Animorphs Redemption 2D game. Volunteers needed!

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Animorphs Redemption 2D game. Volunteers needed!

Post by EndureMorph » Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:42 am

Hi guys, what's up! So long story short, I have been working on a new 2D Animorphs RPG but recently I was promoted to manager at my store and my fiancee is pregnant so needless to say, I'm a busy man. I want someone to help me work on this project. Best part is, it's easy, free to download game engine and you don't need any experience using it. byond is a free developer tool for classic 2d games. It has a complete tutorial to. My game will play much like any other RPG specifically Pokemon. You will play has a random human who joins the animorphs and the story will take place starting from book 1 with missions and goals that branch out into many of the different books and the user will control the order. Now I have a paid account on byond so I can host the files and post the game so no need to worry about that. What you will do has a Volunteer is,

1. Stay in direct communication with me through email, this forum and skype/IM. Preferably skype or some other VOIP (The reason I say VOIP is because I can understand if you don't want to give me your phone number.

2. Learn how to use byond game engine and complete task I ask you to do such as, "on this map I want a tree build here and a spawn for controllers here." (You still will have the right to creative freedom and I will consider your input. Just don't ask for anything weird like adding barney controllers or things that would take away from the Animorphs fighting like adding guns or bombs.)

3. You need to trust to receive and send files to me. Because obviously I need the game files from you and you need to take them back from me. This might include sound files, video files, simple codes for you to copy and paste, images, etc.

4. Understand you are not getting paid for this. This is all about being a fan and doing something for the fans and the world of Animorphs.

5. We will need to talk about creative ideas and possibly review other potential volunteers.

I think it's a good idea for you guys to play some byond games to see them. They are simply and not good looking but they are fun. I also want you guys to know I will never ask for any type of information from you. Like say "Oh I need your credit card number so I can..." or "Hey, I need to know what your social security number is for ID purposes." I don't need to know your age, your name, your birth date anything. I just need to know an email or some way for us to communicate. I know this isn't a big deal, but it's a start. I'm also working hard on a flash animorphs game but due to the revival of the book series I think a flash game might be to close to copy right infringements. I don't worry about that with byond because of the graphics and the fact is made completely original. Please contact me via forum if you are interested.