Why Did the Yeerks Lose the War?

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Re: Why Did the Yeerks Lose the War?

Post by mostafahmed » Wed Aug 20, 2014 3:50 pm

Because they were so stupid especially Visser 3 not realise that the animorphs weren't andalites for 3 years.
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Re: Why Did the Yeerks Lose the War?

Post by Dilandu » Sun Mar 05, 2017 1:13 pm

Again, the war aren't won or lose becaouse of only one person. The outcome is always determined by logistic; the resources, and the ability to use them.

The Andalites, simply speaking, have vastly superior resources initially. They underestimated Yeerks - which bascially allow Yeerks to create some industrial base and some navy to fight with. But as soon as the Andalites started to mobilize their industrial potential - the war became one-sided. \

Basically, the majority of conflict was the Yeerk (near-desperate) attempts to stall the Andalite advance, without being involved in large-scale battles, that could be dangerous for their pretty inferior fleet. They have just one pool ship, that they could not risk in battle. The Earth was, basically, the Yeerk Empire last stand; they needed the industrially-capable world, that would be able to mantain their fleet, or their fleet would soon be incapable of combat.

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Re: Why Did the Yeerks Lose the War?

Post by gwilliam » Mon Apr 10, 2017 2:41 am

If you mean the Earth Front. They lost because they didn't have the numbers. Against superior technology (and numbers) humans will go on suicidal charges (which would slow the Yeerks, who had limited battle capacities) and certainly prevent them from mass-infestation on a continental (let alone global) scale. On top of that, the Yeerks chose to invade an area with high technology and relatively low population density. It would have made far more sense to begin their invasion in rural India or China.
Those two errors in conjunction with the Andalite philosophy of genocide to prevent mass infestation didn't allow the Yeerks to build up numbers capable of a land based offensive.

If you mean the overall war with the Andalites, they lost because they lacked the industrial means (as mentioned above), the tech means (Andalites have equal or superior technology to every species the Yeerks will ever come across to pillage), and the sheer numbers (their invasions require a wave based philosophy which simultaneously must preserve enemy numbers to use as hosts). The Yeerks were never a real threat in the galaxy, and quite frankly I question whether Krayak was actually just using them to corrupt the Andalites.

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Re: [T] Why Did the Yeerks Lose the War?

Post by Tim Bruening » Thu Mar 28, 2019 9:48 pm

capnnerefir wrote:
Mon Aug 08, 2011 8:41 pm
AlbinoBlackSheep wrote:All the Yeerks would have to do is infest all world leaders and generals with nuclear weapons and force them to disengage the war heads.
This point of the plan is much easier said than done. While the idea is good, it fails to consider one thing: the dreaded RED TAPE. Ordinarily, this is what we blame when something that should be simple can't get done. If you've ever interacted with a company of any size (or the government), you've probably run into this. Here's an example from my real life.

I moved to a new apartment. My employer still had my old address on file. So my pay check was sent to my old address. I tell my boss. But he can't just write me a check or something. No, he has to go to our accounting department and report it. They have to call the accounting company that handles this sort of thing. To do that, they have to get the owners of our company to approve it. So they have to schedule a meeting with the owners. Before they could do that, the owners had to confirm that what I said was true and that I did not get paid yet. So they had to have the accounting department call the accounting company call the bank to make sure I hadn't deposited the check yet. Before the bank can answer them, they had to call me to make sure it was okay for them to tell the accounting company that. So I tell the bank to tell the accounting company to tell the accounting department to tell the owners that I didn't deposit a check because I hadn't gotten one yet. So the accounting company tells the accounting department, who tells the owners. They then allow the accounting department to call the accounting company to tell them to write me a new check. The accounting company does so and mails it to me.

At my old address. Yeah, that's right. Somehow, in all of that, no one made sure they had the right address. So we got to do it all again. By that point, I was owed another check, which also didn't get here. So we had to do it double.

And this is just one guy trying to get a missing pay check.

For the leader of a country to disarm all of a country's warheads, the sea of red tape would be enormous. In America, you'd have objections from the Senate, objections from the military, objections from the House, objections from local officials, and massive protests. It would probably take years for such an order to get passed through Congress. And even more for it to actually be carried out. And you can guarantee that the military would drag its feet on taking apart its most powerful weapons, particularly when we can't be certain that less friendly nations are actually doing the same. By the time anything got started, there'd be a new President, and depending on how deeply rooted the Yeerks were, a whole new shenanigan. As we've seen with Obama, even if you've got the President and a majority in the Congress, it can still be impossible to get anything done.

Not impossible, certainly. Obviously, things get done eventually. But it would be far more difficult then, say, unleashing some sort of techno-weapon that would just disarm all of Earth's nuclear warheads, or even detonate them at once. While it would destroy the surrounding areas, most of Earth's population would probably be fine.
Infest all relevant bureaucrats, who will then cut through the red tape.