Book 26: The Attack

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Book 26: The Attack

Post by Tim Bruening » Sun Mar 17, 2019 10:08 pm

Book 26: The Attack: The Ellimist transports the Animorphs and Erek 500 million light years to the Iskoot world to fight 7 Howlers to determine the Iskoots' fate.

The Iskoots are a type of Yeerk who achieved a true symbiosis. These Yeerks/Yoorts created the Isks as symbiotic hosts after realizing that parasitism wouldn't work in the long run. The Animorphs believe that if the Yeerks ever met the Iskoots, the Yeerks would adopt the
Iskoot lifestyle, and stop enslaving people! After beating the Howlers (saving the Iskoots) and returning to Earth, did the Animorphs ever tell any Yeerks about the Iskoot symbiosis? If not, why not?