The TGIF ABC universe

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The TGIF ABC universe

Post by Tobias_Marco » Sat Jun 09, 2018 5:05 pm

<Back in the 1980's and 1990's the television channel ANC aired shows on Friday night called TGIF, this blick of 4 shows changed over time. However they all seem to take place in the same universe.>
<On 'Full House' Danny Tanner raises his 3 girls with the help of his best friend Joey, and his brother-in-law Jessie. In season 4 episode 16 (S4E16) Steve Urkel is a character from 'Family Matters'. Later a new tv show called 'Fuller House' shows what happened to the characters of 'Full House' afterwards. Danny's youngest daughter Michelle is the only main character from the earlier show not seen outside of flashbacks. She is said to be too busy with her fashion job. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson are later mentioned as having done so well in their fashion empire that it is clear why they stopped acting.>
<This means that everyone is blind to the fact that their sister looks just like these twin actresses who now work in the same industry as their younger sister.>

<You probably think I am kidding about the same universe thing. There once was a tv show called 'Perfect Stranger's that had a spin-off show called 'Family Matters'.
The September 12, 1992 episode of 'Hangin' with Mr. Cooper' S1E2, had him meet up with Michelle Tanner from 'Full House'.
In May 1996 'Step-by-Step' had a two parter that took place in Walt Disney World, in order to see all of it you needed to watch 2 weeks in a row, in between those 2 episodes was an episode of 'Boy meets world' where Cory follows Tapanga to Walt Disney World where he briefly interacts with one of the girls from 'Step-By-Step'.
On February 7th, 1997 Sabrina appears in the Clueless episode "Mr. Wright".
On 'Boy meets world had an episode called "The Witches of Pennbrook." Sabrina was in, then on November 7th 1997 S2E8 of 'Sabrina the Teenaged Witch' Sabrina makes a Time Ball, an object that lets you temporarily make thinks like they were in other time periods. Salem eats it because it smells like fish. Sabrina must now chase Salem as he moves us through diffrent time periods, visiting diffrent shows along the way including 'Boy meets world', 'Teen Angel', and 'You Wish!', those last two didn't last long, however 'Boy meets world' later became 'Girl meets world' a show about what happenes to Cory and Atlanta's daughter.>
<In an episode of 'Family Matters' titled "Beauty and the Beast" Urkel sent a chain letter to his friend Cory Matthews, who lived in Philadelphia. In an episode of 'Boy Meets World', Cory says he received a chain letter from his friend Steve.>
<What?!? You still don't believe me? Then watch these:
'Perfect Strangers' S3E1 “All the News That Fits” September 23, 1987
S4E12 “Crimebusters” January 20, 1989
'Full House' S4E16 "Stephanie Gets Framed”
January 25, 1991
'Family Matters' S3E2 “Brain Over Brawn” & 'Step By Step' S1E2 ”The Dance” September 27, 1991
'Hangin' With Mr. Cooper' S1E2 “Hangin’ with Michelle” September 29, 1992
'Step By Step' S3E22 “Great Expectations” May 6, 1994>

<Urkel also makes a brief cameo in the 1997 episode "A Star Is Born," snapping a clapperboard on the set of the movie that Al was cast in over her two sisters.>

<In a short-lived series called 'Meego', Steve makes a non-speaking cameo appearance in the second episode "Love and Money" where he angrily retrieves a television set stolen by Meego. He then appears in the third episode "The Truth About Cats and Dogs" helping out at a model car derby competition.>
<In the show 'Girl Meets World', VelJohnson made a cameo appearance as "James," an NYPD officer.>
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