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Re: The Teacher Thread

Post by snappygirl » Sun Jul 03, 2011 8:13 pm

Yeah, so my teachers are some pleasant nutcases.

The female who teaches Norwegian, a tiny woman with a mild face and soft features (and her personality matches! She NEVER gets mad!) owns this HUGE Off-road vehicle, military boots and THE. SWEETEST. SMILE. The one time she got really mad (and that wasn't even in my class!) she suddenly stood up, and exclaimed that she would have a coffee-break. Five minutes later, she was back and smiling again. She collects books with lots of pictures. The bigger, the better.

The guy who teaches mathematics, history and gym, now, his whole family works at my school. They're all like him. Smiling, happy, easily distracted (one moment talking about the cold war, the next about that new film he saw,) but some days... he's on his period. I swear. He's GOT those mood swings! Well, but he's a good math teacher. Strict, but easy going. Same with history. But in gym, he's a nightmare! He himself had top grades when he was a kid (And you just don't GET top grades in gym. NO ONE gets top grades in gym without having potential of biiiiig things. Like, national champion or something. And so, he thinks of himself as the god of sports. Football is the favourite. Ugh.

He also has a lot of... weird... sayings.

"Okay kids, and remember, if you forget your books, I'll eat them!"
"I'll karate-kick you out of here!"
"I'm gonna dig you down."
"Nononono-NO! Don't HIT the balls! You have to softly caress them, pat them! Cuddly, cuddly!"

And the days pass by like that. I won't even get STARTED on my German teachers. xD

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Re: The Teacher Thread

Post by Tashicat » Mon Aug 08, 2011 5:24 am

I can't outright think of a teacher I actually hated. My Freshman Health teacher pissed me off but she's like that to everyone.

I suppose looking back on it, I've been blessed with good ones.

My 4th grade one 'adopted' me for a while, we're still friends

Senior year we had a pretty cool Home Ec teacher. The day before Senior Skip Day she asked the class "How many of you are going to be here tomorrow?" Like 3 people raised their hands. "Ok" She said, "I'm marking you all here then it's just easier"

The best I ever had was in MGAltSchool. He was a trip. We (the class) would walk to parks like 2 miles away n call it gym. We would have 3 major projects in a semester and they were all due the last day. Homework was non existent. And we spent alot of time just discussing real life and lessons we've all learned. I don't know what it is about his way of teaching but I feel like I'm still learning from him even now.
Also, he was a smoker he allowed smoking on all field trips. (We got to fly a Cessna, that was cool!!) He even was so laid back that if you were desperate and tried to bum a cigarette, he'd tell you "no" but turn around and pull one out and drop it on the ground as he walked away saying "oops"

It's a shame he ran off with a student :roll2:
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Re: The Teacher Thread

Post by CapedGodot » Wed Apr 25, 2012 6:39 pm

My 7th grade Algebra 1 teacher was a bit of a jerk. (This was in a private Baptist school.) He walked into the class on the first day and said "I expect at least two of you to fail this class", as if it was his job as the teacher to make sure the students didn't pass.

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Re: The Teacher Thread

Post by Bookworm » Wed May 09, 2012 2:58 pm

Homeroom/ social studies/ math/ English teacher: Talktive
Science teacher: Wants everyone to do stuff quickly
Spanish teacher: Only speaks in English when she's annoyed.
Art teacher: not very nice
Music teacher: yells a lot.
Library teacher: quiet
Gym teacher: feels like a actress for a sports commercial.
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Re: The Teacher Thread

Post by BabelFish42 » Sun Jul 22, 2012 11:35 pm

Favorite high school teachers:
  • 1) History teacher who was managed to relate almost everything to the Simpsons (or some other pop culture thing) and once let us play video games during class as part of a test review. Oh yeah, and he also told me about AP tests (we didn’t have AP or IB at the time), convinced me to take one, and got the school to pay for it. I ended up being the first student from our school to ever pass one. And I learned way more about writing from him than from any of my English teachers.
    2) Physics teacher who made the class SO. MUCH. FUN. We went outside and launched water balloons from giant rubber sling shots when we were learning about projectile motion.
Least favorites:
  • 1) Four teachers who just could not control their classes and eventually stopped trying. Those were the classes I started to skip because it was so chaotic and such a waste of time, and the teachers honestly didn’t care if I “went to the bathroom” at the beginning of class and never came back.
    2) History teacher whose idea of teaching was to tell us to read the textbook and answer the questions at the end of the chapter while he sat at his desk working on basketball plays.
    3) Chemistry teacher. I always fell asleep in her class, didn’t like it or see the point of it. Then she wouldn’t give me permission to sign up for AP bio the next year because she thought it would be too hard for me; took me forever to finally convince her to give me permission.
    4) AP bio teacher – didn’t want to be teaching the class in the first place, and she just kinda gave up. We never did any labs. Every day, she just told us to read from the textbook (most of us talked or slept instead), and then gave us a quiz on Friday. I still passed the AP test because I studied the textbook, but I don't think anyone else passed.
    5) English teacher who would get mad at my friend and me for finishing our work early and then working on something else, or asking to go to the library to check out a book; she said we were showing off.
Now… all that being said, one thing I’ve realized is that being a teacher is WAY harder than it seems. Looking back, I think I was too hard on all of my teachers. And for every crappy teacher you’ve had, I guarantee you, there are a dozen crappy students out there.
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Re: The Teacher Thread

Post by lobom2 » Mon Aug 13, 2012 4:53 pm

I had a teacher last semester who was absolutely hilarious. He was probably mid 40's but every joke and reference was understood by us. The crazy thing is... he thought WE were corny!

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Re: The Teacher Thread

Post by AfroPuff » Fri Dec 20, 2013 6:30 pm

My government/economics teacher is really cool. The class that I'm in is REALLY small (five people, including myself), so he lets my friend who's not really in the class sit in quite a bit, and he has us watch the Daily Show. Great class.
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Re: The Teacher Thread

Post by Tobias_Marco » Thu Feb 15, 2018 7:14 pm

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