Who is your least favourite narrator

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Who is your least favourite narrator?

Total votes: 95

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Re: Who is your least favourite narrator

Post by BabelFish42 » Sat Sep 15, 2012 7:04 pm

Lucy wrote:Its really difficult to decide, but I like the books with Cassie most :)
:) You rock. Yay for one more person who doesn't hate Cassie.
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Re: Who is your least favourite narrator

Post by DragonNothlit » Mon Jun 05, 2017 4:53 pm

Ax. He always assumes that the reader is an Andalite, and that makes it hard to understand.

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Re: Who is your least favourite narrator

Post by Ramona » Mon Jun 12, 2017 3:02 am

First off, sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes. I'm on my phone.

This actually took me sometime to answer. Then I realised I actually have to read Cassie's books sparingly to not dislike her. I'm assuming that makes her my least favourite narrator since I don't have to do that with the others.

Ax is my favourite narrator.
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Re: Who is your least favourite narrator

Post by Tobias_Marco » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:38 am

<My least favorite narrator is Cassie for a reason that has nothing to do with her "over moralizing". I think that Cassie books are less relevent than books other characters narrated.>
<The first Cassie book is number 4, in it we meet Ax for the first time, she doesn't do anything else until book 50.>
<On top of that Cassie books tend to have her working by herself, with all the other Animorphs gone for one reason or another.>
<Here we have a book by book look:
4. All the Animorphs are there and we meet Ax
9. All Animorphs are present, we spend a lot of time caring for skunk babies, this having nothing to do with the war or their family lives, and we nearly get killed by an insect queen. Visser Three takes a bath... the events of this book are never mentioned again.
14. The Andalite toilet.
19. Cassie is separated from the group for the first time, having quit. She is followed by a Yeerk who controls a little girl. Part of my problem with this book is that the Yeerks should notice that the girl is freed at the end when she doesn't show up to meeting any more, at that point she should be re-infested and the new Yeerk should review her memories...then have a talk with Tom about his brother.
24. Lets get small! Cassie and a few others get shrunk. The exents in this book ARE refrenced again...in The Hidden, arguably the worst book in the series.
29. Everybody gets sick. Here is a question for you. How is Ax supose to know that the others morphing will not get out of control when they catch an Andalite illness? No other non-Andalites have ever had the morphing power before! For the 2ed time Cassie goes at it alone, and she morphs a Yeerk who gets put in a ziplock bag. So Cassie in Yeerk morph takes over a member of the Yeerk resistances, who has the origional Yeerk she aquired in the bag, then both are released into the Yeerk pool...so why not have Cassie morph the Yeerk, then put HER in the bag?!?>
34. The whole team is there. Cassie is chosen to become host to a Hork-Bajir ghost. These events are never spoken of again...part of the problem of using ghost writers.
39. The Hidden. We see those tiny little aliens again, and for some reason Cassie has the cube for most of the time when it would make more sense to trade it off and she only has to hold it 1/6th of the time... and that is the LEAST significant problem I have with this book. I wanted the book to end with Cassie waking up in bed to find the whole thing was a bad dream.
44. For the 3rd time Cassie gets a solo mission. Here is a question for you, how many times does each of the others get a solo book? This time Cassie goes to the land down under, in what many consider the 2ed worst book of the series.... and again, these events are never spoken of again.
50: We get an entire new batch of Animorphs and Cassie makes a choice that some people disagree with.>
<Can you see why these wouldn't be everyone's favorite books?>
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