How many games do you play at once?

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Re: How many games do you play at once?

Post by Jetroyz » Thu Dec 29, 2011 6:56 am

I get sidetracked when playing to many games. I blame it on my extremely short attention span.

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Re: How many games do you play at once?

Post by Silvanthato » Fri Jun 01, 2012 12:11 am

I am playing Assassins Creed Revealtions on Xbox, Diablo 3 (trial version) on PC, Tales of the Abyss on 3DS, Pokemon White on my DS and the Nuzlocke challenge on Pokemon Fire Red on my GameboyAdvance SP...Unfortunately one of the consoles will get forgotten and will effectively play 2 or 3 Max at a time. Multi-tasking is not so easy
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Re: How many games do you play at once?

Post by Menno » Fri Jun 01, 2012 12:17 pm

My system for determining the number of video games I play at any given time is insanely complex. I began to implement it last year. Nearly everything in my life, from my apartment to my school notes, is disorganized. My video game life is quite the opposite. (I keep my Animorphs collection in perfect order too. Heheh)

First, I picked out a group of games composed of the first games of franchises (or in some cases, the first generation of games of franchises) that I particularly like or would like to play. In this context, I do not use the word "franchise" in the strict sense of licensed intellectual property--I use it, inaccurately but for lack of a better word, to include any group of very closely related games, such as chess and its variants. In some rare cases, I designated multiple games as a single game (the prime example being Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Stadium.) I used my judgment to determine when to consider a worthy spin-off to be its own franchise. Then, I divided this group into two domains: Games with a vs. mode (Domain 1 or D1) and games with no vs. mode (D2). D2 was >D1, so I added more games to D1 until it was =D2. Next, I organized each domain individually by ranking the games in order of my favoritism. My favorite game of domain 1 is called 1D1, third-favorite game of domain 2 is called 3D2, and so on.

After all that, I actually started playing some games. I started with only the games in D1, and as you might expect, the game with which I started was 1D1. Once I had played a bit of that, I started playing some 2D1. And so on. I make sure my level of completion of xD1 is > or = a/b of my level of completion of yD1, where y=x+1, a=b+1, and b=the total number of games in D1. So for example, if there are 9 games in D1, then I cannot hit the 90% completion mark in 2D1, until I have completed at least 100% of 1D1. For games which are new to me, I play through them leisurely before I start playing them in my official system, so that I will be able to estimate my completion percentage (and also so I will know how to avoid embarrassing blunders which might make me want to start the game over from the beginning, thus disrupting the entire system).

I haven't hit 100% completion on any of the D1 games yet, but I when I do, it will add a new dimension to the system. After I complete a game, I will lump the next game of the franchise together with it, and I will define "completing the game" as completing the first game of the franchise followed by completing the second one (the change takes effect starting the next time I set out to complete the game). When I complete that, I will add the third game of the franchise to it, and so on. So for example, I will complete 1D1 for the first time, and thereafter (until I have completed it again), 1D1 will officially consist of the first two games of the franchise, to be completed separately and consecutively. When I complete xD1, I will start on xD2. My completion % of D2 games won't be restricted in the same manner as that of D1 games. However, the number of times I complete xD2 must be < or = the number of times I have completed the first game of xD1.

Now, here's where it starts to get complicated. D1 and D2 start out being the same size, but that will change. As I've established, following the first time I complete xD1, I will add the next game of the franchise to the end of xD1, and set out to complete xD2, and then after I complete xD2, the next game of xD2's franchise will be added to the end of it. But then the second time I beat xD1, xD1 will consist of 2 games. After I complete the first game of the new-and-improved xD1, I will then set out to beat the new-and-improved xD2. BUT, then, after I complete the second game of xD1, I will add an entirely new franchise to D2, let's call it xD2A. And the number of times I have completed xD2A must be < or = the number of times I have beaten the second game of xD1. Then, on my third time around, an xD2B will be born, and so on.

This provides a mechanism for new game franchises to be added to D2, but not D1. If I do wish to add a new franchise to D1--which I am certain will happen eventually--I'll just do it "manually". I'll decide where it fits in my ranking, and play it heavily until its completion percentage is in line with the rest. Of course, I'll have to slightly increase the relative completion percentages of the games ranked above it as well. Also, one-game franchises will not be left out of the system. When completing them for the second or third or fourth time, I will simply self-impose increasing levels of restrictions to make the game more challenging.

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Re: How many games do you play at once?

Post by BabelFish42 » Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:50 pm

^^ Wow. Just... wow. Yes, I'm glad I'm not that particular brand of crazy :P
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How many games do you play at once

Post by Bistdags » Wed Jan 04, 2017 8:33 am

I mostly retrogame, though I still play some modern video games. I also play visual novels.

As for games of the non-electronic variety, I play yugioh as well as a little go.

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Re: How many games do you play at once?

Post by Spencer » Thu Jan 05, 2017 10:05 am

Apparently young me was a scrub who just didn't have his video gaming life together. Eight. Weeeaaaaaak.


To start with, I've got a perpetually running game of Skyrim that I keep restarting when the cheats and mods pile up to much and I say "This is the time. No cheats." and then half an hour later I'm typing in player.additem 5aced 10.

Pokemon Moon, which is really slow going and I'm still only on the second island.

I'm also playing Soul Silver and Alpha Sapphire, with the intention to bring the pokemon from them into Moon. I'm in the post-game part of Pokemon Red as well, and just grinding pokemon while waiting for the Bank to update.

Pokemon Moon
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Pokemon Soul Silver
Pokemon Red
Dragonball Xenoverse 2
Star Wars Battlefront, which I recently picked back up because of the VR mission
Eve: Valkyrie
Minecraft, another game with a perpetual progression. I usually play this one once a week
Saints Row IV
Ultimate Doom

The last two I just recently picked up and am playing through.