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Post by Elfangor » Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:20 pm

Cyberhamon wrote:
Snoopy wrote:
Cyberhamon wrote:
Elfangor wrote:
Snoopy wrote:That's an entirely different discussion, which definitely doesn't belong in the feedback section...
But does rnadom junk like this belong in the feedback sectoin?
Cyberhamon wrote:
Elfangor wrote:
Cyberhamon wrote:
capnnerefir wrote:
Cyberhamon wrote:Hey capn! How's your girlfriend, Ember?
She's fine, thanks for asking! And still considerably better looking than Blu.
Hey, I believe you on that. Me, I wouldn't know. I've got a real girlfriend. But if you and Ember want to do a threesome with Blu, then don't let his looks stop you. Just go right ahead.
Cyber I really don't know what came over you but I'm sure it is now time to admit your true feelings toward Blu
You may have said its a Rachel-Marco relationship but did you stop to think they they secretly loved each other?
Alright. I'll admit my true feelings for Blu. Here's my true feelings:

Blu is a guy I know online.

That's pretty much the extent of it. Now that I've done that, how about you and dreamz admit your feelings for each other?

Post a video of you and her kissing and I'll throw in my old teacher's pirate hat.
El Diablo wrote:Sorry, but looks are very important to me. In fact, they're pretty much the only thing that matter...
I believe you.
Elf-Lord wrote:Ahh that makes perfect sense ive seen photos of you your hot :P
capn wrote: "..." (C)Ty

By which I you but...uh...that's...really creepy... Unless you're talking about Ember (grasps at straws) in which case I totally agree.
I don't think he meant you...
Jug wrote:oh, so im involved here again am i?

i would turn all of you down tbh :P
You'd better...
Careful...Snoopy's been grumpy lately.
I have?
A little bit, yeah. It's not a huge difference. It's kind of like turning up the volume 2 clicks in the battle scenes in LotR. You won't least until your eardrums start bleeding.
I havent noticed Hes always been an idiot
You all have guns
And you never put the safety on
And you all have plans,
To take it

Don't Take It