Visser 3, safe feeding of.

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Tim Bruening
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Visser 3, safe feeding of.

Post by Tim Bruening » Sat May 11, 2019 1:35 pm

Why doesn't Visser 3 have a "feeding field" on his Blade ship? After all, he's been ambushed at least twice while feeding his host Andalite style!

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Proud Uncle
Proud Uncle
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Re: Visser 3, safe feeding of.

Post by Tobias_Marco » Wed Jul 03, 2019 6:23 pm

<Because grass needs sunlight, and Visser 3 is an idiot.>
<Case in point, a Visser's time is valuable, yet when heading north (The Extreme) they took so long that the Animorphs wondered if they were going to the moon. Ax laughed this off as that trip would take less time. They were going slowly because they were passing through the planet's atmosphere.>
<What is wrong with those stupid Yeerks?!?>
<Point number one: if a flight to the moon and a flight to the north pole take the same amount of time (they don't, the trip to the north pole takes longer), then just fly nearly straight up, fly 1/16 the distance to the moon, turn around and fly down. You just covered 1/8 the distance to the moon and saved 7/8 of the Visser's valuable time.>
<Point number two: even if the Yeerks have perfect cloaking devices, their ships still pass through air, these air disturbances displace birds, clouds and create sonic booms. These things can be tracked by Human government.>
<Solution: Go up, turn, then down.>
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