Everything that's wrong with...

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Dr Sario
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Everything that's wrong with...

Post by Dr Sario » Fri Jun 18, 2010 8:51 am

A thread for anyone who, for whatever reason, wants to rant about/bash/make a list of where any TV show went wrong. I'll start with:
The first two episodes of Andromeda
  • They killed the hottie! (Gaheris Rhade)
  • Two people just went from "fairly important" to "redshirt", even though they were wearing black!
  • The cutest, most promising character of the cast died!
  • The episodes were long-winded!
  • Hell, all the IMO cute characters (minus Trance & the guy with measles) died in the first episode!
  • Captain Hunt acts too much like a Messiah!
  • They. Killed. Gaheris. Rhade!
Now, YOU bash a show/episode you don't like.
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Poke'mon Master
Poke'mon Master
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Re: Everything that's wrong with...

Post by TF. » Fri Oct 22, 2010 3:32 am


-low budget
-andalite heads on sticks
-lame plots that never actually involved a real fight
-pathetic acting
-abandoning the books' direction (morphs, physical appearance)
-being unbelievable for cost's sake (Visser in human morph all the time, lack of Hork-Bajir, dracon beams as torches, etc)
-the theme song and intro (I wish it was all just in my head)

and just generally for partly ruining Animorphs for me. Curse you, random production company!
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