Welp. I'm new.

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Welp. I'm new.

Post by bgnightfall » Mon Feb 23, 2015 4:59 pm

Hey all, I'm "BGNightfall", and I'm an old Animorphs fan.

I started reading the series right around the time it first came out in 1996 (I think in 5th grade... there was a book fair). My mother and I read them together (well, I'd read them first, then she would) through most of the series. I stopped before the end, but at some point as an adult I went back and read the synopsis.

I think my favorite character was always Jake, which is somewhat corny since in hindsight I see his character as somewhat flat by comparison to Rachel or Marco. In any case, 那就是我, and I look forward to discussing with you all! :)