Butterfly effect

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Butterfly effect

Post by Tobias_Marco » Wed Mar 07, 2018 8:11 pm

<The butterfly effect is part of many time travel stories, the idea is that one little change can make a big diffrence.>
<This game is designed to take two seemingly unrelated events and show how the earlier one lead to the other. Bonus points for longer chains of events. And double bonus points if you can take two of more chains of events and show how they have a common cause.>

<Example number 1: There was a coal fire on the Titanic that weakened the steel and caused a bigger tear when it hit the ice burg. The 1st officer got sick right before the Titanic left port, when he left the ship he took the key to the lock box that held the look outs binoculars. The lack of wind meant no water splashed againsed the iceburg combind with the lack of binoculars meant that the ice burg wasn't seen in time. The delay leaving port because of the 1st officer plus other delays caused the titanic to speed thru the ice field reducing their reaction time.
As a result of the Titanic sinking many people died who would have lived if the Titanic had never been built.
After the Titanic sank there was nobody in the radio room in any near-by ships, and so they changed the rules so that someone had to be in the radio room at all times, and there were many other safty rules that were put in place as a result.>

<Example number 2: Lucille Ball helpped give us cell phones and helped get Barack Obama into the White House without even meeting him, and she helped inspire Animorphs in the process.
This story starts in the 1960s. A man named Gene Roddenberry had worked on a couple of TV shows, and had an idea for a new show, you may have heard about it, it is called Star Trek.
The first episode of Star Trek ever filmed was called "The Cage", and the studio didn't care for it.
Star Trek would not be getting a second episode, it died right there.
UNTIL Lucille Ball stepped in and gave Star Trek another chance. This had never been done before. If they didn't like your show then it was done, nobody had ever been given a second chance before. A new first episode was made, "Where No Man Has Gone Before", scraping almost all the characters exsept Spock. This episode first aired on Sept 8th, 1966.
One of the characters was a comunications officer named Uhura, played by a black woman named Nichelle Nichols.
In three diffrent parts of the world three young children got EXTREAMLY EXCITED to see her on screen. This little girl jumped up and said "Mama! There is a black woman on TV and she ain't no maid!"
That little girl was Whoopi Goldberg.
Elsewhere in the United States Lavar Burton was equaly exsited about seeing Uhura on TV.
Both actors have said that they wouldn't have become actors if not for that key moment...but this story continues.
Elsewhere another little boy was inspired by her, but we'll get to him later.
Nichelle Nichols once told Martin Luther King Jr. that she didn't like playing Uhura, and was thinking about quiting. He told her to stick with it because representation matters.
He in fact told Nichelle, "Do you realize that you are 4th in charge of the Enterprise?" (MLK Jr was a ST fan, & the order of command was Kirk, Spock, Scotty, then Uhura), "Don't you realize that a black woman is in a command position on a ship sent from & representing Earth to the Galaxy?" Nichelle had never thought about it. She then went to Gene, and he confirmed what MLK Jr had said. So she continued her position on that ship & show. If you watch in chronological order, Nichelle gets more & more screen time in multiple episodes in the last 2 seasons.
A man named Martin Cooper was watching Star Trek and saw Kirk and Spock using their communicators, Martin thought "Hey, I can make that!" He invented the first cell phone in 1973.
Star Trek was cancled.
Fans from all over sent letters saying they wanted Star Trek to return, and it did, only to be cancled again a short time latter.
A man named George Lucas also watched Star Trek, and said that it partly inspired his Star Wars movies.
When Star Wars came out Paramount Studios had bought the rights to Star Trek from NBC. Someone asked "Do we have anything like this Star Wars?"
"We have Star Trek, does that count?" So Star Trek went into syndication, where it gained many more fans.
Soon movies and a new TV show Star Trek:The Next Generation was created.
In Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan an alien parasite is placed inside the ear of some of the characters and controls their minds, making them do things they don't want to do.
Both Patrick Stewart, and Brent Spiner joined the cast of Star Trek the Next Generation thinking that the show wouldn't last and they could move on to other more important projects in a year or two.
However Star Trek:TNG was a huge sucess. Soon Deep Space Nine and Voyager came on the airwaves.
Around this time K.A.Applegate is talking to her husband about what she wants to write next. She says "I want to write a book where kids turn into animals."
"That's a sci-fi premise, you'll need aliens." He replies. K.A.Applegate uses the aliens from Star Trek 2 as an insperation for the Yeerks, and Animorphs is soon published.
After a few seasons Star Trek Voyager desided to let go of the character Kes and replace her with 7 of 9, played by Jeri Ryan.
What does any of this have to do with Barack Obama?
As a child young Barack had also been inspired by Uhura, now Jeri Ryan was married to a man named Jack Ryan, a politition who was running for Sentor of Illinois against Barack Obama in 2004.
Jeri told her husband Jack that she would need to move to Hollywood when she acepted the part. He refused to move, desiding to devorce her instead...
That devorce cost him the Sentor possition to Barack Obama, who then went on to become President of the United States of America.
Added to that, nearly everyone who works at NASA has said at one time or another that they were inspired to get involved in space travel because of Star Trek.
...all because Star Trek was given another chance.>
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Re: Butterfly effect

Post by SamilinCorrathGahar » Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:18 pm

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