Book 29: The Sickness

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Tim Bruening
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Book 29: The Sickness

Post by Tim Bruening » Sun Mar 17, 2019 10:05 pm

Book 29: The Sickness: 1st, Ax gets sick with yamphut, which will kill him within days by exploding his Tria gland, which is in his head! (pp 29-32).

P 53: Jake keels over, while passing through the town's water system!

P 63: Rachael says that Ax says that the yumphut is very contagious, and will sicken all the Animorphs (which it soon does, save Cassie!). Given that yamphut is vary contagious, why doesn't it spread all over town, (from Ax infecting people at a school dance party when he first gets sick, and from Jake's illness infecting THE WATER!

Also Jake, Rachael, and Marco infecting their friends and family)? I was imagining the yamphut epidemic spreading through the Yeek Pool!