Why Did the Yeerks Lose the War?

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Re: Why Did the Yeerks Lose the War?

Post by mostafahmed » Wed Aug 20, 2014 3:50 pm

Because they were so stupid especially Visser 3 not realise that the animorphs weren't andalites for 3 years.
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Re: Why Did the Yeerks Lose the War?

Post by Dilandu » Sun Mar 05, 2017 1:13 pm

Again, the war aren't won or lose becaouse of only one person. The outcome is always determined by logistic; the resources, and the ability to use them.

The Andalites, simply speaking, have vastly superior resources initially. They underestimated Yeerks - which bascially allow Yeerks to create some industrial base and some navy to fight with. But as soon as the Andalites started to mobilize their industrial potential - the war became one-sided. \

Basically, the majority of conflict was the Yeerk (near-desperate) attempts to stall the Andalite advance, without being involved in large-scale battles, that could be dangerous for their pretty inferior fleet. They have just one pool ship, that they could not risk in battle. The Earth was, basically, the Yeerk Empire last stand; they needed the industrially-capable world, that would be able to mantain their fleet, or their fleet would soon be incapable of combat.

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Re: Why Did the Yeerks Lose the War?

Post by gwilliam » Mon Apr 10, 2017 2:41 am

If you mean the Earth Front. They lost because they didn't have the numbers. Against superior technology (and numbers) humans will go on suicidal charges (which would slow the Yeerks, who had limited battle capacities) and certainly prevent them from mass-infestation on a continental (let alone global) scale. On top of that, the Yeerks chose to invade an area with high technology and relatively low population density. It would have made far more sense to begin their invasion in rural India or China.
Those two errors in conjunction with the Andalite philosophy of genocide to prevent mass infestation didn't allow the Yeerks to build up numbers capable of a land based offensive.

If you mean the overall war with the Andalites, they lost because they lacked the industrial means (as mentioned above), the tech means (Andalites have equal or superior technology to every species the Yeerks will ever come across to pillage), and the sheer numbers (their invasions require a wave based philosophy which simultaneously must preserve enemy numbers to use as hosts). The Yeerks were never a real threat in the galaxy, and quite frankly I question whether Krayak was actually just using them to corrupt the Andalites.

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