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Modern remake of Animorphs

Post by Nykesutre » Wed Mar 09, 2022 12:54 am

If some television producers ever made a (hypothetical) televised modern remake of the Animorphs book series on Netflix, set post-Yeerk war with a younger team of morphers. Some of the original Animorphs could stay as cameo characters or mentors to the other morphers (in order to supervise morphs)...

Part 1: Actors and themes, genre used
  • What aspects could possibly change? What about the cinematography used?

    What aspect of the reboot would you expect to stay the same in both mediums listed?

    Would the CGI morphing transitions be a lot smoother overall?

    Do you want the reboot to focus on a new species of aliens to discover instead?

    Do you want the reboot to be edgy with modern dark humour, or kept goofy?

    How do you want most of the reboot's morphers to be? Teenagers or college student actors?
There are 2 more parts to this discussion. The original post was also on Reddit, but I had few replies back then: ... animorphs/
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