My post has too few characters

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My post has too few characters

Post by AneeshTheGreat » Tue Dec 01, 2009 12:12 am

Sorry for all the complaints and all, but i've been encountering another bug lately... I guess it's been there since a shifted back to FireFox. Randomly, when i'm typing a message to reply (i've only noticed this in quick reply), i get the error "Your message has too few characters. It's accompanied by other things, like italics or image wrap-arounds not working. Usually, refreshing doesn't work, but going back to the forum and re-visiting the problematic thread works.

Now some forums DO have character limits, but AFF having topics like "Count to 20", i'm sure this is a bug.

It's not really much of a discomfort, especially since it can be worked around without much effort, just thought i'd let you guys know.
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