One of these things where I talk about myself...

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One of these things where I talk about myself...

Post by mainstreet52 » Mon Dec 26, 2016 11:04 pm

Hmmm. This has never been the sort of thing I'm particularly comfortable with.

I'm mainstreet52. I'm currently 24 years old, and I've lived in San Diego my entire life. Go Padres!

I currently work as a substitute teacher for high schools in two local school districts here. I also work at a math tutoring center. I graduated from SDSU in 2014 with a degree in math.

Really there are only four things that my life revolves around.

Math is first. I've always loved math. It's what I'm best at and it's what I love. My attachment to it is one reason I spend so much time in it -- most of my sub assignments are math classes.

Second is sports. I'm actually a fairly big sports nerd. I already mentioned the Padres... yes, baseball is my favorite sport, though I follow lots of sports, especially (American) football, soccer, and ice hockey. I might stop watching football fairly soon though. If the Chargers leave... and with the way the college game is so unfair... meh.

Third is reading, and more specifically reading sci-fi and fantasy. Animorphs was one of the first major series in this realm I read as a kid, right there alongside Harry Potter. Really those two wre my main drive towards branching out in that genre throughout my life, and the two I still tend to cherish the most. (Though I have almost three whole shelves of Star Trek books, and my Animorphs collection is incomplete and doesn't actually quite fill a whole shelf, though thanks to libraries being wonderful things, I have read all of them at least once.) I can't say I have a favorite Animorph -- I like all of them.

Fourth is the Internet. I probably spend most of my free time on the Internet. I participate in several different chats, including an IRC network I have created (which I won't mention right now because it will probably come off as spam). I also read a lot of fanfiction and engage in a lot of discussions.

People will often talk to me and detect a fifth facet: politics. I actually have mixed feelings about putting that in my identity. Yes, I'm passionate about politics, and yes, I engage in some activities for it. However, I believe it is the civic duty of every citizen of a democracy to participate, and to help make the decisions that affect everyone. People suffer when politicians make ignorant, selfish, or evil decisions. Actual policies affect actual lives. Participating, exerting our influence, is a responsibility. I don't consider it part of my identity because it is. to me, no different than what should be the case for everyone. I'm not saying we have to agree. I am saying that apathy and silence are the backbone upon which much evil is wrought. So no, politics is no more a part of my identity than it should be for every free human being.

That's... pretty much me. So yeah,