I might be inactive - not too sure?

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I might be inactive - not too sure?

Post by Ramona » Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:00 pm

Hi, so I'm relevantly new here but I've tried to be pretty active. I'm not going to go in a lot (or any) detail but something personal has come up in real life and I don't know how it would affect my posting here. So since I can't remember if I read the 'if you are inactive for (x) amount, you will be deactivated' was this fan forum or not, this is just me saying I could be pretty inactive. So if you are the forum that did say they will delete your account over a certain amount of inactivity, this is just a post saying I could be pretty inactive depending on what's going to happen.

If you aren't that forum, hey, another post to slowly gain a level above civilian. If you are, please don't delete my account. I very much enjoy the free ebooks and thank you very much for them.
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