NEW 2011 RP - The New Animorphs

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NEW 2011 RP - The New Animorphs

Post by skyper17 » Sun May 29, 2011 10:04 pm

This is my first major post as well as my first Role Play. Anyone can join! (If a spot is open) Just Read The start and we will move on from there. More characters will be added as the story goes on, so please check back often if you come when no spots are open. Please keep posts on topic and dont spam, if you're not serious about it dont do it. Also please pardon my spelling im terible at it. If you do join put the following info at the top of you're post:

1. Open spot you are taking
2. Name of character
3. Introduction to charater (so we know it better)

Open Spots:

- Charater similar to Rachel
- Charater similar to Jake
- Charater similar to Marco
- Charater similar to Cassie

Taken Spots:

-Charater similar to Tobias - skyper17 - Charater Name: Noah

-The New Animorphs-

I used to just read the animorph books and enjoy them, Now I dont have time to read them. I have to live it. Im not kidding its.... well true the yeerks are real and just about everything else my name is Noah, im a tobias sort of guy. I dream of flying, im sensitive and kind. I am also a freak of nature, Im different. I'm strange, i will spaz out and be wierd and often have a blast doing it. Now how it started for us was a little different we didn't walk home through a construction site on the way home. We were walking home though, It happened in an ally on the way back from the mall pretty late at night maby around 9:00 or something. We heard someone or something in pain, It was makeing noise that was not human. We began to reach the end of the ally way to find what we now know is an andilite. When we saw him we all looked at him in dis-belief. No it's just books we thought, and boy where we wrong. <Listen quickly> said the andilite, <You're planet has been invaded by.....> Yeerks wee all thought <an alien race called the yeerks, they take controll of human minds and use there body's.> We all looked at each other again "No way" <I can no longer stop them for I am dieing, Please take what I am about to give you and use it to save you're planet> The andilite held out a glowing white cube, so bright it was blinding. <Touch you're hands to the cube> We all did. A wierd feeling came through all of us. <You can now morph into any animal you can touch, aquire its DNA and think about how it lives to morph, You may not stay in a morph for more than two hours or you will be stuck in it forever> I felt woried, as I said i though as myself as Tobias. Although my life was different from his, I did have family who would care if I was gone. <Remember this> said the andilite, <Remember and go to "The Hewilet"> We all looked at each other again in amazement, exitement, and still in disbelief. "The Hewilet" was a club in our town, we did notice some people were different after joining. We just never imagened it was the yeerks. We thought they were fake, just made up for the books. The andilite then strugled to say something <Pleeeee........> and it was cut off. He was gone, the only thing to supply us knowlage about what we were doing now was the books and each other. We all looked at each other again, we had nothing to say.

That is where we leave off, I cant wait for our story to begin. After all, Now we are Animorphs
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Re: NEW 2011 RP - The New Animorphs

Post by Sassy_Cat » Thu Jul 14, 2011 11:06 am

Let you be still doing this, I'll take the character similar to Cassie.
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