Could Time Matrix Be Uncovered By Yeerk Pool?

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Tim Bruening
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Could Time Matrix Be Uncovered By Yeerk Pool?

Post by Tim Bruening » Wed May 15, 2019 6:57 pm

Item: Under an abandoned construction site in Yeerk Town is a big sphere (Time Matrix) that allows one to travel in time (The Andalite Chronicles). Also under ground is an ever expanding Yeerk Pool. Logic dictates that someday, Yeerks tunneling under the construction site would find the giant sphere and report it to Visser 3, who would say <WTF> and rush to the scene to use it!

It is possible that something like the above is how the former Visser 4 found it in Megamorphs 3!

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Proud Uncle
Proud Uncle
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Re: Could Time Matrix Be Uncovered By Yeerk Pool?

Post by Tobias_Marco » Wed Jul 03, 2019 4:34 pm

<A good idea...but no.>
<We are told in the Andalite Chronicles that the reason that Elfangor went to the abandoned construction site was to get the time matrix, we are told in MM4 that this Yeerk was somehow able to find it due to who his host was. An actor who is familiar with the works of Shakespeare...then again many actors are.>
<He wasn't planning where to expand the Yeerk pool when he found it. The whole thing was undone because that host was erased from history.>
<Thinking about it after reading your question I wonder if maybe this actor could have been one of the people that Elfangor touched in order to get his Human morph? Tobias' mother had to lure men to a quite spot away for Elfangor to touch them without them noticing...maybe she helped him go over lines?>
<Another possibility is that somehow he knew Elfangor or watched Elfangor dig the hole where he put the time matrix, prior to becoming a host.>
<A Yeerk is going about his day when Visser 3 walks by, it suddenly triggers a memory within the host. When he was a young child he was playing in the woods and saw a blue centaur digging in the woods. A Human woman was helping him. Armed with this memory the Yeerk goes to that spot and digs up whatever the Andalite hid, hoping to uncover its secrets...and he finds the freaking time matrix!>
<Alright, that is now part of my head cannon.>
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