Most Offensive Joke?

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gh astly
Djentle Djiant
Djentle Djiant
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Re: Most Offensive Joke?

Post by gh astly » Sun Apr 12, 2015 3:42 am

What did the kids from the Trix commercials say to the gay man?
"Silly faggot, d**k are for chicks!"
Disclaimer: I am gay myself, so if you're actually offended, blow it out your ass.
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So just shut your face and take a seat, 'cause after all, we're just talking meat. And music?

Well, it's just entertainment, folks.

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Re: Most Offensive Joke?

Post by YeerkSalad » Thu Apr 23, 2015 7:04 pm

Interesting how your disclaimer applies to so many things. Blacks can make black jokes. Whites can make white jokes. Yeerks can make yeerk jokes. Etcetera.
Here's one of my worst jokes ever.
"In soviet Russia, baby microwave you!"
Ah, the classic Russian reversal.
Here's the most appalling joke I've ever read. I saw it on Reddit. (I don't have an account, I just happened to be reading dead baby jokes, because I'm a terrible person.)
What's the hardest part about walking through a field of dead babies?
The erection.

EDIT- Here's a terrible one that I came up with:
What's penis backwards?
An injury.

Not super offensive, but it has phallic material. Good enough.
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Re: Most Offensive Joke?

Post by Poore24 » Sun Aug 16, 2015 5:09 pm

My Grandpa said, “Your generation relies too much on technology!” I replied, “No, your generation relies too much on technology!” Then I unplugged his life support.
But one of the worst I've heard in a long time.......
What’s the worst thing about getting your keys locked in your car outside an abortion clinic? Having to go in to ask for a coat hanger.