This is an interactive RPG open and played exclusively by members of the Animorphs Fan Forum.
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This thread will contain all information you need to play this game, such as rules, explanastions of RP terminology, etc. If you have any requests for more information, PM me and I'll update this.

Congratulations on your purchase of a brand new Sorry, wrong introduction. *Ahem* Welcome to the Animorphs Fan Forum Role Playing Game! (henceforth abbreviated as AFFRPG!; feel free to make un an acronym of your own.) Have you ever wanted to be an Animorph? Of course you have; don't you dare lie to me! Have you ever wanted to be a Controller? Probably not; but what about the Yeerk? Or what about a proud Andalite warrior like Elfangor, a cunning traitor like David, or anyone else in the Animorphs world? Now, YOU CAN!!!

Here's the basic lowdown (if anyone knows what a highup would be, PM me about it) on how it goes. There are only a few steps you need to take before playing.
  • Select a Plot.
    There will (probably) be numerous plots going at once that take place at different times during the Yeerk Andalite war. Thes may be anything from the Yeerk-Hork-bajir conflict to minor skirmishes between the two factions, to the war for Earth, or even afterwards (I'd love to RP my Neomorphs series, for example). Depending on what plot you want to play in, different canon characters may be open. If someone uses a canon in one plot, there's no reason why someone else can't RP that canon in a different plot, after all. The Esplin 9466 in the Hork-bajir war is a far different Yeerk from the Visser Three we know and love.
  • Select a character. This is just as important as the plot. Your character determines everything about what you do in the game. It determines who your friends and enemies (and ;) lovers ;) ) are, as well as how you act. Really good players may even "speak" differently with different characters! Once you have your character, you're ready to play!
  • Getting started in a plot is the hardest part. All you really need to do is think of a realistic reason your character would enter into it. If you have trouble with that, PM me; *in Russian accent* I'm professional! *end Russian accent* Play will proceed post-by-post. It'll look something like this:

    Player 1 (playing as Tobias): Tobias was flying around the forest as he often did. This time, he wasn't hunting or looking for Yeerks or anything like that. Today, he was just stretching his wings, enjoying one of the two good things he had gotten out of this war. But...well, Fate or the Ellimist or Crayak or someone just isn't on Tobias's side. He heard something moving in the forest. Something big. Something that didn't belong here.
    He saw them below him. Big. Yellow. Destroying the forest. Defintely Yeerk machinery. They were more efficient at tearing up the woods than anythign Humans had ever built. <I guess they figure that if they can't find us, they can scare us out. Or force us out,> Tobias said, mostly to himself since he didn't see anyone else around. <At least it isn't something really dangerous this time. But this still has to be stopped. But I don't think I can do it alone.> Tobias set out in search of someone to help...

    Player 2 (playing as Ax): Ax saw Tobias fly past in a hurry. <What is wrong?> Ax asked him. Tobias explaiend the situation. Ax understood. <If this is Yeerk technology, then I doubt there will be time to find the others. We should deal with this ourselves.> Ax morphed to a norther harrier and took to the sky.
    <They seem to be lightly guarded,> Ax remarked. <I see no Hork-bajir. Just humans with Dracon beams. Not inconsiderable, but less than what we've been up against in the past. I do not think this will be too difficult, Tobias.> Ax landed in a part of the woods not far from the machines and demorphed. He raised his tail, ready to fight. <Whenever you are prepared to begin, my shorm.>

    Player 3 (playing as Guraff 427, a Controller): Guraff saw the pair of birds in the sky. He recognized the red-tailed hawk; it had been in the wrong place at the wrong time far too often. Certainly Andalites. He turned to his guards. "Andalites have seen us. I count two, but there could be more. I have an idea." Guraff told his plan to his subordinates, who quickly rushed to obey.
    Guraff turned to the woods where the Andlaites had landed. "Let us see how you handle this, Andalites." Then, he raised his Dracon beam and fired, setting a tree on fire. Soon, the flames woudl consume much of the forest. How could the Andalites get out of this...
There are a few rules of coutresy to obey when role playing.
1.) Don't godmode (control the other players)
2.) Don't kill player characters (or important NPCs) without their permission (or the permission of a Mod or Admin in the case of NPCs_
3.) Don't double post.
4.) If you must say something out of character, put it in brackets [] at the appropriate place. Try to avoid this, but sometimes it is necessary.
5.) It is nothing personal. If, for example, the person playing Visser Three insults the person playing Jake in the game, it's not personal; just in character.

We will deal with other issues as they arise, including the consequences of breaking rules (including but not limited to the unwritten rules; for first offenses, warnings will probably be given). The decision of the Mods and Admins is final. Furthermore, the Admins and Mods reserve the right to edit any and all posts they see fit at any time for any reason. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, greivances, or if you at any time feel uncomfortable due to something that happened in the game, don't hesitate to PM me or one of the other staff members (we're the guys with the colorful names).