlimited clearance? We were hard-pressed to take on those Javrakari; Aldrea and Jarad nearly got killed. We need alien morphs."

"I'll do it. I just need a computer equipped with a wireless uplink unit to tap into the chips' processors." Jeff said. "Just let the others know about the questioning."

"I'll call them and let them know. Why don't you go let Kendra know?" I said, pulling out my cell phone and typing in Jarad's cell phone number as Jeff left. After letting Jarad know, I told him to tell Laurie and then call Darren and let him know. Next, I contacted Aldrea to let her know.

((We have to go in for questioning at the hands of the Supreme Visser? Does Jeff seriously think we'll live through that?)) she asked.

"Several Knights are going to be there to restrain him and make sure there is no permanent damage done, which pretty much just means he won't kill us since morphing would render any severe injuries moot points." I said. "Sevrak alone looks like he could handle three full-grown Hork-Bajir by himself. We're not going to die."

((I trust you, but I must ask if you have any idea of how big of a risk this is. The chances that one of us would crack under the torture are substantial.))

"The Yeerks will just get more suspicious if we don't show up. However, if we do show up, that will make them think we don't have anything to hide. The others are coming here so that we can get a story straight."

((Very well.)) Aldrea said, then signed off.
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Re: Novamorphs #1: The Infestation

Post by Elfangor » Sat May 30, 2009 2:41 pm

d(-_-)b Loved the chapter!

:( Three weeks?!?!
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Re: Novamorphs #1: The Infestation

Post by BeyondtheEllimist » Sun Jun 07, 2009 6:30 am

Here's the next three chapters.

Chapter 11

Two-and-a-half hours later, we were all in the barn, sitting and talking. I had managed to get a computer equipped with a wireless uplink unit so that he could hack the morph-log chips and mess with our clearance levels. I was sitting on a chair as Jeff sat beside me, tinkering with the computer. A few seconds later, there was a beeping sound, and he looked up.

"Okay, Alex, you're set." he said, motioning for Darren to come up.

"I still think this is crazy." he said, standing and walking over. "Do you guys even know the penalty for faking morph clearance? Five years in a maximum-security prison, removal of morphing abilities, and a fine of $50,000."

"Which option is better: saving the planet and risking getting a criminal record, or not saving the world and getting enslaved by evil parasites?" I asked.

"That's not fair. When you put it that way, it suddenly sounds ridiculous to not risk a criminal record in the name of saving the Earth." Darren said, sitting down next to Jeff as I sat down where he'd been sitting.

"What sort of morphs are you going to get?" Jarad asked.

"Hork-Bajir at least, maybe one of those Javrakari if I can touch one for long enough. Those energy weapons looked lethal, and that lightning generator seems like it would be awesome."

"Would a morph even have that energy weapon and that electroshock emitter? Those looked mechanical." Kendra said.

"A morph would have those weapons; the Kalmra were so good at genetic engineering that they could make an organic thing be genetically programmed to develop mechanical components. I don't actually have a Javrakari morph, but a few other Knights do." Jeff said as he typed away at the computer.

"We need alien morphs; they're going to be able to do a lot more damage than Earth animals." Jarad said.

I looked at the others. "Okay, guys, do we have our story straight? We got lost and separated from Jeff, then used the main computer to pull up a map of the facility and find our way to Jeff. We left the area, met up with Jeff, left the building, and then someone else must have gotten in and deleted the data."

"Yeah, we've got it." Laurie said.

Aldrea cantered in. She'd been feeding outside trying to get her strength back; just rest hadn't been quite enough to recover from the rapid-fire morphing of the night before. As she walked in, I noticed a few cuts of varying sizes on her legs and flank.

"What happened?" I asked.

((I fell into some thorny bushes. Nothing serious.)) she said, shifting almost imperceptibly in place. I looked again at the cuts. Some of them were too big to have been caused by thorns, and some of them looked like bite marks. My eyes drifted to her tail, which I noticed had some blood on it. When she saw where I was looking, she immediately shifted to hide her tail from view.

"Aldrea, what really happened?" I asked, voice hardening.

((I . . . I was attacked. By a group of wolves. I accidentally let my guard down, and they attacked me. I think they were morph-capable Yeerks; one of them managed to get off what sounded like a thought-speech scream out before I dispatched it.)) She said, beginning to morph to get rid of the injuries.

"Aldrea, the Yeerks are going to notice a group of their own going missing." I said. "We can't draw attention to this area."

"No, the Yeerks won't notice. That was a patrol party. They go missing all the time; amateur Yeerks get stuck on patrol duty, lose control of the morphs, and attack things that they don't have a chance against, like feeding Andalites," Jeff said casually. "One more missing patrol won't make a difference. Nothing to worry about."

"You're sure?" I asked.

"I'm positive. Wolves are the main patrol morph for groups; lone wolves are a lot more suspicious than packs of them." Jeff said, then the computer beeped again.

"Okay, Darren, you're done. Next!" Jeff called. Darren got up and sat down on an empty cage as Laurie walked up and sat down.

Fifteen minutes later, after letting my parents know we'd be out for a while, we morphed to birds and headed to Ardam Industries. When we got there, we demorphed and went through security, then headed down the elevator. When we reached the bottom floor of the underground area, we were led to a dropshaft and sent down even further. When we emerged from the dropshaft, I realized we were in the Yeerk Pool complex. Jeff walked confidently to a building along the side of the Pool, and we followed. When we entered, a pair of Javrakari guards and four Hork-Bajir took up positions alongside us as we were led into separate holding rooms. I reached out and carefully touched the Javrakari next to me. It glared at me, then slipped into the acquisition trance that most animals lapse into when you acquire them.

When I wasn't placed in one of the holding areas, and was instead led into an interrogation room, I knew I was going first. The Supreme Visser walked in. I knew it was him by the way he held himself. Haughty, arrogant, confident . . . and intending to cause severe physical injuries in the course of getting the answers he wanted. He was followed closely by several obvious bodyguards, then by people I could tell were Knights from the fact that Sevrak led them.

The Supreme Visser sat down in front of me. "So, Vekna Three-Two-Six, do you understand why you are here?"

Chapter 12

"I understand that I'm under investigation as a suspect in the case of who deleted the oatmeal research data." I responded coolly. "Is there another reason I'm here that I haven't been informed of?"

Esplin's hand shot outward, smashing into the side of my head. I felt an explosion of pain radiate from the side of my head. I raised my hand to the side of my head and felt blood.

"Keep talking like that, and I'll cut your throat out. Do you understand?" The Supreme Visser said.

"I understand, Supreme Visser."

"Now, let us start at the beginning. Were you at Ardam Industries last night?"

"I was." I answered.

"Were you at the computer terminal at any point during your stay?"

"I was."

"Then you admit that you were responsible for the destruction of the data!" Esplin said.

"I have said no such thing, Supreme Visser. I merely said I was at the computer terminal. Don't put words in my mouth." I said, then immediately regretted it as the Supreme Visser's fist slammed into my face again.

The next fifteen minutes consisted mostly of me relating my story and Esplin trying to beat a confession out of me. Finally, Sevrak reached out a hand and placed it on the Visser's shoulder.

"I believe he is telling the truth, Esplin. There is no point trying to beat him into confessing." he said icily. "Let us see what the next ones have to say." Sevrak said.

Esplin nodded. "Very well." he said reluctantly. "But if I even suspect the others of lying, you will not be able to stop me from causing even more bodily harm to them."

"Perhapsss Sssevrak cannot, but I can." A new voice, low, gravelly, and dragging the 's' sounds out, said as a figure walked into the room. I was surprised to see that it was a Javrakari.

"Inspector Haldlack Five-Seven-Eight-Eight Primary, I was under the impression that you would not intervene in my interrogation." the Supreme Visser, or SV, as I was starting to think of him, said stonily.

"After sseeing how violent you have been with thiss ssuspect, I have decided that it iss in their livess' bessst interessstss for me to be here to prevent you from causssing extreme harm." the Inspector said, then looked at me. "Morph and be rid of thossse ridiculousssly numerousss injuriesss." he said.

I took stock of my injuries. My arm was broken, I was bleeding from numerous gashes caused by the SV's fingernails, and I could feel several bruises forming. I morphed to seagull, then demorphed and was led from the room and into a holding cell. A while later, I was released and met up with the others as we were led from the building and back to the dropshaft to head back to the surface.

When we left Ardam Industries and headed back to the barn, I looked at the others. "How'd it go?" I asked.

((It was painful.)) Aldrea said. She'd managed to avoid being discovered as an Andalite when she demorphed to get rid of the injuries by explaining that she'd managed to acquire an Andalite morph. They hadn't questioned her explanation.

"The next time we have to do this, I fully reserve the right to pound you and your crazy ideas into the ground, Jeff." Laurie said.

"That's understandable." Jeff said.

"It was insane! Walking right into enemy territory where they could have infested us?" Darren said.

"They already believed we had Yeerks in our heads; we were in no danger of being infested." Jeff replied.

"Can you two please not get into a fight?" Kendra asked.

"Yeah. The last thing we need is for you two to go at it again." Laurie said. Jarad nodded.

"We really need to work together on this. We can't be getting into fights amongst ourselves if we want to stand a chance of defeating the Yeerks and saving the whole freakin' planet." he said.

I looked at the others that made up our motley little group of friends. "Guys, you know those Javrakari? Well, I acquired one of them. I'm going to try it out. Jeff, are the Javrakari instinctually violent?"

"Yes. However, the instincts are easily suppressed so long as you don't get overwhelmed, according to those who do have Javrakari morphs. However, I feel I should morph to Hork-Bajir in case you lose control. Aldrea, you should probably remain an Andalite. The two of us could probably handle him. The rest of you should go into battle morphs. A Javrakari on a rampage is very hard to stop."

With that, he began to morph Hork-Bajir. The others followed suit, going into their own battle morphs. When the six of them were ready, I nodded, then said, "Here goes nothing." and concentrated on the Javrakari DNA. I began to morph.

When I finished morphing, the instincts set in, and I found myself overwhelmed. I looked at the others, assessing the situation. The lizard-like quadrupedal creature could be a friend, but the massive, bladed bipedal lizard was a threat. The blue-furred mammalian quadruped with the tail would have to be removed first. Then the others could be set upon and devoured at my leisure. I aimed my energy weapon at the creature a small part of my brain recognized as an Andalite. Suddenly, a voice cut into my thoughts.

((Alex, it's me, Aldrea. Do you remember me?))

That voice stirred recognition in a small part of my brain. I prepared to fire, then hesitated. I nodded slightly.

((That's good. I need you to lower the weapon and calm down. Can you do that?)) the voice asked.

I suddenly regained control and realized I had been about to vaporize one of my best friends. I lowered the weapon, then began to demorph. As soon as I was fully human, I looked at the others. "I'm sorry about that. I wasn't expecting the instincts to be so strong."

((It is okay, Alex. You did not actually cause any of us physical harm.)) Aldrea said

"Next time, we all need to go Hork-Bajir when you practice." Jeff said. "I haven't seen the Javrakari yet that is stupid enough to take on six Hork-Bajir."

Aldrea nodded, then looked at the others. ((I believe I should leave now; it is time for me to return to the Andalite military base.)) she said, heading to the barn door and leaving.

Chapter 13

The next day, I was out in the barn taking care of some of the sick or injured animals we kept there. Jeff walked in, cell phone in hand.

"What's up?" I asked.

"I just got off the phone with Sevrak. Apparently, the Visser doesn't think we're innocent. However, the Council of Thirteen is convinced, and so we're in the clear. I'm supposed to leave in two weeks for the mission to locate that Kalmra ship. I also learned that Koram Five-Eight-Three, the Yeerk in charge of the oatmeal project, is being executed for incompetence since he couldn't save the data.

"However, there's one other thing: The oatmeal project actually yielded what may be a viable sample of the modified Kandrona-replacement chemicals. Teryon and Merzan, the two Knights on a random inspection of Blackstar Tech, managed to save it. They Yeerks are going to be testing it tonight since they no longer have the data. We have to destroy that sample or the Yeerks will be able to replicate it. Odds are that they've put their observations back into the computer. We'd probably have to destroy the whole facility, like we did with Blackstar Tech."

I sighed. "Let me call the others." I said, pulling out my cell phone, then looking at Jeff. "Hey, where exactly do Knights stay?"

"Well, the ones on Earth live in special quarters in the Yeerk Pool complex of the area where they're assigned."

"Then why hasn't Sevrak gotten suspicious since you haven't been there in a while?"

"It's not uncommon for Knights to disappear for weeks at a time; no one really minds so long as we report back when ordered." Jeff said.

"Okay. Hey, could you get Kendra and tell her there's going to be a meeting in one hour?" I said, beginning to scroll down the list of numbers on my cell phone to contact the others. It was a very new model that incorporated a thought-speech converter and a holographic interface, which made it a lot easier to contact Aldrea. I hit the number for Jarad's cell, then waited as it rang.

Finally, Jarad picked up. "Hey, Alex. How's it going?"

"It's going okay. Look, we've got some trouble. I need you to get Laurie and meet me at the barn in one hour."

"Okay, but this had better be important; I'm supposed to head over to Kayla Peters' house to help her study for a math test."

"Jarad, I hate to break it to you, but Kayla Peters has a boyfriend and isn't interested in you. Tell her something important came up and you can't make it, and then head over here so we can talk about our attempts to save the Earth." I said, then hung up. I called the others and let them know, saving Aldrea for last. When I got transferred to Aldrea's connection, the holographic transmission showed that she seemed sweaty and somewhat tired.

"Aldrea, did I interrupt something?" I asked.

((I was out practicing, that is all.)) she said. ((Commander Gandal-Folorin-Quintas was simply showing me some intersting tail-fighting moves he was developing. I assume that whatever you have to tell me is more important.))

"You're right. I just need you to meet me in one hour at the barn; there's something important we need to discuss about what we've been doing recently."

((I will be there as soon as I can.)) Aldrea said, then cut the transmission. I hung up, and then went back to taking care of the animals.

An hour later, we were gathered in the barn.

"I can't believe we're talking about another mission. We're being run ragged; a mission every couple of days isn't easy. I don't know how much longer we can handle this." Jarad said. "If we're planning on doing missions this frequently, we're going to start slipping up. Too much stress is going to run us into the ground."

"Hopefully this'll be the last mission we have for a while." I said. "You all know the importance of this; the Yeerks can't be allowed to gain the advantage of not needing Pools. All I'm asking for is one final mission, and then we can take the week off. After this, if we have to go on another mission for a week, I'll make it all up to you somehow."

"I'm going to hold you to that." Darren said. "I keep wondering if your plan is to run us until we drop from exhaustion or stress and therefore doom the Earth."

"I assure you, I have no such plans." I said. "I understand this past week has been hard, and I'm going to ask each of you for your opinion on this mission. If you're against the mission, you don't have to go; I'm not going to force you. However, I am going to say this: The more of us who go, the greater our chances of success. However, Jeff can't go this time because we can't risk him being associated with these attacks any more than he already is. One more appearance at the site of an attack and they'll probably put two and two together."

"Alex has a point. I'm going to have to sit this one out." Jeff said. "I can't even really help you guys out this time; you can't use cell phones because you need to be able to morph, so I can't communicate with you that way. The best I could do is hang around outside the building in morph and talk you through it in thought-speech, but the guards will be looking for anything suspicious now. I'm sorry; you'll have to do this on your own. I can't give you any more details or they'll guess I'm not on their side anymore."

"So, in other words, we're going to stumble through the mission and barely escape with our lives . . . again." Jarad said.

"But we'll still escape with our lives." Kendra said. "None of us have died, and none of us will. Alex knows what he's doing, don't you, Alex?"

"I do. So who's going?"

"I'm in." Kendra said.

"What else can we do?" Jarad said.

((I would follow you to the hypothetical gates of Hell and through them, Alex. Where you go, I go.)) Aldrea said.

"I can't let my best friend throw himself into a crazy scheme without me, can I?" Darren said.

Laurie smirked. "Let's do it!" she said.
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Re: Novamorphs #1: The Infestation

Post by Elfangor » Sun Jun 07, 2009 3:55 pm

I have already rated 11 and 12. So I'll just say I loved 13.
Also I should mention... The Yeerks are way to slack....
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Re: Novamorphs #1: The Infestation

Post by BeyondtheEllimist » Wed Jun 10, 2009 6:29 am

Here are chapters 14 and 15. I'm going to either end the story with chapter 15 or add a 16th chapter to end it. It depends on what you, my audience, think I should do.

Chapter 14

A few hours later, after ironing out the details of the plan, we were ready to head into Ardam Industries. Jeff had managed to figure out how long we had until the test was going to be performed, and we had to attack the facility before then. After one final run-through of the plan, the six of us who were going morphed to bird-of-prey. From the time we left and headed to the facility, we had three hours. That was more than enough time, according to Jeff.

We took off, heading for Ardam Industries. We landed about a block away, then demorphed and morphed to flies. We wound up lost for a little bit, but then we managed to find our way to our destination after about half an hour.

We waited until someone was about to walk in, then followed the person in. We flew around for a little while longer, finding our ways to the bathrooms so that we could demorph. After we demorphed, we used the computerized maps of the building to figure out where the main power room was. We then morphed back to fly and headed for the power room. When we got there, we ducked into a closet right next to it to demorph and then remorph to battle morphs. I had decided to use my Javrakari morph, and the others had decided to use their normal morphs, except for Jarad, who had acquired a Hork-Bajir morph when we'd gone in for questioning, and Aldrea, who would use her Andalite form. They were going to be the ones trying to trigger the self-destruct of the facility. We entered the power room, took out the three Hork-Bajir in the room, then demorphed to acquire the Hork-Bajir before remorphing. I was waiting just inside the door to take out anyone who entered the room. After a while typing away at the computer, Jarad sighed.

"I'm not an expert on Yeerk codes. I've tried almost everything. Aldrea, are you having any luck?" he asked.

((I believe I am. However, these are extremely complex codes. The self-destruct code is apparently hidden within a myriad of other codes beneath several layers of encryption.)) Aldrea said, continuing to enter codes in.

Just then, the door opened, and a group of Hork-Bajir walked in. Upon seeing us, one of them opened its mouth to let out a shout. It didn't have time before it was vaporized by my energy weapon and the others were set upon by Aldrea, Laurie, Jarad, Darren, and Kendra. I looked at Aldrea after we'd dispatched the five Hork-Bajir.

((Aldrea, keep trying to crack those codes. And hurry. We probably don't have long before more of them show up. Everyone else, get ready to deal with more enemies. I don't know if they managed to sound an alarm. Odds are they didn't, but, when they don't show up to some other place, others'll come looking for them. Hopefully, we'll be out of here by then.)) I said in thought-speech.

A few minutes later, Aldrea looked up, an Andalite smile on her face. ((I believe I have isolated the self-destruct code from the others. I have already locked out all other consoles so that they cannot stop the self-destruct. I am entering the code now. We have ten minutes to get out of here as of . . . now!)) she said, hitting what amounted to the 'enter' key. Immediately, alarms started sounding and red lights started flashing.

I looked at the others, who had gone to Hork-Bajir after we'd acquired them. ((Let's blow this joint!)) I said.

"Before it blows up!" Darren joked, using the Hork-Bajir mouth.

((RUN!)) I yelled, opening the door and running as fast as I could. A Hork-Bajir stepped in front of me, raised a Dracon beam, and fired. I dodged before it fired, then raised my own energy weapon and vaporized that Hork-Bajir. More Hork-Bajir, some Human-Controllers, and a few Javrakari started pouring into the corridors. We were fighting viciously. I heard Laurie scream as one of her arms was sliced off and Hork-Bajir blood squirted out.

((No one hurts my sister!!)) Jarad yelled, slashing outward and decapitating the Hork-Bajir that had hurt Laurie. Suddenly, I noticed a Hork-Bajir level a Dracon beam at Aldrea and fire once, twice, three times. One shot took Aldrea's left arm clean off, the second took off a stalk-eye, and the final shot took missed. At the same time, a Javrakari sliced into her flank with its five claws and the bladed hand. She screamed in pain, stumbling for a second.

((Aldrea!!)) I yelled, shooting at the Hork-bajir that had attacked her. Its head exploded as about 15,000 volts of electricity from the electroshock emitter blasted into it at the same time as the energy blast hit it. Aldrea slashed out at the Javrakari, decapitating it in five hacking movements of her tail blade. A second Javrakari attacked her, managing to deliver several slicing blows before I shot it and it vaporized. A Hork-Bajir came at me, and I decapitated it with the blade-like clamp of my morph's left hand. All the while, we were working our way out of the building. We still had a ways to go, and I knew we didn't have long until the self-destruct detonated.

((Stop fighting and just run!!)) I yelled in thought-speech. The others stopped fighting and began to run. Aldrea let out a scream as three Dracon beams lanced into her and a Javrakari energy blast narrowly missed her. She slowed down significantly, stumbling a lot more.

I noticed that Aldrea was lagging behind. I dropped back, then said, ((Aldrea, morph to something small! There's no way you're going to make it out of here unless you morph!))

Aldrea obediently began to morph, trying to keep up with me the whole time. I noticed she was morphing to a djabala, a small creature native to the Andalite Homeworld. She was also taking a long time to morph. She was weak from the Dracon beams and the cuts, and the Javrakari venom wasn't helping any. I was beginning to think she would die before she finished morphing.

As soon as she got small enough to carry, I grabbed her and held her in my upper arms as she continued to morph. As soon as the doors leading out of the facility came into sight, I put on an extra burst of speed and barreled out of the doors, yelling at Aldrea to stay as a djabala until we could morph to something else. We ran into the parking garage near Ardam Industries, up to the top floor, and then I looked at the others.

((Demorph, then morph to flies. I'll morph raptor and guide you guys to a back-alley to demorph to human and get out of there. Aldrea, can you hang in there?))

((I believe I can, Alex. Morphing helped. I am simply tired. I believe I can manage one final morph.))

((Then morph! We don't have long!)) I said, beginning to demorph along with the others. Once I was human, I began to morph to bald eagle as the others went fly. I could hear the pursuing enemies charging up the stairs. As soon as I finished morphing, I took off and disappeared out of sight by flying up to the roof of the parking garage and perched there so the Controllers couldn't see me, since a raptor would be obvious as a morph. The others had finished morphing to fly. I pointed them in the right direction as the Controllers looked around bewildered.

Once we landed in the alley, we demorphed and headed back to the barn.

Chapter 15

When we returned to the barn, Darren looked at me.

"You are IN-FREAKIN'-SANE!!" He yelled. "We could have been killed!! Aldrea nearly died!! What would have happened if one of us had died? How would you have explained it to our parents if one of us had demorphed too slowly or died before we could have demorphed?"

"But none of us did. That's all that counts." I said. "Now, as promised, you guys can all take the week off."

"Just let me vent! You are an insane, stupid, crazy SOB, and you need to take your insane ideas and shove them where the sun doesn't shine! Then you need to get a brain transplant and destroy your original brain by burning it with napalm! Okay, now I'm done. Don't do anything stupid, like what I just told you to do."

A few minutes later, my mom came out and insisted that the others stay for dinner since it was almost dinnertime anyways.

Two hours and one dinner later, Aldrea came inside from where she'd been eating some grass in addition to the human food.

((I believe I should leave. Alex, would you mind coming with me? I need to talk to you.)) Aldrea said.

I looked at my parents for approval. The nodded, and I looked at Aldrea again. "Which morph should I use?" I asked.

((A bird-of-prey morph would probably suffice.)) she said. I nodded, then began to morph to bald eagle as Aldrea began to morph to kafit bird.

When we took off, I looked at Aldrea. ((What do you want to talk about, Aldrea?)) I asked.

((I wanted to talk about . . . about what I want you to do if I don't survive this war. That battle at-))

((Aldrea, don't think like that. We're all going to survive this.)) I said, cutting her off.

((Alex, you have to understand, that battle at Ardam Industries made me realize that we might not survive this. It isn't like one of your strategy games where you can restart when you die. This is real, and this is dangerous. So, anyways, I want you to promise me that, if I do die, you'll get my body back to my family on the Andalite Homeworld. Let them know I died fighting. Tell them that . . . that I love them and that I'm sorry I couldn't see them one last time before I died.))

((Aldrea, I'm not going to do that because you aren't going to die. None of us are going to die. You have to believe that, or you WILL die because you'll be convinced you are going to die. Don't think, 'I'm going to die'; think 'I'm going to live', and you'll be just fine.)) I said.

((I understand that you have to put on this brave face for the others because you're the leader, but it's just the two of us here and now. Can you honestly tell me that you think we're all going to live, that there isn't the slightest chance that even one of us might demorph too slowly and die in morph, that we might be killed before we could demorph, that one of us might actually die?)) Aldrea asked.

((Aldrea, the truth is, I'm scared that one of us might die. I just keep thinking that, if I don't admit it, that somehow makes it less likely. I was scared you'd die back there. I don't know what I'd do with myself if you died. If it were one of the others, I could deal with it in time, but you . . . I can't imagine having to live knowing you died because you were following me. I don't know if I can deal with you risking your life while following me in this war.))

((Alex, death is inevitable. There is a huge chance that one of us might die, and, once you accept that, you won't worry so much about it. I made my peace with whatever higher powers are out there when I first entered the military. I accept that my life may well be spent saving others, and that I cannot choose to leave this war because my people, and yours, still have need of me and my life. I know the risks, and I would follow you anywhere because I trust you. I know that, if I die, it will not be your fault, but the will of fate. You cannot blame yourself for a person's death in war, nor can you expect to lead those under you from death every time you face it; you can only hope that the life lost was not wasted senselessly, but spent wisely.))

By now, we had reached the Andalite military base. Aldrea delivered a thought-speech identification code and we were allowed to pass. Aldrea swooped down and landed by the area where her designated scoop was located. I circled around and prepared to fly off, but Aldrea's voice stopped me.

((Please stay, Alex. I wish to talk to you some more.))

((Okay.)) I said, gliding down, landing beside her, and beginning to demorph. Aldrea was ahead of me, but only slightly. When I finished demorphing, she motioned for me to follow her into the scoop.

((I don't wish for our conversation to be overheard by the wrong ears.)) she said. ((Inside, it is much easier to talk privately. No one would eavesdrop on us inside.)) she said.

Once we were inside her scoop, I looked around. There was a computer terminal in one corner and a desk/table with a holographic picture of myself, Aldrea, Jarad, Laurie, Kendra, and Darren on it. There was also a small cabinet in one corner and a mini-fridge next to it. Also, there were two chairs by the desk. Other than that, the scoop was bare. Aldrea walked over to the cabinet and unlocked it with a code, a fingerprint scan, a DNA scan, and a four-eye retinal scan.

"Why all the security?" I asked.

((You'd be surprised how little you can trust others.)) Aldrea said, opening the cabinet. I noticed several bottles inside.

"Aldrea, what are those?" I asked, although I had an idea as to what it was.

((Vodka, grain alcohol, stuff like that.)) she replied casually. ((I keep it for special occasions. I'd say narrowly escaping death qualifies.))

"How'd you get it?" I asked.

((A human morph.)) she said, pulling out a bottle of vodka and two shot glasses. ((Do you want anything?)) she asked, beginning to morph to human.

"No thanks. I thought you wanted to talk some more?"

"I do. For one thing, it won't be easy getting off base for missions anymore. I've had to miss a few things on base as is. I don't know how many more excuses I can come up with to get off base." she said, opening up the bottle and filling up one of the shot glasses. One thing I immediately noticed about the morph was that it wasn't her usual one. It still had features of Laurie and Kendra, but I could tell it was made completely from female DNA. It was clothed in a black leotard. She raised the glass to her lips and drained it in a single gulp.

"Aldrea, doesn't the Andalite military do drug tests or something?" I asked.

"I discovered that morphing removes alcohol from the body's system, as it does with venom and poison. As soon as I demorph back to my natural body, I'll be sober again." Aldrea said, reaching out and taking my hand. "I'm thankful for you saving me on these last two missions." She said, leaning forward and brushing my cheek with her hand, then refilling the shot glass and draining it again, then repeating the process.

"You're absolutely sure you don't want anything?" she asked as she poured her fourth shot, slurring her words slightly.

"Yeah." I said. Aldrea drained the fourth glass and then set it aside. She moved in even closer, then, before I knew what was happening, she was kissing me full on the lips. I was shocked as her left hand grabbed the back of my head and pulled me even deeper into the kiss. I felt myself giving in and beginning to run my hand along her back to the back of her head to push her lips against mine even harder. It was only after I felt her hand tugging at my shirt that I managed to recover my senses. I pulled out of the kiss, then backed away.

"Aldrea, you're drunk." I said firmly.

"What's the matter? Don't you find me attractive?" She asked, staggering over to me and trying to put her arm around me for another kiss.

"Aldrea, stop it. I"m not going to take advantage of you when you're drunk. I wouldn't be able to handle knowing I did that." I said, trying to move toward the exit of the scoop as Aldrea tried to kiss me again.

"Aldrea, I've got to go." I said.

"Please stay." She said, moving toward me.

"Aldrea, I've really got to go." I said, then ran for the exit. As soon as I was outside of the scoop, I began to morph to bald eagle. Once I finished morphing, I took off as Aldrea came out of the scoop, pleading with me to stay.

I flew by the barn on my way to the house, noticing as I did so that the others were still in the barn. I flew in through my open bedroom window, demorphed, then sat down on the bed and tried to process what had happened with Aldrea.
There is much that is beyond the Ellimist . . . he just won't admit it.
Check out my fanfic series, Novamorphs. It has the Animorphs' children fighting a second Yeerk invasion. First book: The Infestation.Second book: The Search.

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Re: Novamorphs #1: The Infestation

Post by Tim Bruening » Wed Feb 08, 2012 11:26 pm

I have just read the first 4 chapters. Where's the rest of the story? This appears to be another Elimist-Crayak game, with limits on each side to reduce the damage. The good guys are limited by the fact that only a few people are allowed to know about the 2nd Yeerk invasion. What limits are there on the Yeerks?

How did the protagonists get their parents to recommend them for Class Four Morphing licenses without telling them about the Yeerks?

Since the Crayak seeks to destroy all life except for perhaps one master species, why would the Crayak agree to rules of engagement, since the Crayak would have no reason to worry about collateral damage?

So one of the characters is named Jeff, who says that his father left him and his Mom, and then his Mom kicked him out for building Dracon weapons. A background check reveals that his father is none other than the Animorphs leader Jake! I bet that Jake caught wind of the renewed Yeerk offensive and left his family in hopes of keeping them out of the fight!
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Re: Novamorphs #1: The Infestation

Post by BeyondtheEllimist » Fri Feb 10, 2012 3:26 pm

Both the Ellimist and Crayak are incredibly powerful beings. The reason they haven't taken their rivalry to the massive destructive levels they're capable of is because they're almost too powerful; in The Ellimist Chronicles,
you find out that the last time they went to war more or less directly against each other with their powers, the destruction was incredible. If they were to both use their powers directly against each other, they risk what amounts to a M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) scenario, because such a conflict could destroy the universe. If Crayak were the enemy, which I will neither confirm nor deny, then to use his powers directly would risk the wrath of the Ellimist, who would retaliate in kind. That's why they started using mere mortal beings and these games, because it was a way to avoid risking their own lives.
There is much that is beyond the Ellimist . . . he just won't admit it.
Check out my fanfic series, Novamorphs. It has the Animorphs' children fighting a second Yeerk invasion. First book: The Infestation.Second book: The Search.