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Forum ranking!

Post by Ellimist » Sat Jan 05, 2008 8:22 am

The Forum Ranks are as follows :

Civilian - 0-49 posts
Aristh - 50-99 posts
Warrior - 100-199 posts
Prince - 200-299 posts
War-Prince - 300-399 posts
Commander - 400-499 posts
Captain - 500-599 posts
Admiral- 600+ posts

Moderators are The Chee. The Forum Admin is well, the Forum Admin.

Members who have more than 1000 posts, can request me by PM to have a custom rank of their choice.

As this board is a relatively new one, the post counts are yet to shoot up. I'll increase the posts for each rank when the post counts of the users rise.

Please contribute with your suggestions and ideas regarding the ranks, no of posts, etc in the forum ranks discussions topic.
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