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Re: Year of Post Count

Post by Tobias_Marco » Mon Jul 22, 2013 2:23 pm

Jean-Luc Picard, born July 13, 2305.
The anime series Mobile Suit Gundam 00 takes place between the years 2307 and 2312.
The novel 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson takes place in 2312.
2319: Triple conjunction Mars-Saturn. <---- My post count
the movie Cloud Atlas takes place in 2321
Beverly Crusher, born 2324.
June 4, 2327: At 00:54 UTC, Venus will occult Mars.
William T. Riker, born 2335.
Geordi La Forge, born 2335.
October 8, 2335: At 14:51 UTC, Venus will occult Jupiter.
Deanna Troi, born March 29, 2336.
Natasha Yar, born 2337.[7]
Data, activated February 2, 2338.
Worf, born 2340.[7]
Legostar Galactica web comic takes place 2342
Wesley Crusher, born 2348.[7]
April 7, 2351: At 17:22 UTC, Mercury will occult Uranus.
The USS Enterprise, the fifth Federation starship to bear the name, registry NCC-1701-D is launched; 2364.
Events of Star Trek: The Next Generation (c. 2364–2370).
Events of Star Trek Generations (c. 2371).
Events of Star Trek: First Contact (c. 2373).
Events of Star Trek: Insurrection (c. 2375).
Events of Star Trek Nemesis (c. 2379).

<It is now Oct 28th, 2013, and my post count is 2525.>
<Here is a list of things that will happen in the 26th century:>

List of the long total solar eclipses:
June 14, 2504: Solar eclipse,[1] (7 min 10 s), of saros 145.
June 25, 2522: at 9:04 TD, total solar eclipse[2] of 7min 12s, "crowning" at the top the series of saros 145.[Note 1]
July 5, 2540: Solar eclipse,[3] (7 min 04 s), of saros 145.
July 17, 2558: Solar eclipse,[4] (6 min 43 s), of saros 145.
August 6, 2567: Solar eclipse,[5] (6 min 26 s), of saros 164.
August 16, 2585: Solar eclipse,[6] (6 min 16 s), of saros 164.

April 7, 2515: At 10:37 UTC, Mars will occult Neptune.[9]
January 25, 2518: At 22:41 UTC, Venus will occult Saturn.[9]
2562: The dwarf planet Eris will have completed one orbit of the Sun, since its discovery in 2005.

2599: Triple conjunction Mars–Jupiter.


Aldous Huxley's dystopian novel Brave New World is set in the year 2540.
The "Fiat Homo" section of A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter Miller takes place in the 26th century.
Anthony Meredith writes the foreword to the Everhard Manuscript in Jack London's The Iron Heel around this time.
In the early 26th century, humans make first contact with Pierson's Puppeteers in Larry Niven's Known Space universe.
In the year of 2537 in the novel More than Weird by English-Canadian author Martyn Godfrey, a Gynoid named Susie travels from the year 2537 to the year 1987 to Dawson Creek to find a human teenager to take to the future to put him in a human zoo.
Most of the events of the novel Revelation Space take place in the year 2566 with flashbacks to 2524 and earlier centuries.
Bernice Summerfield, a character created in Doctor Who novels and later spun off into her own range of novels and audio dramas, was born in 2540, and published an archaeological book, Down Among the Dead Men, in 2566.


The third and final portion of Darren Aronofsky's film The Fountain takes place in the 26th century with future astronaut Tom Verde, played by Hugh Jackman.
The movie Idiocracy, in which an average man (played by Luke Wilson) from the year 2005 is suspended in hibernation and wakes up 500 years later, is set in the year 2505.
The film Pitch Black takes place in 2578, and its sequel The Chronicles of Riddick takes place in 2583.[citation needed]
The Film Serenity is set in the year 2517, and follow Space Captain and Unification War veteran, Malcolm Reynolds, and his crew, across various planets.


The TV show Cleopatra 2525 is set in the year 2525. (The theme song for the show is a parody of the song In the Year 2525, mingled with the sound effects of futuristic weaponry.)
The TV show Firefly is set in the year 2517, and follow Space Captain and Unification War veteran, Malcolm Reynolds, and his crew, across various planets.
The eighth season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is set in the year 2525. According to the show, 2525 is also the year of the end of planet Earth.
The Doctor Who episode Earthshock, featuring the hijacking of a space freighter by Cybermen, is set largely in the year 2526.
The Doctor Who episodes Frontier in Space and Planet of the Daleks take place in the year 2540.
In the South Park episodes "Go God Go" and "Go God Go XII", Eric Cartman freezes himself in the year 2006 because he is too impatient to wait three weeks for the release of the Wii video game console. He is accidentally left frozen until the year 2546.
In the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Azati Prime", Captain Jonathan Archer is briefly transported to a possible future 26th century (in the Star Trek universe) in which Klingon and Xindi crewmen serve the United Federation of Planets. Archer visits a possible version of USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-J) in this episode.
The Planet of the Apes episode "Escape From Tomorrow" features a history book with a photograph of New York in the year 2503.

Video games

The video game Bulletstorm is set in this century.
The Dead Space game series takes place in the early 26th century, with "Dead Space" taking place in 2508, "Dead Space 2" in 2511 and "Dead Space 3" in 2514.
The Xbox video game Dino Crisis 3 is set in a spaceship in 2548.
The Nintendo 64 game F-Zero X and the Nintendo GameCube game F-Zero GX take place in an unspecified year in the 26th century. However, in the Game Boy Advance game F-Zero GP Legend, it is stated that the game takes place in the 23rd century in the year 2201.
The Halo series is set in the 26th century. Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST & Halo: Reach take place between 2552 and 2553; the prequel Halo Wars takes place in 2531. Halo 4, the first part of the "Reclaimer" Trilogy, takes place in 2557.
The MS-DOS/QBasic PC video game Red Baron 2573 takes place in 2573. In the game, the player is a spacefaring vigilante who must save Earth from an all-out invasion by a marauding alien race called the Vordoxians, who use a computer virus to cripple the planet's electronic defense systems prior to the aforementioned invasion.
The StarCraft series is set within the early 26th century.
The NES game Super Spy Hunter takes place in 2525.
The computer game Tachyon: The Fringe takes place in the 26th century, as stated by Commander Alberion Obulo in the intro.
In the Xenosaga universe, the year 2510 is the year that the worldwide organization in charge of the space emigration plan changes the dating system from "A.D." to "T.C."


Battle Angel Alita (Gunm) is set during this century.


In the Year 2525, a 1969 song by Zager and Evans, describes what life is like in 2525 (and later the years 3535, 4545 and many others). Disturbing predictions are given for each selected year.


One possible alternative future for the tabletop role-playing game Mutants & Masterminds is set in Freedom City in 2525.
True education, true science, true religion is the search for truth.
Matthew 28:16-20, John 3:14-20

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Re: Year of Post Count

Post by Tobias_Marco » Mon Nov 11, 2013 9:40 pm

August 28, 2603 : Solar eclipse,[1] (6 min 02 s), of saros 164.
December 16, 2603: Transit of Venus.
True education, true science, true religion is the search for truth.
Matthew 28:16-20, John 3:14-20

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Re: Year of Post Count

Post by NinaRayquaza » Tue Nov 12, 2013 5:23 pm

Well. My post count is 19. According to Wikipedia, this is what happened in the year 19:

Maroboduus, king of the Marcomanni, is deposed by Catualda. This ends the threat to the Romans from Germanic tribes until the reign of Marcus Aurelius. Rome places them under its protection.
Germanicus Julius Caesar, commander in chief of the Roman legions in the East and beloved by the legionaries, dies of poisoning. On his deathbed he accuses Gnaeus Calpurnius Piso, the governor of Syria, of poisoning him.
Emperor Tiberius expels the Egyptians from Rome, and deports 4,000 Jews from Sicily.
Agrippina the Elder accuses Gnaeus Calpurnius Piso of having assassinated her husband Germanicus Julius Caesar in Antioch.
A triumphal arch is built for Germanicus Julius Caesar in Saintes.
Vonones I of Parthia is removed to Cilicia and kept under house arrest. He escapes, but is caught and killed by a retired legion veteran.
Last year (6th) of Tianfeng era of the Chinese Xin Dynasty.
First flying machine, according to the Hanshu.
Gondophares becomes king of the Saces.

Honestly, it was more of an eventful year than I expected.
I am from Australia. I am Australese.

On 10 May 2015, I became a cyborg.

Did I make an error when I said I was Australese?

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Re: Year of Post Count

Post by Tobias_Marco » Wed Nov 13, 2013 10:45 am

<The year was 2639 AD, Captain Archer of the USS Enterprise had been sent forward into the future, but he had arrived long ago.>
September 19, 2639 : Solar eclipse,[3] (5 min 28 s), of saros 164.
Jerzy Żuławski's classic trilogy of novels The Lunar Trilogy are set in the 27th Century in which a race of moon dwarves search for a route back to Earth through spiritual enlightenment. Written in 1901–1911, the trilogy is one of the greatest works of Polish science fiction.
Most of the F-Zero series, one of Nintendo's video game franchises, take place during the early 27th century.
In both Bill & Ted movies (Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey), the "future scenes" take place in 2688 and 2691, respectively.
Several characters in the Star Trek universe originate from this century (Vorgons from The Next Generation Episode Captain's Holiday).
The Contra series of video games (with the exception of Contra Force and Neo Contra) is set during this century. The original American localizations of the titles prior to Contra III: The Alien Wars changed the setting from the future to the present.
The video game Earthsiege 2 begins in the year 2624, with the Earth having been in a major global war against a self-controlled AI called "Prometheus".
The events of the video game series AquaNox take place in the mid-27th century.
The events of the Xbox 360 video game Project Sylpheed take place in 2632.
In The End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov (1955), it is in the late 27th century that the researches of Jan Verdeer and the mathematician Antoine Lefebvre realize the exploitation of "temporal field" technology some three centuries after its mysterious empirical discovery by an eccentric inventor in the 24th. Temporal engineers could now generate a field of "physiotime", or Eternity, a realm outside of normal time, large enough to enclose men and equipment, and use it to reach into the future. This, coupled with the discovery that they could secretly alter the course of human events without affecting themselves, enables their control over the next 69,973 centuries of human history.
The events of sci-fi films Pitch Black (film) and The Chronicles of Riddick are set in the 27th century.
Arthur (TV series) The Secret Origin of Supernova is Set in the Year 2612
When Aliens Attack in Futurama, Leela states that in the Early 2600's the state of New York elected a super villain as Governor, he spent most of his time stealing famous world monuments. He even added his face to Mt. Rushmore. Also, in A Big Piece of Garbage, Professor points out that in 2620, Astromoners renamed Uranus "Urectum" to end the stupid Uranus joke once and for all.
In Fringe's fifth-season episode "The Boy Must Live", the character Windmark time travels to Manhattan in the year 2609, depicted as a bleak, dystopian world populated by an evolved race of highly intelligent but emotionless humans deemed "the Observers" by the show's protagonists.

The 639 year long performance of John Cage's organ work As Slow As Possible (begun in 2001) is scheduled to finish at the St. Burchardi Church in Halberstadt, Germany in 2640.
True education, true science, true religion is the search for truth.
Matthew 28:16-20, John 3:14-20

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Re: Year of Post Count

Post by SamilinCorrathGahar » Fri Nov 22, 2013 1:41 pm

<The Earth year of my post count would only be the 4th century.>
350: About this time the Kingdom of Aksum conquers the Kingdom of Kush
350: About this time the Huns begin to invade the Sassanid Empire.[1]
350: The Kutai Martadipura phase in East Kalimantan produced the earliest known stone inscriptions in Indonesia.[2] (to 400)
<Yes, it is I, Captain Samilin-Corrath-Gahar of the Andalite ship Ascalin, and ruler of everything .>

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Re: Year of Post Count

Post by Tobias_Marco » Mon Nov 25, 2013 1:16 pm

<I have finally gotten my post count above 2706, meaning that I am now in the 28th century.>
The 28th century of the anno Domini (common) era will span from January 1, 2701–December 31, 2800 of the Gregorian calendar. Unlike most century years, the year 2800 is a leap year, and the first century leap year since 2400.

July 21, 2707: Solar eclipse,[1] (5 min 48 s), of saros 157.
July 31, 2725: Solar eclipse,[2] (5 min 57 s), of saros 157, "crowning" this series.
August 12, 2743: Solar eclipse,[3] (5 min 56 s), of saros 157.
July 31, 2744: Solar eclipse,[4] (5 min 59 s), of saros 167.[Note 1]
August 12, 2762: Solar eclipse,[5] (6 min 11 s), of saros 167.
August 22, 2780: Solar eclipse,[6] (6 min 16 s), of saros 167, "crowning" this series.
September 2, 2798: Solar eclipse,[7] (6 min 14 s), of saros 167.

Other phenomena:

September 8, 2729: The distance between Mars and the Earth will arrive at a new remarkable minimum, at 55 651 033,122 km.
It will be the closer encounter of perihelitic opposition slightly shorter (just of 549 km) than the previous one of the September 8, 2650.[8]
June 15, 2733: Transit of Venus.
June 13, 2741: Transit of Venus.
2742: Triple conjunction Mars–Jupiter.
2744: Triple conjunction Mars–Jupiter.
2761: Triple conjunction Mars–Saturn.
December 3, 2781: At 06:45 UTC Venus will occult Neptune.
2791: Triple conjunction Mars–Jupiter.
2794 / 2795: Triple conjunction Jupiter–Saturn.

Science fiction set in the 28th century:

The video game Terminal Velocity is set in 2704.
The video game Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand features a bad ending in which Nancy is entombed until she is discovered on October 23, 2702.
The film Mutant Chronicles is set is 2707.
The original video animation Coicent is set in 2710.
Janelle Monáe's Metropolis concept album series (I, II and III) is written from the perspective of an android from the year 2719.
The action of French science fiction comic book series Valérian and Laureline begins in the 28th century. The first title, The City of Shifting Waters (La cité des eaux mouvantes), provides some information on the period of time itself, while the following title, Empire of a Thousand Planets (L'empire des mille planètes), mentions the precise date of September 23, 2720.
The Star League government in the Battletech timeline collapses in 2784.
The video game Marathon is set in 2794.
The MMORPG Neocron is set in a post-apocalyptic 28th century.
On the May 21, 2008 episode of the DirecTV soap opera Passions, Tabitha Lenox tells Kay Bennett that an asteroid will hit the Earth in the year 2742.
The apocalyptic "Seven Days of Fire" in Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind apparently takes place within the 2750s, based on its description as occurring 1000 years after the Industrial Revolution.
The Doctor Who serial The Sensorites is set in an undetermined point in the 28th century.
Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury and The Chronicles of Riddick are set in the 28th century.[citation needed]
The video game Ground Control II is set in 2741.
In the video game Starflight, the Old Empire discovers the Thrynn and Elowan Races in 2770.
The WB show Loonatics is set in 2772.
Songs of a Dead Dreamer references "The Terran Invasion of Alpha Centauri Year 2794".
The upcoming video game Destiny will be set in the 28th century.[9]
The Time Traveler in the video game The Cave is from the year 2701.
In The Songs of Distant Earth, a short story by Arthur C. Clarke, the ocean planet Thalassa is settled by human colonists around the year 2700.
True education, true science, true religion is the search for truth.
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Re: Year of Post Count

Post by SamilinCorrathGahar » Fri Dec 06, 2013 4:03 pm

<In the Earth year 388 AD the following events took place:
Battle of the Save: Emperor Theodosius I defeats Magnus Maximus near Emona (modern Slovenia). Theodosius is in command of an army including Goths, Huns and Alans. Valentinian II, now 17, is restored as Roman Emperor.
August 28 – Magnus Maximus surrenders at Aquileia and is executed. Theodosius I devotes himself to gluttony and voluptuous living. Maximus' son Flavius Victor is executed at Trier by Valentinian's magister militum Arbogast.

King Shapur III dies after a reign in which he has partitioned Armenia with the Roman Empire. He is succeeded by his son Bahram IV, who becomes the twelfth Sassanid king of Persia.
Emperor Chandragupta II, ruler of the Gupta Empire, begins a war against the Shaka Dynasty in West India.

By topic[edit]

Paternus becomes bishop of the Episcopal see of Braga (Portugal).
Isaac, age 50, is named Catholicos (spiritual head) of the Armenian Apostolic Church.
Jerome moves to Palestine, where he spend the rest of his life as a hermit near Bethlehem.
A group of Christians storms the synagogue of the city Callinicum (Syria), at the Euphrates.

Yao Hong, emperor of the Chinese Qiang state Later Qin (d. 417)

Flavius Victor, son of Magnus Maximus and co-emperor (Augustus)
August 28 – Magnus Maximus, Western Roman Emperor
Qifu Guoren, ruler of the Xianbei state Western Qin
Shapur III, king of the Sassanid Empire (Persia)
Themistius, statesman, rhetorician and philosopher (b. 317)
Xie Xuan, general of the Jin Dynasty (b. 343)

and the Andalite people were visiting our own moons.>
<Yes, it is I, Captain Samilin-Corrath-Gahar of the Andalite ship Ascalin, and ruler of everything .>

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Re: Year of Post Count

Post by Tobias_Marco » Sat Jan 25, 2014 11:21 pm

<Welcome to the year 3726 AD, the 726th year of the 4th millennium; by this point...
Global sea levels could rise by 6.8 metres by the 31st century under a high emissions scenario.[1]
December 18, 3089: First transit of Venus which is not part of a pair since November 23, 1396.
3117: Minimum time by which, according to physicist Andrew Kennedy, humanity can expect to have reached Barnard's Star, assuming an annual economic growth rate (and corresponding increase in power output) of 1.4% from 2007.[2]
Due to the precession of the equinoxes, γ Cephei will be the pole star between 3000 and 5200.
The Time pyramid, a public art work at Wemding, Germany, is scheduled for completion in 3183.[3]
December 20, 3332: Transit of Venus.
3412: Expected return of Comet McNaught-Russell
3500: According to Tzedakis, et al. time by which Earth will have entered a new glacial maximum.[4]
3711/12: multi-triple conjunction between Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune
According to Nostradamus, his prophecies cover events from the present day (1555) to 3797
3811: The expected return of Comet Donati.

In fiction
Main article: 4th millennium in fiction

The TV show Futurama mainly takes place in the last two years of the 3rd millennium and the 30th century (2999–3000) in the first two seasons and in the third season and beyond it takes place in the first years of the 31st century (3001–3013).
3001: The Final Odyssey, the final novel in Arthur C. Clarke's Space Odyssey series takes place in 3001.
The DC Comics Legion of Super-Heroes come from the 31st century.
Many of the contemporary events in Battletech history take place between the year 3000 and 3200

...oh, yes, and in Star Trek the time travel pod (ENT: "Future Tense") left for its meeting with Captain Archer. This is the farthest in time that the Star Trek universe goes.>
Daniels is born. By this time, time travel is so commonplace that there are quantum discriminators in every high school desk. (ENT: "Shockwave, Part II")
Daniels, fearing a change in the timeline, transports Jonathan Archer to this time, causing a catastrophic timeline change that wipes out his entire civilization. Returning Archer to 2152 remedies the problem. (ENT: "Shockwave", "Shockwave, Part II")
A 31st century time travel pod travels back to the 22nd century, where it apparently suffered some sort of critical disaster. The pilot was killed in the accident and the pod itself was heavily damaged. It was eventually discovered by the Enterprise NX-01 in October 2152, and Enterprise's chief engineer Commander Charles Tucker was able to reactivate the pod's temporal beacon. Within seconds, the pod, the dead pilot, and the beacon itself all vanished, having presumably being retrieved by operatives from the 31st century. (ENT: "Future Tense")
In the Delta Quadrant, a Kyrian historian named Quarren discovers a back-up copy of The Doctor. After he is reactivated, The Doctor corrects the distorted view of USS Voyager in Kyrian history and precipitates a new harmony between the Kyrian and Vaskan races. After many years as Kyrian Surgical Chancellor, this copy of The Doctor boards a ship and heads for the Alpha Quadrant to find out what happened to Voyager and his fellow crewmates. (VOY: "Living Witness")

This is the last year depicted in Star Trek canon. "Living Witness" does go farther into the future, but without a date specified.
Kyrians obviously have had no contact with the Federation between their encounter with Voyager in 2374 and this time, despite claims by Q that the Federation will have a presence in the Delta Quadrant as soon as the late 25th century. (VOY: "Death Wish") ... century%29
True education, true science, true religion is the search for truth.
Matthew 28:16-20, John 3:14-20

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Re: Year of Post Count

Post by SamilinCorrathGahar » Tue Feb 04, 2014 1:13 pm

The 5th century is noted for being a time of repeated disaster and instability both internally and externally for the Western Roman Empire, which finally collapsed, and came to an end in AD 476. The west was ruled by a succession of weak emperors, and true power began to fall increasingly into the hands of powerful generals. Internal instability and the pressing military problem of foreign invaders resulted in the ransacking of Rome by a Visigoth army in 410. Some recovery took place during the following decades, but the Western Empire received another serious blow when a second barbarian group, the Vandals, occupied Carthage, capital of the extremely important province of Africa. Attempts to retake the province were interrupted by the invasion of the Huns under Attila. After Attila's defeat, both Eastern and Western empires joined forces for a final assault on Vandal North Africa, but this campaign was a spectacular failure.
469: Death of Dengizich, last Khan of the Hun Empire.
Significant people
Aetius, last of the great Roman generals
Alaric I, King of the Visigoths that ransacked Rome
Aspar, Eastern Roman general and politician
Attila the Hun, King of the Huns
Augustine of Hippo, Bishop, theologian
Bahram V, Sassanid Shah of Persia
Bodhidharma, founder of Chan Buddhism
Boniface, Roman becomes in charge of the province of Africa
John Chrysostom, Patriarch of Constantinople
Clovis, the first Frankish King to unite the Franks; first Barbarian King to convert to Catholicism
Cyril of Alexandria, Patriarch of Alexandria, theologian
Dioscorus, Patriarch of Alexandria
Faxian, Chinese Buddhist monk
Geiseric, Vandal King and founder of the Vandal Kingdom in North Africa
Gelasius, Bishop of Rome
Huiyuan, Chinese Buddhist
Hypatia of Alexandria, woman philosopher
Jerome, Christian hermit, priest, Latin translator of the Bible and author of theological works
John Cassian, Christian monk and theologian
Kālidāsa, Great Sanskrit poet[3]
Kumarajiva, (344-413), Kuchean Buddhist monk and Chinese translator
Leo I, Bishop of Rome, theologian
Saint Mesrob, Armenian monk
Nestorius, Archbishop of Constantinople, father of Nestorian heresy
Niall Noigiallach, founder of one of Ireland's greatest dynasties
Patrick, (Patricius) Catholic Bishop, missionary to Ireland
Pelagius, Catholic priest; father of Pelagianism
Ricimer, Western Roman general, politician and ruler
Riothamus, King of the Britons, a candidate for the legendary King Arthur
Tyrannius Rufinus, priest of Aquileia, hermit, Latin translator
Socrates Scholasticus, Byzantine Church historian
Sozomen, Christian church historian
Theoderic the Great, Ostrogothic king
Yazdegerd I, Sassanid Shah of Persia
Zu Chongzhi, Chinese astronomer and mathematician

Inventions, discoveries, introductions
Horse collar invented in China
Heavy plow in use in Slavic lands
Metal horseshoes become common in Gaul
Anglo-Saxon runes alphabet introduced in England
Armenian alphabet created by Mesrob Mashtots c. 405
<...and that's the way it was.>
<Yes, it is I, Captain Samilin-Corrath-Gahar of the Andalite ship Ascalin, and ruler of everything .>

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Re: Year of Post Count

Post by Tobias_Marco » Wed Feb 12, 2014 1:06 pm
<This is post number 4001 for me.>
<The fifth millennium is a period of time that will begin on January 1, 4001, and will end on December 31, 5000.>
<4285 (August 6): Venus occults Regulus.
4296 (November 22): Venus occults Antares.
4385 Comet Hale–Bopp is expected to return to the inner solar system. It last dominated the skies of Earth in 1996–1997.
4557 (November 10): Venus occults Regulus.
4747 (August 14): Venus occults Regulus.
October 13: The Mayan Calendar will require a sixth digit.
October 21: The Mayan king Pacal of Palenque predicted that on this date the eightieth Calendar Round anniversary of his accession will be celebrated.
49th century: The Great Comet of 1811 is expected to return to the inner solar system. According to calculations made at the time, the comet should return around the year 4876.>
The Gold Key comic book character Magnus, Robot Fighter lives around year 4000.
A majority of the events of David Weber's Honor Harrington novels and short stories take place during the early years of the fifth millennium.
The PlayStation game series Colony Wars is set during the 5th millennium.
In the SpongeBob SquarePants universe, the 41st century is SpongeTron and Patron's time.
In Dragon Flyz, 41st century is an era of disappearance in Earth's mankind caused by a series of nuclear attacks led to extinction of living organisms and leaving the surface uninhabitable.
In the film A. I., which begins in the mid 22nd century, a sequence said to take place 2000 years later, features the extinction of mankind after the ocean freezes over, but the descendants of mankind's early intelligent robots, the Mechas, return to Earth and are seen excavating parts of frozen-over NYC to discover their origins and discover an ancient android, a boy named David.
The novel series Fifth Millennium by Stirling, Wehrstein and Meier is set in this time, chronicling the lives and travels of several connected characters in a 'low magic' fantasy world that emerged after a nuclear war destroyed almost all former civilization on Earth.
The Marvel Comics super-villain Kang the Conqueror rules the Earth in the 41st century according to the comics, claiming Earth was at war with weapons engineered centuries earlier when he landed in a thousand years earlier than his destination by mistake.
4010: In an episode of Justice League Unlimited, "This Little Piggy", Batman and Zatanna request an audience with Medusa in her prison in the Underworld, for information on the whereabouts of Circe, who has transformed Wonder Woman into a pig. Because of her help, Themis informs her she has earned 400 years off her sentence. Medusa's response is to sarcastically twirl her finger in the air while saying "Freedom in 4010, ring-a-ding-ding...".
A scene in SB-129 from the animated television series, SpongeBob SquarePants takes place on March 6, 4017.
The events of David Macaulay's Motel of the Mysteries take place in 4022.
Iain M Banks' novel The Algebraist is set in 4034.
The Blasterman universe mainly takes place in the early 4060s.
The events of the Doctor Who episode "42" take place in the 42nd century.
The events of the Doctor Who episode "Planet of the Ood" take place in the 42nd century, in the year 4126. The Ood cease to be slaves to humans at this point in time, after the Doctor disconnects a force-field around the Ood-mind. Humanity spreads across three galaxies during the Second Great and Bountiful Human Empire.
The Battle of Zaruthstra was depicted as taking place in 4037 in the 2011 Doctor Who episode "A Good Man Goes to War".
In the Big Finish Productions Doctor Who spin-off miniseries Dalek Empire, the Daleks launch a full scale invasion of the Milky Way in the year 4162.
4338: The Year 4338: Petersburg Letters, an 1835 novel by Vladimir Odoevsky, is set in this year.
4444: Events of Neo Contra.
4600s: In Doctor Who the Aplan species becomes extinct on Alfava Metraxis, due to an influx of Weeping Angels (The Time of Angels)
4665: Events of The Caves of Steel.
4667: Events of The Naked Sun.
4670: Events of The Robots of Dawn.
In 4846 (or, more accurately, the 12th day of Kalends, CY 9772), the Andromeda Ascendant will be commissioned by the Systems Commonwealth High Guard (for the television series Andromeda).
4870: Events of Robots and Empire.
4908: An New Caledonian expedition discovers the ruins of the lost city of Paris in Les Ruines de Paris en 4908 (1875) by Alfred Franklin (ISBN 978-2916-1413-50).
The Japanese anime Battle Athletes takes place in 4999 at an athletic training school in Antarctica, which is located on the equator after a great catastrophe in 2015.
Chicken Invaders 10 takes place in year 5000, in which the universe begins to diminish, destroying all matter. All that remains is the Proto Star, the very faint star in which a population of 100 chicken invaders live. Their little world grows to the size of today's universe, which have bizarre and unique forces. The Hero, a character in the series, dies after the universe's death. However, he is replaced with The Tron, a light-ship.
In several stories written by H. P. Lovecraft, the beginning of "the cruel Tsan-Chan Empire" will take place in the year 5000.
In the TV show Regular Show episode called "The Night Owl", Mordecai, Rigby, Mitch "Muscle Man" Sorenstein, and High Five Ghost entered a contest and when they nearly won, the host who made this contest froze them until the year 4224.
In the TV show The Simpsons episode "Bart of Darkness" they show an Itchy and Scratchy show called "planet of the Aches". This scene took place 3000 years later when it aired in 1994. And the setting is probably 4994.>
<4545: According to the song "In the Year 2525" by Zager and Evans, by this time in human history, man will be blind and fed through tubes.>
<The song "Wykydtron" by Canadian metal band 3 Inches of Blood is set in a dystopian year 4055.>
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