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Tim Bruening
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Suggestions for Visser 3, Animorphs

Post by Tim Bruening » Sun Mar 17, 2019 10:02 pm

Suggestions for Visser 3: Have his minions infiltrate the staffs of all food vendors so as to watch out for people going nuts over food.

Infiltrate the staffs of all animal handling facilities (such as "The Gardens" and "The Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic" so as to catch Andalites trying to acquire new morphs. Cassie's parents would make excellent Controllers for that purpose!

I propose that the free Hork-Bajir or Animorphs posing as same rescue Human-Controllers such as Tom!

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Proud Uncle
Proud Uncle
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Re: Suggestions for Visser 3, Animorphs

Post by Tobias_Marco » Mon Feb 01, 2021 3:10 pm

<If the goal is to make suggestions to the Yeerks to help them take over the world, then let's start by looking at those who already control the world. The wealthiest 700 people on Earth control almost everything. It took some amount of time to set up the Yeerk pool in California, so logically it should take the same amount of time to build a second Yeerk pool somewhere else.>
<Elon Reeve Musk has at least four houses in California.>
<Jeffrey Preston Bezos, and Bill Gates are also incredibly wealthy, they have houses in California and Washington State.>
<Anyone who has read Visser Chronicles knows that the first Sharing started in southern California, however the future Visser One was thinking about going to Washington D.C.>
<Imagine that the Yeerks invited Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates to a party, the exact nature of the party isn't important, maybe the Yeerks are only catering a New Years Eve party. What matters is that by the end of the night Elon, Jeff, Bill, and their wives are all hosts to the Yeerks.>
<Afterwards they buy up some land and start building more Yeerk pools all over California, Washington (probably near Seattle), and Washington D.C. Over the next few months Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates have dinners with some of the other 700 wealthiest people on the planet, as well as all the members of the United States congress. The message is a simple one, "I have recently joined this group called The Sharing. If you want to do any business with me, or any company that I am part of, then you will join as well, and if you want any help with your next political campaign, then you will join the Sharing." Soon every democrat, republican, and libertarian is part of the Sharing, as well as all 700 of the world's richest people and their wives.>
<Now let's talk about the huge failure that was Jeremy Jason McCole, he was only one small, pathetic young Human male, yet Humans such as him are a dime a dozen. We will choose 200 Yeerks, and have them infest 100 Human males, and 100 Human females. Each specially chosen in the same way that Jeremy Jason McCole was chosen...give or take a few gender differences. Here I have a list of the top 100 sexiest men in Hollywood, in my other hand I have a list of the 100 sexiest women in Hollywood. By infesting these 200 people, I can create too many targets for the Andalite Bandits to target.>
<Even if they do, with control of the 100 sexiest men in Hollywood, the 100 sexiest women in Hollywood, the 700 richest people on Earth, as well as every congress person in the United States, and the spouses and children of everyone of those people, well by that point we will already control the world, and nobody on Earth will be able to stop themselves from at least hearing what we have to say.>
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Re: Suggestions for Visser 3, Animorphs

Post by fingon » Wed Nov 10, 2021 10:16 am

After spending a while thinking about it, I think that Visser 3 needs a change of tactics. If he is going for speed, try diplomacy. It worked with the Taxxons if I remember correctly, and I am sure that he could find some nations willing to make an alliance with someone who has as much power as the Yerks do. I would also recommend that they try to emphasize the relationship as more symbiotic. Some humans agree to go along with the Yerks willingly even with the current tactics. Imagine how many more would cooperate if there were symbiotic benefits.