Which motherboard to pick?

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Which motherboard to pick?

Post by johnnyhenderson » Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:56 am

Hi everyone,

new to this forum and site I am looking to where on the site to discuss the various motherboards, I am looking at Newegg.com listings of motherboards are am getting a bit confused which motherboard manufacturer such as : gigabyte, asus, asrock, biostar, supermicro which would be the better to seriously look at, the current computer motherboard I am looking at replacing has an ancient msi motherboard in it and with some of the issues dealing with msi motherboards msi is out of the question for me, I like to keep the cost as simple or low as possible but with the higher end possibilities for upgrades later on when or if needed. I understand a new processor, memory, perhaps graphics card and power supply will need to be purchased, I am not looking at getting everything at once just one or two items at a time as finances provide themself.

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