The andalite games!!!

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The andalite games!!!

Post by Bookworm » Fri Jan 13, 2012 5:35 pm

Plot: Long after the animorphs, the few surviving yeerks are producing at a surprising rate, and andalites are starting a new war. This time, instead of sending every Andalite that enters, they're letting most war-princes, some princes, but only one arthisth, to fight. Obviously, no Arthisths wants to be defeated, so andalites customs decided to start the andalite games, a dangerous contest to see what andalite can survive constant threats, powerful blows, and never ending pain.
Oh, and one more change: Female andalites are FINALLY allowed to fight!


Weight: Just a tad below average.
Height: very tall
Looks: Melon's fur is bright purple, like most female Andalites. She Is extremely muscular, Her legs are very strong. She uses her arms more than the average Andalite, for them having much more muscle. Her tail is very long, excellent for
cutting enemies far away. Melon is practically undefeatable.
Personality: Melon is very ruthless, hardly caring about the honor of warriors. She never lets anything get in her way. Sometimes her recklessness can be almost unforgivable, but look past (way way way way way way way WAY past) her thirst for blood, melon is actually a loyal friend.
Ann-erl-Zero Ann and Melon have a odd relationship. At first, They both Doubt each other, but over time they develop special friendship.
warrior prince lonner-eeeaa-happen: At first Lonner does nothing worse than annoy Melon, but after Lonner tells a life long waited secret about Melon's parents, the two become mortal enemies.
Main role
Taken by bookworm

Weight: Average
Height: Average
Looks: Ann looks like the average female Andalite. She has bright purple fur and a rather sharp tail blade. Her hoofs are large and round. Unlike Melon, Ann does not have incredible strength, but she is certainly not weak.
Personality: Ann is serious and caring, worrying about her family often. Ann hates fighting and will only perform even a simple act of defense if it is absolutely necessary. The only reason Ann joined the Andalite games is to take the place of
her sickly brother, Jocab Jay Zero.
Very large role
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Re: The andalite games!!!

Post by xenawarriorprincess » Sun Jan 15, 2012 8:19 pm

Malu, daughter of the great war-prince Alloran-Semitur-Corrass

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Re: The andalite games!!!

Post by cherno3201 » Sat Oct 27, 2012 12:44 am

:-) nice work!