Cassie Haters??

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Re: Cassie Haters??

Post by spocksbrows » Thu Nov 26, 2015 9:03 pm

I think the main thing about Cassie hate is there's a character like that in nearly every series. Someone who is a foil for the reader, or perhaps just someone who's meant to pose the 'devil's advocate' position in arguments. Also I dont think people think about the fact that when this all stars they're all like thirteen years old? Of course they're all going to make mistakes, Cassie's just seem bigger because she claims to be so staunchly moral and it has a bigger impact by chance.

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Re:she is not that bad

Post by Sopie » Wed May 17, 2017 9:29 am

The problem with Cassie is that she doesn't change as a person but she's not bad you do need someone like that on the team a passiveist but she is no ones favourite and she is considered the worst add that to Tobias and ax fans being annoyed that they only appear once every 10 books and some people being racist and you have a recipe for disaster

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Re: Cassie Haters??

Post by Tobias_Marco » Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:42 am

<I don't hate Cassie because she wants peace, that would be stupid. We all want peace. My problem is how she goes about doing it. Cassie wants to end the war by going back in time and sabotaging the battle plans of all of Hitlar's enemies.>
<Think about it, how could we have stopped Hitlar if Cassie had insisted that we don't do anything that might win us the war if everytime a general comes up with a plan Cassie insists that it would be morally wrong and does something to help the Yeerks?>
<In #19 Cassie knows that she is being followed, yet she morphs anyway. This alone gives the Yeerks knowledge of her being an Animorph. Now they follow her and learn that she has secret meetings in her barn. So they follow the kids she meets with and Tom is told to bring a Yeerk home for Jake. All human Animorphs are grabed in the same hour.>
<Game over. And that is only 1 mistake.>
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Re: Cassie Haters??

Post by inspectorjavert » Fri Mar 16, 2018 10:38 pm

I stopped reading the series a little after the David Trilogy. I had grown out of it... Before then I hated Cassie as she was the PETA type I'm a hunter and fisherman so those guys are always near the top of my **** list to begin with. As I read about what happened in later books and other peoples analysis I began to realize she was more or less a mouth piece for KA in many ways especially on the issues of war. I'd hesitate to call her a Mary Sue because she seemed to have at least some flaws but she obviously benefited from extreme author bias with her bone headed decisions ending up working out no matter how narrative breaking they were. Why did Cassie get this authorial bais?

I can only speculate but after reading her note to the fans about the furor over the ending of the series (a letter that made me loose a lot of my respect for KA: seriously read it, her way of thinking in the 1910's and 30's was a direct cause of WWII), whether she intended to do this originally or the events of the various wars in the Middle East made her think she had "show people the way" she turned into a "peace at any price" type and since Cassie was her mouthpeice she adopted a similar stance and by virtue of agreeing with the author she gets the good ending. Its the equivalent of one of those chic tracts where only the one who puts their faith in Jesus avoids a horrible fate. KA , through Cassie, turned Animorphs into a secular version of a Hell House(

I applogize for going a bit off topic (its very late as I write this) but to sum up why people hate Cassie

1. Disagreement with her socio-political beliefs
2. Dislike of the authorial bias in her favor.
3. Dislike of her mouth piece status.
4. Dislike of the turn the series took in the end game as a result of these things.

On personal note I think her actions got Rachel killed albeit indirectly and since she's my favorite Animorph that doesn't sit well with me :)