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Animorphs (MMO)RPG Ideas

Post by alhuntrazeck » Wed May 01, 2013 1:15 am

Okay, first off. I am NOT a developer! I'm just writing down ideas for the RPG which developers could create. I'm visualizing this as an RPG with graphics, and not as a text adventure...

Key Commands:
[Spacebar] Battle morphs. Each Animorph transforms into his/her personal favorite Battle Morph (Cassie-wolf, Jake-tiger, Rachel-bear, Tobias-none, Ax-none, Marco-gorilla)
[Ctrl] Attack; punch, kick, etc. (NOTE: Tobias scratches and pecks with his attack. Ax uses his tail.)
[Enter/Return] Morph: On pressing this button, a HUD can pop up to the right showing the morphs acquired on the current mission.
[X] Absorb a morph: the player could first attack with CTRL to acquire.

Advantages/Disadvantages of each character (Marco, Ax, Tobias, Rachel, Cassie)
Immense power in her battle morph.
High defense and attack.
Loses control quickly.
Slow in her battle morph

Good power in his battle morph.
High attack and slightly low defense.
Keeps calm under pressure.
Sometimes sluggish

Great power in his battle morph
High attack and defense.
Opposable thumbs help Marco to grab objects
[none atm. help me think of some :p]

Good attack
Intelligent and morphs much quicker than the others
Fast in morph
Weak defense.

Good speed and able to fly without acquiring a morph
Good attack
Tobias is a bird and therefore has low defense.

Quick with his tail
Useful in missions concerning Yeerk craft
Weak hands

So tell me what you think...

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Re: Animorphs (MMO)RPG Ideas

Post by Sharilyn77 » Tue May 28, 2013 6:43 am

Hello everybody! I do not know where to begin but hope this will be useful for me.
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Re: Animorphs (MMO)RPG Ideas

Post by Tobias_Marco » Sat Jun 15, 2013 8:13 pm

<Such a game should include at least all the morphs that the Animorphs had as of whatever book the story of the game takes place in.>
<Does the game start with them getting their powers? Is it pre-Eric King, or post-Erik King? Does it take place during a given book, such as one of the Megamorphs? Is it pre-David or post-David? Does it take place during the last 10 books?>

Before you start working on any Animorphs based game you should ask yourself which of the following eras it takes place in:
Ellimist Chronicles
Hork-Bajior Chronicals
Andalite Chronicles
Visser Chronicles
Books 1-3: They get their powers, pre-Ax, Marco is not really into the fight, pre-Eric King, pre-David
Book 4-5: Ax joins them, Marco is more focused.
Book 6-9: They get their powers, post-Ax, Marco is more focused, pre-Eric King, pre-David
Book 10: They meet Eric King, pre-David
Book 11-12: Post-Erik King, pre-David, Tobias still can't morph
Book 13-19: Post-Erik King, pre-David, Tobias can morph now
Book 20-22: The David Triligy
Book 23-44: Post Erik King, post-David
Book 45-54: The end of the war.

<Each Megamorph book fits in one of these eras, and if your game is modeled after a given book, then great, if you don't have any one book in mind then at least pick one of the above listed eras to focus on. Make sure that each Animorph has all the morphs that they should have in that era.>
<As you are making the game check the wikipedia pages for each Animorph to see what morphs they get in each book, it may come to pass that you make a game biased on book #32, and you want to play as Marco, yet you want to use a morph he is not shown using in that book, even though he had it for some time.>
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