Yeah, i encountered a few bugs...

Please report any bugs you have found in AFF here
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Yeah, i encountered a few bugs...

Post by AneeshTheGreat » Wed May 27, 2009 5:42 am

Ok, here's a list of all the bugs i encountered... All there were encountered wild browsing using a mobile phone, using opera mini browse...

1. On some random day, i tried to open some random joke in the joke section, which i had opened earlier. Somehow, i was demanded a password. I typed it in, but the same page came again, and again, irrespective of how many times a typed it in... Ultimately, i was unable to access the topic...

2. Sometimes when i decide to send a pm to someone, i click on their name in some topic, and then try to send a pm from their profiles. Each time so far, i have encountered a bug, which says that the member i requested doesn't exist.

3. I dunno if the chat room was redesigned or something lately, but it doesn't work on my cell anymore. When i had first joined, it worked perfectly, but now, everything seems "blocked", for example, i can't see what anyone is posting. I can type in a message myself, but there's no "send" or "post" button visible.
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Re: Yeah, i encountered a few bugs...

Post by Ellimist » Fri Jun 05, 2009 9:39 am

1. AFF doesn't have any password-protected forums, least of all the Jokes forum. It might happen that Mrchuckles was fiddling with the forum permissions at exact the same time when you were trying to access it. Other than that I fail to find any reason why that might happen.

2. This doesn't happen for me(or AFAIK, for any other AFFer). I think you got the PM I sent you. If you do not have any problems, I may reset your password and log in using your account and try to send a PM in the same way.

3. This is something which I cannot resolve. It's totally the fault of Opera Mini and how it render pages. However, I fail to find any reason (again) why it might not properly render xHTML-strict validated pages.
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